Prostitution Report
from Gambia

The country
Gambia is situated at the West-African coast surrounded by Senegal. Despite of the French speaking Senegal, Gambia was a former British colony. So all people at the coastal area are speaking English. The people are very friendly there. To travel there it is much cheaper to buy a package tour because the package tour includes flight (from Europe), transfers, hotel (mainly 2 weeks) and breakfast. I paid the same price as if I would only buy the flight ticket to that place : US $ 650. If you buy the expansive ticket for flight only you have also to pay the hotels which are not cheap. They will charge you about $ 60 to 100 per night. I also saw cheap lodges for Dalasi 250 (= $ 18). There you can also bring your girl. I choiced a hotel in Kololi because that´s the place with the most entertainment for tourists.

Local guides (called “bumster”)
There are a lot of young men who want to be your guide. They will contact you everywhere but mainly at the beach, near your hotel or at tourists spots. You will pay for them about 50 to 100 Dalasi ($ 4 – 8) and they will help you to make cheaper tours, cheaper buying and to find a girl. You should try one or two and when you have found one you can trust you should keep his service as long as you need. The money you pay for him you save somewhere else (sometimes even more).

The food
At the tourists places you will find apart from the hotels a selection of restaurants. In Kololi there are African restaurants, Lebanese, Italian, Indian, Asian or fish restaurants. The prices for a dinner vary from 40-150 Dalasi ($ 3-12) plus drinks. The average is Dalasi 50 ($ 4) for chicken or fish with French Fries or rice. A glass of wine costs 15-25 Dalasi.

The nightlife
In Kololi you will find the “Spy Bar” as the best known place, a disco starting at 10 p.m. but midnight is a good time to go there. They open every day but on Friday and Saturday you have to pay 50 Dalasi entrance fee.

The currency
1 US-Dollar = about 14 Dalasi

The girls
In the streets you can see many beautiful girls and the local guides always have A “sister” which is “not a prostitute” but most time she is. Others offer a girl from their village which should be much better than the bar girls. My experiences of a 2-weeks-holiday in form of a diary :

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# 1
My local guide N introduced a girl to me when we met at my hotel. We went to Greenline Hotel in Serakunda (you can find in the net). She looked nice and young (about 20 years old). I paid for the hotel room 250 Dalasi for the whole night and in the room the problem with the girl began. The girl told me something that she is a student and still virgin and she has to keep her virginity till her wedding night. So she asked me that I could enter her but only first part, not deep. She did not do a BJ and not even realized that I could not finish with her. She was happy that I gave her 200 Dalasi and I told my guide N that I do not want to meet her again.

# 2
During waiting at the ferry from Barra to Banjul (the capitol city) my guide N talked to a school girl (about 18) and offered her to have sex with me. First she always shook her head and finally she agreed to meet us at Greenline Hotel. But she did not come.

# 3
Next I visited the Spy Bar. Maybe 20 – 30 young girls where dancing and flirting. Some Gambian men also visited the place and about 5 tourists.
A girl came to me and suggested to move to a darker place outside. There she was tender and after some time she offered to go to a lodge. I had to pay for one hour 400 Dalasi for her although 200-250 should be enough. It was already my third day and now I agreed with the 400 and 75 for a bungalow in a lodge (2 hours). It was nothing great with the girl, no BJ but she tried to satisfy me and she succeeded. It was not a bad evening but I will choice another girl next.

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# 4
Relaxing in a restaurant a girl from Sierra Leone (mulatta) came to my table and we talked. I was not in the mood to have sex that evening and so I made a date with her for the next evening. Anyway, I could not meet her because girl # 1 (the virgin) saw me in a restaurant and wanted to talk.
So nothing happened with girl # 4.

# 5
Another guide (I call him guide B) offered me his “sister”, stating that she wants a boy friend for a long time and not only a short time fuck. I agreed and finally met a girl, face and body rating 5 – 6. OK, I thought, may she has some other qualities and if it is not a short time I offered her 200 Dalasi. She agreed, took her dress of, placed a condom at my dick and was already sitting on him. That was a quickie without any tenderness and again without BJ.

# 1
Girl # 1 (the virgin) was twice at my hotel asking for me. Finally she saw me in the restaurant. I had a nice talk with her and finally I told her the truth : that she is a nice girl but we have a problem with her making sex. I told her that she has to make her own decision. She asked for a next meeting and I have her a date four days later in a restaurant.
I never met her again.

# 6
Guide B was waiting with a girl from Senegal at my hotel when I left. He said that she is a wonderful girl. I insisted to take dinner first because I was on the way to a restaurant and hungry. After dinner the guide B and the girl had trouble and each of them told me not to trust the other one. I decided to return to the hotel and both insisted to come with me. The whole way there were shouting and finally I told the girl I will not meet both of them again because of my own safty. It was an ugly evening. Next day I met guide B again and I told him that I thought in the room about the situation and I trust him more than her. Later also guide N confirmed that the girl will be the risk.

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# 7
My guide N had a student girl for me which we will meet at Brikama (about 25 km rough way). When we arrived the girl was not at her room in the College and another girl told us she will be back maybe two hours later. We decided to to wait and went to the city of Brikama. There we bought something …

# 8
… and my guide N asked if I would like that beautiful salesgirl. I said yes but I had doubts she would to it with me. My guide asked her to come with us. She said she is not a prostitute. She is looking for a husband but finally she agreed. The ride to Brikama in a slow bush taxi costs 4 Dalasi per person but we took a taxi now for 100 Dalasi. After dinner in a nice restaurant she asked what I would pay to her. I offered 200 Dalasi
(= $ 15) and she said that this is not a lot. When I said 200 + 100 for taxi and if she takes the slowly bush taxi she would have nearly 300 Dalasi – she agreed. We took a room in the same lodge I have been with girl # 3 and had a nice time. It was not like business for her. She acted more like a girl friend. It included a BBBJ and a time of tenderness. She is young, had a beautiful face but with a typical African butt. I offered her to come next time to my hotel and she can stay over night. Because she was afraid the people in hotel would know her she suggested to go to Dakar. I said that this is far to expensive and she agreed to come to my place but to stay in small and nicer lodge than last time. We made arrangement and she came. Before I made already plans to keep her for the future, maybe even invite her to my country but she was different this evening. No more like a girl friend. We had sex but nothing nice and no BJ.

Next morning she was always kicking around with her feet and I thought that she may have a nightmare. I took breakfast, packed my belongings because I decided already not to keep her. My guide N came at 11 a.m. to check if all is working well. When he suggested to come I did not understand the sense. Now I told him. That she is still sleeping and he tried to wake her up. Now we realized that she was in coma. We saw us already in prison because we where afraid she would die. I rushed to my hotel, took some traveller cheques out of the safe, changed money and my guide N had already a taxi to bring the girl home – and it is really not a nice distance. Because she was naked we dressed her and brought her to the waiting taxi. We finally remembered that she talked last evening about diabetics an I had the idea to give her some sugar water. On the ride to her place she was getting awake and asked for more sugar. Finally she was ok and angry about us that we did not know what to do. After arriving at her sister we stated that we will not bring her back to my place even she said it will not happen again. She was a wonderful girl but I did not want to have her problems. OK, if sshe would be wife or if I would be in love with her I would accept her sickness but we were not so far. So I made the hard decision to cut our relation off. Back at my place I told the owners of the small lodge what happened and left later to got to my hotel. On the way I met …

# 9
… a girl from Senegal, very tall. Not so black skin as the girls from Gambia, somehow lighter.
Ratings : Figure 10 / Face 6 / Sex 9 – 10 She talked with me, offered a cool drink at her place and maybe a kiss, surely a prostitute. I needed some relaxion and went with her to her place. I asked her what she wants and she answered that I should not think as a business man because she wants a partner. I explained that I have the experience to fix something before is better than having trouble after. She offered “a massage” for 400 Dalasi ($ 28). I said that I would like to go to her room but first 400 were to much and second I would not pay only for massage. She confirmed that it would include everything and I offered 200 Dalasi. We agreed at 300 ($ 21) and I told her I would come back if she would make it nice for me (always good that the girls see more money coming in the future). We showered together, she made a short massage and was ready for SEX. A very nice BBBJ, she accepted to get licked thoroughly and the she mounted me first (after placing a condom on my dick) for a long ride and later I finished the job topping her. A nice time for about 90 minutes I made a date with her for the next day but I did not meet her because of …

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# 10
I was introduced to a nice girl by guide B. All days before he offered me cheap prostitutes but this time – she was different. A nice girl, 20 years old, nice body. We talked for a long time and she said very frankly that she does not want to fuck for money. She hopes to find her future husband. I told her the story of my life and so on. She offered I should stay some days at her place and I did so. I kept the hotel (because already paid) and took some clothes to her place. She introduced me to her friends and we visited others. Yes, we had also a nice night. After three days it had only one more day before leaving Gambia and I told her that I want to stay the last night in my hotel because I have to pack etc. That day I met guide N and he said that this girl is also a prostitute only trying to earn more money with the girl friend story. I know this from Thailand and suddenly I realized that the last day (after payment) she was no more interested in me, not even made breakfast and that she shares a appartement with her younger sister without having a job. And one day another guide arrived at their place with two other white men. When they saw me they left short time later. And me – an experienced Global Player – did not realize. Disappointed I went my last afternoon to the place of …

# 9
This Senegal girl made it again very nice for me. We kissed for a long time, the she gave me her wonderful BBBJ and when I feld her pussy she was wet all over – without any creams. I licked her pussy for a long long time and that she enjoyed I saw. It was not a game. Finally she asked for a condom but I was not prepared and neither was she. We did it slowly and in different positions without a condem and finally I came inside her with all my sperm. The best fuck I had for a long time. We exchanged our email-addresses and FaxNo and will be ready for next time. Despite the fact we agreed for 300 Dalasi I finally gave her 350 ($ 25). If you had such an afternoon you would also give $ 4 more.

Africa differs from Asia or Latin America. But here you have a good chance to meet non-prof girls (only with help from a local guide) or the prostitutes (you will find alone – or they will find you). It is a great experience. There are only a few girls who do a BJ but if you find the right one you will have a nice time because they all like their country but – want to go to the country of the white man. The prices are cheap here (after some negotiations) and most girls have wonderful bodies. Most are clean (cleaner than in Cuba as I observed). Everyone speaks English and it is not the broken English I know from Asia. Internet is starting there and some guides and some girls have already an internet address. I do not know the other African countries but Gambia is worth to travel there – also or especially for the WSA-members. Maybe you even find the woman of your life.

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