Prostitution Report
from Morocco

Ok this is based on my visit last Nov-Dec. I would have posted sooner, but the site was down. the report only deals with the cities I saw and based on this I would not suggest Morocco as a place to visit soley to get laid. It's a fascinating place on its own though.I never got to the beach resort town of Agadir where I have been informed there is a fair ammount of action. So bear that in mind.

GENERAL INFO: Languages are Berber, Arabic (a Moroccan dialect but basic Arabic is understood), and French. Many Moroccans are multi lingual and some speak Spanish and to a lesser extent English. Currency is the Dirham (dh)and the excahange rate is around 9-10 dirham to the US Dollar. There were plenty of ATMs around in the major cities, so cash is not a problem. Petit Taxis in the main cities are plentiful, cheap and as always the drivers are a good source of info. Safety, as always use common sense here.Note, as far as I could tell Prostitution is illegal there. The major hassle is that you cannot, I repeat cannot, get a girl back into your hotel room. what you have to do is rent a second rom for her (no shit) and this could get kind of expense. If you were there for any length of time I'd recommend renting a discrete apartment, I was advised this was possible.

FEZ: the best place I found in this city was the bar at at Hotel Sophie on Place de Florence off Ave Hassan.There is usually a table full of girls most nights who will encourage tourists and businessmen, usually the only other customers in the bar to join them for a drink. ($2 US for a berr/soft drink). There is also a Disco in the basement of the hotel which opens around 11:00 pm when the bar closes. (its the same staff). The girls go down there , $5-10 US cover including 1 drink. It's a little more discrete in the disco to talk dance and negotiate.

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MORROCO REPORT PART 2 Sorry I'm doing this in little bits so I don't lose it.MARARAKESH: I spent 3-4 nights here great city. Best places to p/u are the modern hotels in the Vile Nouvelle, the "modern" european part of the city. The piano bar at the Sheraton had some but pricy $100 US plus the cost of the extra room. There were always girls in the Piano bar at the Hotel Atlas, down the street from the Sheraton on Ave de France. Not the main bar, but the second bar way in behind the elavators.More reasonable than the Sheraton and the rooms were cheaper here $80.00 US per night. There is a cabaret nightly in the Atlas and a disco across the car park near the convention centere, but I wouldn't recommend either. Both were overpriced and I would assume so were the girls. Incidentally the Atlas has a female masseuse at about $20 for 1/2 hour massage. When I went for a massage she seemed very shy at 1st and was shocked when I took off my towel. She professed that she was good girl, but later moaned how underpaid she was and how the hotel got most of the $20. She was obviously looking for a tip and we negotiated a special massage.A cab driver told me that there were always girls in the cafes on Ave Mohammd 5, but I never saw any and the cafes are predominantly all male places as are the few bars, most of which are in the hotels.There was a possible p/u in the Kasbah in the old city, by a streetwalker, but I think it was the local equivelent of seperate the tourista from his wallet in the alley so I declined.

RABAT: This is the capital and I only spent 1 nght there by accident. However it was the best night of the trip. There are several late night discos on Rue patrice Lumumba, but the best place I found was the lobby bar in the Hotel Balima.This is a popular spot with young locals who come to watch the satellite TV. I got p/u in a couple of minutes here by a local cutie. She announced that after a bit that we were going to a party at her place in Sale, the town across the river. when we all got ther about a $15 cab ride, she and I said goodby to her buddies and spent the night in her room and it was wild. The cost was $40.00 which was all I had on me (+ return cab fare). She told me that for anothe $20 her girlfiriend would join us, but that was the only night the damn ATMs weren't working, so for want of $20 a missed a great chance. I almost considered using the cab fare and walking back to my hotel which was about 10-15 miles away the next morning!As it was the taxi driver I got at 4:00 am didn't speak French and didn't know Rabat,nor could he read a map. I had to make train noises (choo choo) to get him to take me to the train station which was near my hotel. Should have walked, if i had the strength left.

TANGIER: Long past its glory days and full of really seedy bars where I even felt nervous. I was only here 1 night and was kind of bagged (from the night before in Rabat) so I gave it an early night. There appeared to still be a big gay scene here for those so inclined.Thats it guys, I'll now answer questions, and will post on Spain soon which was overall for the hobby much better.

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