Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

I have just returned from Medan.

On the first day in Medan I went to a supposedly red light district called Sicanang near the town Belawan, which was an hour drive from Medan city by bemo. I had to pay 10k entrance to see only 5 ugly hookers in only three houses: the moto driver who brought me there (it's very near the main road) told me that this area has in fact been closed because of pressure from the Islamic Center. Then he brought me to a hotel where I could meet girls. I was brought two girls in the hotel restaurant. They were young and not unattractive, but insisted on 300k ST and because I had to use one of the rooms of the hotel (from 150k up) I didn't take the offer (450k for an average babe is way too much in Indonesia IMHO).

At night I asked the taxi drivers about two other red light districts around Medan: "Warung Bebek" (duck stall) and Bandar Baru (in the direction of Berastagi). They told me it was a three-hour-drive from Medan city, because these two areas were located 50 and 45 kms from Medan City up in the mountains. In Medan taxis don't have meters and thus overcharge you all the time, but this time I was offered the 3-hour-drive for 100k which sounded reasonable. Yet I didn't want to go, because I didn't feel like sitting in a car for 6 hours that night (or any other night).

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Then two becakdrivers eagerly offered me to bring me to a brothel nearby for 5k. I didn't know any more locations in Medan, so I took the offer. First they brought me to two brothels on Jl. Pandu (they referred to this area of town as 'Chinatown'). These brothels looked like normal houses and only upstairs it appeared to be a brothel with a couple of hookers and bed rooms. The hookers were all old and ugly. So when the two becakdrivers asked me if I liked the girls to be somewhat younger I gave them a second chance. This time they brought me to a massage parlour where I could pick one of the about 30 girls from their pics on the desk. While I was checking these pics (I saw no stunner) I heard one of the becakdrivers telling the man from the brothel that I should be charged 150k to which this man responded by nodding (it's good to understand some Indonesian). I was getting annoyed by these imbecile and moneyhungry becakdrivers and I left the massage house. I told them that I wanted them to take me home, but instead they brought me to a street "full of sexy, beautiful girls". I saw only 4 not so attractive hookers in this street. One of them wanted to go for ST for 100k. But by this time I only wanted to get these becakdrivers off my back (they followed me in every step I took, interfering with everything, trying to get commissions/money out of every deal I would make), so I took a taxi back home and left the becakdrivers behind (with 30k in their hands for their 2-hour-trip through town which was way too much).

From different people I heard that my hotel wouldn't allow any girls in (although I asked when booking and the girl behind the reception counter said yes - a misunderstanding?). Like stated on this site before only the cheapest hotels (the hostels) and the most expensive hotels would allow girls, while I always stay in the (cheaper) middle class hotels. For this reason I didn't check out the disco's nor the regular girls on the street: when walking around a lot of girls shouted hello and flirted with me, so I guess it isn't too hard to manage a date with a regular girl in Medan. But where could I go with one of these regular/disco-girls? Instead of finding a solution to this problem I decided, in the next morning, to take the easy way and go back to Jakarta as soon as possible: at 11 am I inquired at a nearby travel agency and for 395k I was on a plane to Jakarta at 1.40 pm that same day.

Conclusion: not all of Indonesia is as good as e.g. Jakarta. Roughly speaking it seems that prostitutes gather in the malaria-free areas of Indonesia (a coincidence of course): (good looking) prostitutes can be easily found in the biggest cities on Java (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya) as well as on some resort towns (Bantam, Bintan, Bali/Lombok). Outside these locations it is hard to find a decent lay.

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