Prostitution Report
from Germany

I have just returned from a two day business trip to Germany and wish to submit a report on the 2 sex clubs that I visited while there.

I believe only in Germany such clubs exist (and then there are only a few of the type that I visited) they go under the name of “partytreff “ these are exclusive club where single men woman or couples can go for wild group sex they are very cultured and everyone can go as far as they wish and all tastes are catered for as I will describe in detail.Maybe the only problem is that some of you readers will find that having sex in front of others might be off putting to some of you (I myself find it highly erotic and a great turn on )This is one great Sex orgy where one can fuck and engage in as much sex as you are willing able to do in one night. and all this for an all inclusive of 200- 250 DM including drinks (soft and hard)As my visit to Germany was on Monday & Tuesday some of the clubs are closed or tend to cater for the fringe tastes i.e. BI Ns Lesbo etc but even so this is just a guide line and one can do what ever one fancies most of the really wild party’s are on Friday Saturday & Sunday . I don’t speak German but I managed fine with my English everyone was really nice and friendly to me.

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On Monday night I drove to Partytreff Solingen Ralf & Tina about 20 minutes drive from Dusseldorff Klon (you can also reach it easily by local train S Ban ) I will give details how to get there at the end of this article . I arrived at 43b at about 20:00 and paid my 200DM to the barman and was told that tonight was BI Ns and lesbo nite this I was explained in English by a transvestite made up as a woman with a bra suspended belt and tanga tights this didn’t bother me in the least (I m not into the gay scene at all) but as I said before one does what ever one feels good with . I was handed a key and went to a changing room to undress down to my underpants and then went upstairs to the bar where there were about 8 – 10 men ages 24- 60 some at the bar other sitting around on the sofas either drinking whatching porno movies on the TV or chatting to the other guests \girls it seems that every night there are different girls some a very good pros some have a great sexual appetite and come for the fun (as well as most likely getting some payment) on Monday there was a Young 24 + short haired stocky blond (she was a pro who knows how to please and give a man what he needs)

A big girl with long curly black hair she must have been about 25 –28 a bit overweight but also was a good lay and had some good positions and made some great sounds while doing it (screams and moans)There was also young couple early 20s in love good looking guy and girl she was in a sexy bra and stockings suspender belt and panties they were very busy necking when I got there Tina one of the owners a 35 yrs + - good looking and obviously really enjoys doing it . And of course the was the gay guy

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I had a drink of coke and got chatting there was a labyrinth of rooms near the bar (no one went in the whole night I was there) after a while I notice that the bar had emptied and I ask the guy I was chatting to where everyone was he suggested that we go down to the basement and SEE There are 4 rooms one with peep hole to look into others are curtained or arched I heard some grunting and hot panting from the peep hole room so I decided to go inside and see the action the short haired blond was sitting on top of a young guy pumping herself up and down on his big tool they were a great sight the other big black haired girl was on her hands and knees getting from the rear and she had another guys cock in her mouth at the same time (condoms are compulsory and there is an unlimited supply close on hand ) I had good close up look of the action six inches away and when the blond girl got her partner to shoot his load she didn’t resist my advances to get some action too she started by giving me a blow job (first by putting a condom on me with her mouth ) then she got on top of me and rode me for a few minutes then bent over and got me to fuck her from behind she made some good noises but I was not ready to come just yet so I faked it but she knew and was pretty sore at me but soon had another guy screwing her to give her what she wanted I then went to the other bigger room with a big bed where the couple and another guy were getting busy fingering her pussy while she was busy sucking her partners dick she had a beautiful shaven pussy which I could not resist and I took over and gave her a really good tonguing on her clit till she came very violently I still hadn’t come but then Tina turned up and her specialty is draining guys balls in her face and mouth and she swallows and sucks them dry while she was busy at the top end of the bed dealing with three cocks at once and I could clearly see one cock after the other shoot copiously their load onto and into her I had her nylon clad legs up in the air and I was slowly and powerfully shoving my tool in and out of her very wet but tight pussy I came after about 10 minutes in a mind blowing orgasm from the sounds and expressions she made I looked like she also came as her pussy became extremely wet and slimy .

I continued the rest of the evening with the big black girl the blonde again and a great b69 with Tina I think I must have come three times during my stay that night.I saw the gay having it off with some of the other guys but as it was not my scene I didn’t even want to watch but I did enjoy watching Tina being eaten out by the blond girl they looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

By now it was midnight and they were closing so I reluctantly had to leave .

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