Prostitution Report
from Ecuador

Quito,Ecuador is a hobbyists dream come true. Sex can be had for as little as $6.00 for a 20 minute session in a MP. For those who prefer a more leisurely all nighter in the privacy of your hotel room, $150 bucks should cover it, while an hour session in a mid-range club will cost between $50-75.

The McDonalds of the sex trade in Quito is found at 270 LaNina. Walk through the open doorway, take a right, head up the stairs and into the reception area. Here you will be greeted by the two or three girls on duty. Take your time, buy a cerveza or two and chat with the friendly bartender and the girls. Make your selection (they will range from 2-6plus) and head to one of the rooms for 20 minutes of whatever. In my case the "whatever" was a massage, covered BJ, and a quick 2 position ride that finished with her on the bed and me taking her from behind while standing up. She was screaming something in Spanish, but I did not have the inclination to look it up in my Spanish/English dictionary so I don't know the precise translation.$6.00 total, no tip expected.

For $6.00 you don't get the Ritz Carlton, or even the Motel and carpet are old but the beer is cold and the chicas are hot! I prefer to go here in the afternoon. I have found the selection of girls is better and it is safer on LaNina in daylight. LaNina is a side street and taxis do not cruise side streets. Walking the 3-4 blocks to a major thoroughfare after dark can be dangerous.

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Bandinis is a step up in class, but don't bother showing up before 10 or so in the evening. The action starts to pick up about 11, as is the case in most clubs in Quito. The majority of the girls here are in the 4-7 range, with an occasional 8. A lot of the girls in Bandinis are from Guayaquil, where they learn how to pleasure a man early in life. Dine in or take out is available. I have always opted for dine in. Pick a chica and head upstairs, where you will be expected to tip the person who provides the towels and condom. Everything is covered, the norm for bars & MPs in Quito.

Bandinis is located close to the Hilton, on Juan Leon Mera y Jorge Washington. There is seating at the bar or in rows near a stage where girls sometimes dance, depending upon their mood. Friendly staff. A relaxing, very satisfying session here will cost $50-60 including drinks,for you and your chica, the room, and tips.Speaking of tips, here's one: If you don't like what you see, go to another club. I have been to Bandinis on nights when the selection was pitiful. There's no other way to describe it. Fat ugly latinas don't turn me on any more than fat ugly gringas! There are other options in this price range, such as the Night Cat across from the new Marriott. You may find just what you are looking for in one location one night and the other the next!

Tired of low and lower budget clubs and chicas? The best club in town is 5-15 in el norte, away from the glitz of gringolandia, the tourist section of town where you are probably lodged. 5-15 has a pretty amazing selection of girls, locals from all over Ecuador and Columbianas. On a recent Friday night at 11 PM there were at least 30 girls ranging from 5s to 9s. Amazingly, there were only 5 or 6 guys there at the time. Later I would learn that the men don't arrive until very late....

If Patricia is available, grab her and hold on for dear life 'cause you are in for quite a ride figuratively and literally. Patricia is a light skinned (blanca), 19 year old blonde from Cali, Columbia. The term GFE does not do this girl justice. She speaks no English, but is fluent in French! She does amazing things with her tongue, and loves to climb on top for the main event. The noises she makes might or might not be fake, but when she finished with me I was drained and we were both bathed in sweat. She charged me $80, and drinks, the room, and tips totaled $42 more. Just my luck, I didn't discover this petite hottie until my last night in Quito.

If it's privacy you want, try an escort service. They advertise in the classified section of Diario La Hora under "services." I tried one that said "extranjeras," meaning Columbianas in this case. $100 gets you 2 hours. If you are a skillful negotiator, $150 for an all nighter. I used this service 3 times while I was in Quito over a two week period. 2 of the girls were 7s, the other a 5...

I'm already planning my next trip. If Patricia is still around, I will spend all of my time with her. If not, there are many other bars I have not tried...Ecstascy, Doll's House, and the famous Teco Rojo found in one of Quito's suburbs. And there's always the escort services. $150 for all night. Wonder what that would cost in the U.S?

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