Prostitution Report
from Louisiana

A fee weeks ago, I was on a business trip to New Orleans and decided to check out the massage parlors, most of which were Asian spas. In the French Quarter was the Bangkok Spa at 509 Iberville. Three girls were working there when I walked in, all are reasonably cute. After looking at them carefully, I decided to pick Nina. She greeted me to a private room, collected the fee ($60) and left. After a few minutes, she came back and changed her dress. I decided to have a blowjob and agreed to pay $40 extra. It was a wonderful experience--Nina started slowly, and then speeded up the pace. She also put her finger into my ass. It did not take long for me to come.

On the next day, I explored another place which is out of downtown. Get a car and take the Chef Menteur Highway, you will find several massage parlors on the same street. The one I ended up was Singapore Spa, and the address is 9000 Chef Menteur Highway. Girls who work at the Singapore were orientals and were near the age of 25. After I sat down in a room, five girls came in to have a line up. Two of them were a bit fat, but they were all cute, only one girl looked tired. I picked a big girl named Yong, she is about 5.5 ft and has a nice body (probably 7-8s). The only thing I did not like is that she is a smoker----

I could smell the smoke from her mouth. She collected $120 (including the door fee and tip) and agreed to offer everything. The session was great--we changed position twice and both us came at the end. She brought me to the show room and washed me from the top to the bottom. After I dressed, we talked for about 5 minutes. She offered me a softdrink and told me to come back again. Overall, my experience was great. Girls in New Orleans were nice and did not have attiture problem.

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