Prostitution Report
from Nevada

Living in LA, I did my routine duty to drive some tourist to LV during the holidays. Now I have to complete the routine trip in less than three hours, otherwise I will be driven crazy. May be a little bit longer at night, so as not to scare the tourist too much. The desert traffic at night is another wonder of the world that LV copied – many times the scale of the traffic in central Paris at night, more aggressive than the Italian drivers, but moving at the speed of German highways. Plus a few American originalities (or stupidity?) – most vehicles are very easy to topple, yet driven like sport cars -- my motor is so big that blind spot doesn’t apply – I am 70 mph and I am fast, therefore I stay on the fast lane, don’t know any relativity – my truck is indestructible and so am I, you can see me coming to cut you off without any signals.

It was relatively quiet in LV for the holidays. A lot of kids though. The only Santa I saw is in Venetian, an 18 year old pretty young slim model in a mini santa skirt, just a few strips at the back. Only the Japanese thought that was suitable for children and asked her to pose with their kids for pictures. She was very cute and good with children, which made me wonder isn’t she good with animals?

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We missed the topless shows with beautiful girls. I have to find some alternatives, which will not disappoints the tourist too much. Almost any other country has better entertainment for the money. It was quite quiet after midnight downtown. I saw one gentlemen’s club but not sure it was open or nude. All the guys handing out leaflets on the strip disappeared and I doubt I could find any decent nude clubs or similar. On the LV Blvd, I saw something called talk of the town, looked cheap and cheerful, and the nude word was there. We went in, it was a strip/dance club only $15 to enter. The girls danced non-stop, and strip nude as well, but didn’t do anything for me. In this cheap joint, the girls just have enough quality to be a dancer. Like a pretty young girl, must be 18, was a bit thick on the tight, and had a little bit of stomach. A few girls come around to solicit lap dances, 20 topless, 40 nude and 100 in the vip room. I was waiting for a slim and pretty one tied up in a leather skirt and top, but I guess she didn’t know much english and never come round.

I waited for a long time, as I have nothing much to do in the middle of the night. I pulled a long hair blonde into the back seat. Both of my hands was on her and we talked. She was 6 feet (3 feet heels), 21 year old, pretty sweet, slim but not skinny. Her long smooth legs under her black leather mini skirt attracted me. The only fault was that her breast wasn’t outstanding, and it didn’t matter that much as they were tucked neatly under a tiny leather top. She was very friendly that made me thought of the vip room. But then she explained to me actually the room was split into two, with a glass wall in between. She said there were all types of lotions for me to feel very comfortable myself. Not for me. I paid 60 to 200 for a hand job before, and I swear that I will never do that again. No way I will pay others 100 for helping myself. Business was slow, and she talked to be patiently. I literally had to put my mouth into her ear in order for her to hear me. I said lap dance wouldn’t do enough for me, and I won’t go for the vip. But I said I enjoyed talking to her very much. She said why didn’t I buy her a drink. It was only $10. Now that she had her drink, and my two hands was still on her. I asked her to sit on my lap, she said she couldn’t, but let me put her long leg on top of mind. I molested her legs and feet, and she was apologetic that her lower leg wasn’t shaved silky smooth. That was OK as my hand was mostly on her soft smooth inner tights. Until I got between her legs. She said I couldn’t and I understood. Nor I could put my other hand on her breast. Almost any other things were allowed.

I practically kissed her every time I spoke to her. I also attacked her ears and neck. That was all OK. She also showed me her tits pierced with a little bar that glows in the dark. And business was slow, she wasn’t thinking of going anywhere, kept on sipping on her tiny cup of coke. I didn’t remember how long I spent with her that way, that I enjoyed much more than any hostess bar or massage palour I had been, those girls couldn’t stand a chance if asked to go onto the stage. It was three o’clock and good things had to end. I asked her to do me a nude tap dance out of duty. Very hard work, nice ass and pussy to look at. She threw me kisses on my lips too. Then she accepted the money with her breast, and we said goodbye.

The other girls must have been jealous. Not long after I went back to the front seats, a curvy girl in a bikini came over and asked for $10 to continue seeing the shows or leave. I knew I didn’t tip any of the dancers. I haven’t got any $1 bills and I was not sure that was enough. I couldn’t see the number written down on the bills on stage, nor I could recognize the presidents. Why Americans have to use bills with the same size? And a few dollars for each of the girls was too much for the joint. Since I was happy and couldn’t go any further. We left.

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