Prostitution Report
from Maryland

Some months ago I did a report on Georgetown Health Center (GHC) on MacArthur Blvd in Washington, DC. There were two long-haired Korean girls of about 25 who would promise services for an agreed upon price, only to demand more money once they had teased your member and you were hard pressed to disagree. When that happened to me and I complained to the mamasan, she would pretend not to speak any English although she did in previous visits. Guess what? Now all three are working at First Choice on Farragut Ave. in Wheaton, MD. I saw First Choice's ad in the Washington Post about a month ago so decided to check it out. Mamasan answered the door and led me to a room giving no indication that she remembered me. She brought the long-haired bitch who into the room who had ripped me off before.

Both were dressed nicely as they were trying to build up a new clientele for their new location. My guess is they ripped off a lot of customers at GHC so decided to relocate. Of course I didn't stay but before I left they got my "sincere" opinion of them and I told them I'd be warning everyone of them. That seemed to surprise them a little. I left and went up to Patapsco Ave. in Baltimore looking for some street action. After several passes up and down the street and only seeing two regular crack whores walking about, I decided to stop for gas at the station on Potee Road and Patapsco. As I pulled in to the station a rather decent looking white woman with long hair smiled at me so I stopped and picked her up. She looked OK but had a weird voice and was glazy-eyed. We left the station and went to a secluded spot off Patapsco and I got a BBBJ for $20;

however, this girl had a lousy technique and couldn't seem to keep her teeth out of it so I ended up driving her back to Patapsco without getting a nut. No condoms so I couldn't do her in the car. Still would like to find 19 y.o. Nicole if anyone knows when she's normally out on the street.

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