Prostitution Report
from Hawaii

Just went to 1017 last night at about 10:00. I guess they had just reopened after getting busted earlier. I felt a bit uneasy while in there -- thinking, would this place get busted again tonight while I am here? What happens when the place gets busted. Do the cops also arrest and take in the clients too? All of this running through my mind!!

Anyway, I was there and I asked for asian girls. I was shown two. I chose the second one over the first. Her name was Judy. She was fine--first a body shampoo, then back to the room. She asked what I wanted and I replied everything. She asked how much I had and I told her I only brought a "C" note. She OK and left the room to put the money away and bring her KY jelly. When she came back into the room, she removed all her clothing including underwear. Small breast and nice unblemished skin. She walked on my back for about 5 minutes, a back massage with her hands for another 10 and then told me to turn over and rubbed me for another 5 minutes. She teased my nipples and massaged everything-- fondling my cock and balls. She sucked and nibbled my cock. Her tongue did a great job. Boy, her mouth really felt great!! I had her stop and move up my body to lick and suck on my nipples.

I reached down and started to finger her pussy. She was wet!!!! The more I fingered her the wetter she got. I pushed my index finger and forefinger all the way in until my knuckles and curved my upwards against her inner wall. She must have enjoyed it because she started to breath a little faster. Then I went down on her, pushing my tongue into her already wet pussy. I lapped and sucked at her sweet tasting juices and she started to buck her pussy in my face.

Her reaction made my cock rock hard and I just had to fuck her. I lifted her legs from the back of her knees. I shuffled by body and positioned my cock to the entrance of her pussy and leaned forward. She was so wet and relaxed my cock slid completely in on the first thrust. I waited until I felt her pussy close down on my cock then I started to fuck her after 10 minutes of fucking in the missonary style, I pulled by cock completely out and had turn over and go on all four. I then fucked her from the back "doggie" style. As I fucked in and out I took hold of her hanging breast and squeezed them. She asked me to sqeeze them harder and fuck her harder. I rammed in and out of her and after 3 minutes. When her body started to shudder I shot off my load and enjoyed they way her pussy was milking my cock.

I slipped out after my cock became limp. She grabbed a towel and held it between her legs. She left the room and returned with a hot towel to finish cleaning me. She layed on me again, sucking and nibbling on my nipples for another 10 minutes and then got up and started to dress. I did the same too and later she escorted me to the exit. Telling me she'd like to see me again soon.

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