Prostitution Report
from Mexico

I had some business down in San Diego, and I snuck into TJ for a quick recon. Here's my report (sadly, very little sex to report!)...

Never been to Tijuana before. I went with a pal, "L", who is basically a virgin (don't ask), and we arrived around 6 pm in the Zona Norte. The goal was to get my pal laid. He's a good looking guy, but intensely shy and afraid of rejection. I hadn't seen him in years, and we decided to visit the brothels in TJ... "just to look".Once the border was crossed, we touristed a while, and then went over to Aztec Massage, which is legit but offers a decent massage for only $20 an hour with attractive and skilled masseuses. A nice way to get prepped for mongering. Anyway, after this, we made a beeline to Adelita's.

I have to say, I was blown away by the talent. I estimate 40-50 girls, with maybe 15-20 girls in the 8-9 range. Very caliente. Also, a very mixed crowd of maybe 150 guys, locals and Americanos. I especially liked this gorgeous curly haired girl in this white outfit that barely covered her tits. She stripped, and let me spank her and bury my face in her (aftermarket enhanced) boobies for a buck. Absolute nectar. There's this one area near the back, called the Hot Zone, a small raised stage, where the hottest girls stand and wiggle to the music. I was seeing JLo X 4 up there.

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So anyways, my pal and me, we fortified ourselves with a coupla Don Pedro shots and XX's, and entrenched ourselves in at a small table in the back. Within minutes girls came up asking us to take them upstairs, begging for fichas (bar drinks - costing $6-7!), and from this strategic position, we were able to shoo them off.L is terminally shy, so he practiced asking a number of girls if he could buy them drinks. I told him that if a girl turned him down here, he had bigger problems to worry about. As for me, I was just doing a recon, I'll come back later to drown in pussy on a subsequent trip. This trip was to get my pal some feminine company.

Anyway, about a hour later, we're drunk and the chicas are getting hotter looking. Soon enough my pal's hormones and the alcohol overcome his shyness, he selects a smoking hot blonde spinner (not my preference, I explained that the 7-8s are likely to give better service, but what can I do? he's smitten). They go up, I negotiate for him a little - sin ropa, sexo oral, etc etc - and her head is bopping up and down like she's going down on me. She's a sexy little chica, with braces... I'll give her that.Anyway, my pal is back 15 minutes later. She rushed him, but hey... mission accomplished. Welcome to the assembly line sex factory of Tijuana!

So we leave, it's around 8 pm, and we hit the Chicago Club, but it's dead. I hear it doesn't start up until 11 pm. After Adelita's, which was hopping and packed, all the other clubs are poor approximations of a good time. So we walk down that street (Callejon Coahuila?) with all the street girls lining up both sides, and it's like a sexual gauntlet. Girls are pulling at my sleeve, but we have to get back to San Diego.

We have a couple soft taco's and cokes, and absorb the ambiance. My pal says that he was saving it up for a women he loves, but he's okay about doing this. I say that women are like food. Being married and monogamous is like eating nothing but spinach the rest of your miserable life. If your wife is inhibited, boiled spinach. How can you NOT want to travel, and eat a soft taco, just to taste the local flavor. Sure, eating street vendor food is risky, but how constricted can life get, before you feel like you need a little air?

Man, this is a great place. Amazing that a few minutes away from the U.S., and you're in a different country. I'll be back. This is as good as Thailand or a German FKK, if only I can figure out how to insure a GFE experience.

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