Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

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After all the discussion on this board and my admittingly growing infatuation with Asian women I decided to take a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and Bangkok. I book a flight LAX -HKG in the second week in November.

In summary, Hong Kong is too expensive, Macau massage spas (Darlings) is an unforgetable expereince, and Bangkok is the ultimate fantasy.

Having read the fine reports on the WSG / WSA and the comparisons by some of you experts I had to see for myself. I want to thank you all and will post my expereince as my contribution to the site.

I had been to Macau before and loved it. Great get away from HKK. I needed to see if all the girls were still working there and to see what was the big deal with Bangkok. The HONG KONG report is here. The MACAU and BANGKOK reports will in the respective city posts. I get to this site about one a week if I'm lucky so I may be slow to respond if you have questions.

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I get to HKK and stay at the Marriott, Kowloon. Great hotel and location.

Walking or taking the MTR to Mongkok is a cinch.

I did the Mongkok thing which is west of Nathan Road. The action starts when the shopping is dying down. That is about 9 PM. Once you find the area the action is pretty clear. Young halfway decent looking Asian hookers dressed in the traditional miniskirts and tight pants are walking around. All the girls carry cell phones and I gather this is how they are called up to the customer. I followed the instructions left by other posts and went upstairs. Guy comes out and asks what you want. You say you want to see the girls and how much. Here is where you may have to practice your international sign language if you don't speak Chineese. A while later he brings two girls for me to pick.
You can keep refusing until you get the girl you want, but what came in was fine. She was about a 6 in looks. There is a shower in the room and the girl removes your clothes, takes you a shower, cleans and dries you up, and the came a BBBJ. Now I don't recommend this kind of practice as this girl is probably sucking on a dozen or so dicks a night. Can't imagine what may happen, or the chances of getting HIV this way. Anyway, here you get the typical get hard and fuck her with a condom. The fake orgasam is always fun to listen to. All this for 350 HKD = 45 USD.

So that was ok, but it is street sex and boring.

So I have more time to kill and start walking trying to figure out how to get to Mody Road. I wanted to hang out in a club or a pub and have a beer and check out the action. By the time I get there the jet lag is kicking my ass and I am lost and can't find the Marriot. I decided I won't get much play in my condition and probably won't do so hot since my Chineese speaking ability is zero. When I finally get my bearings straight and start walking toward the Marriot south from the club area in Mody Road, I see two cute Chineese girls talking and ask me if I am interested in having them come up to my room. So they try to get me the 2 for the night deal. I've done that already and I think your money just goes further if you only do one at a time. Besides, doing two girls at the same time turns into an excersise in switching condoms if the girls are hookers.

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Now this girl is a 8-10 in my humble opinion. Really cute, upscale clothes, just like the fashionable types you see down this neck of the woods. She wants 1000 HKD for a massage with everything included, and I say 350, she says 800 for everything, and I say I just want a massage and a BJ. We finally settle for 400 HKD. She goes upstairs with me and getting past the security in the hotel is a breeze. She plays the girlfriend role as she carrys my bags while she holds my hand. Really classy bitch.

Once in my room she tries to negotiate more and I keep telling her only massage and bj or forget the deal. I really wanted the masssage cause I was tired. She gave me a halfway decent bj not too rushed but the massage was all bullshit. She talked me into giving her another $20 USD and I figured it was a tip. Overall much better than Mongkok since she was a real looker.

The next day I left for Macau, followed by Bangkok, and then returned to Hong Kong. You can read about my Macau and Bangkok experiences at their respective posts.

Returning from my excursion, I stayed in the Wan Chai area. It was Friday night. The sleepy go-go bars are everywhere. Mama-san finally convinced me to go into one of those for the discounted beer price i figured what do I have to loose. I milked the beer and politely told every girl that walked up to me that I appreciated her company, but I was not going to buy them a drink. I leveled with them and soon exhasted my welcome. I guess you could do this all night, but I don't think they will like you much. Some of those bouncer dudes did not look too friendly and I know they use the cell phones to network, so I was on my best behavior. I went to a couple of those trendy Pubs and soon realized I should have a British accent, look like I have lots of money, and know what the fuck I am doing if I was going to bag one of the local Chinese girls.

The next night i found the New Makati. Packed with Philipinos and businessmen. Now i am having a hard time distinguishing the working girls from the regulars. One obvious working girl slides up and gets really friendly. i level with her again and ask how much. One thousand HKD = 130 USD. Naw, not for her. Se ya. I hang out some more and two cute Philipino girls warm up to me. I hang out with them for half the night and it seemed obvious one really wanted for me to take her with me. They kept asking if I wanted a girlfriend and I just said maybe. I bought some drinks, and their not cheap, and danced. After a while I kind of wanted to get rid of them cause there were some real lookers out there. I went to get some money from the ATM outside, and when I came back the place was clearing out. It seemed the party moved elsewhere. I decided to go back to the hotel knowing that if I really wanted to i could have picked up a number of girls from either the clubs or from the street, but the prices seemed too outrageous having just been to Macau and Bangkok. I left for LAX the next day.

Here is where I could use some advice. Are all the Philipino girls working are are some just out to have a good time?

In summary Hong Kong is overpriced, but probably a lot better than what you can get in the USA.

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