Prostitution Report
from Netherlands

Brief trip to Amsterdam a few weeks back, my first. Let me say, before I start that my personal tastes run to the GFE and for that I'm well aware that escort services are usually the best bet so in addition to banging a couple of window girls I tried a few escorts. The window girls are what you'd expect, lay on their back and act disinterested while you do your thing. I'm not an Adonis but I'm not a bad looking guy, (athletic, 38, all my hair, well dressed, clean, etc...)and tried to be sweet and make casual conversation and all that, you may find a gem in the windows but my few experiences were only slightly better than jerking off. I gave the first girl 100 Guilders, and the second, a smokin' little Thai girl 50.

The escort services I tried were Le Fantasy (I know, I know), Amsterdam Call Girls, and Women of the World. Le Fantasy tried a bait and switch, they only have one chick I would consider really pretty on their website, (Christina), and confirmed that she would meet me at my hotel. An hour before they called to say she couldn't make it and offered another girl, whose picture scared me off. I've heard alot of negative things about this service, you are forewarned. Amsterdam Call Girls sent a cutie over, whose name I can't remember and I fucked up by not asking specifically what she was up for before paying her, although I was specific when speaking to them on the phone while making the arrangement.

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Despite clearly asking for a girl who was open to kissing I got a chick who wouldn't, nor would she let me go down on her, and offered only very mechanical sex, I'm paying for an hour, at a whole lot higher rate and basically getting the window girl experience. 20 minutes to go in the session and she says to me, 'can you cum now I need to call my service'. I dismounted removed condom and kicked her ass out the door (she actually acted somewhat bewildered). Women of the World is very expensive, 250 - 300 Guilders/Hr. But they sent Renee, an absolute stunner, blonde dutch, 23 looked 18, I shit you not. Flawless body (I mean spectacular), gorgeous face, great english. Spent a night with her, great sex, went to a great restaurant and she was a great companion, funny, bright, the whole package, full on GFE.

Highly recommended but not cheap. Split Amsterdam after a couple of days to spend a few days in Prague and met an unbelievable girl there so spent the remainder of my trip with her and only went back to A'dam on the last day to pick up my shit from the hotel before heading home. If you want to bang a ton of chicks without a whole lot of reciprocal emotion (even if your faking it baby at least try to look like you're aware that I'm in the room, I am paying you after all) then you'll probably dig Amsterdam. As I said up front I prefer the GFE so it's probably not a repeat trip for me. I don't know if my Prague experience was luck of the draw or the norm but it was absolutely awesome, what a gorgeous city. By the way if you're into weed, the Super Skunk in Amsterdam is killer, I'm a regular smoker here at home and I get good shit, but WOW.

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