Prostitution Report
from New York

Stuck in New York for a few months, I started reading all the terrific Jimmy DR reports about life in New York City. On last Thursday night I decided at the last minute to check out F-Stop for myself.I had a blast!!!!! I called the telephone number Jimmmy has posted and explained I was a regular on the WSA site. It was cool, so when I showed up, there was no hassle and he actually put Jimmmy DR as my reference on my ID card. (Thanks, bro--I owe you one)I was shown around the place which by the way has changed its name to STUDIO 5. (It still has F-Stop on the door for the buzzer ) "Passion" was my designated escort, and was she nice. hooo booooy...Slender, 21, chocolate skin, sweet as butter and could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. We were in one of the couch rooms, and a big guy was geting head on the couch accross the room for me, so I thought , say, this place is my kinda place.

We talked, and a cbj was $50, and after she brought me a few beers, I agreed to do it in the main room. Well, I guess I am not as liberated as I thougt. I could not get my nut off. Guys kept coming in the rrom, looking around,and here was poor young Passion, trying every trick in the book to get me off. She was on her knees, she was sideways with my fingers in her pussy and anus, she was bobbin, she was stroking, she was pound my pud liike there was no tomorrow. But shit if I could do it. So I decideed to end this nightmare and went into a semi-private room for ann additional $15 and an additional $80 for her FS. Badda bing, babooom, that was the trick and I floated out of there with a new understanding of myself.

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I left the room and was grabbed by the largest, sweetest smoothest-titted girl in the club. This one was 28 years old and from Jamaica. She told me her name was COURIN. She has a 3 year old kid. I continued to drink a few more beers, and we talked about my favorite penetration: anal. She said it was cool with her, so was licking her pussy, so was her kissing and licking annother girl, photos, etc. etc. and that she would find another girl to join us. It looked like it was goinng to be one of THOSE nights. So I jumped out, (she asked for $10 bucks for the short time we spent fondling each other ) and ran to my apartmment, which is 7 blocks away and returned with my digital camera and a bottle of French Champagne. (STUDIO 5 only has beer. ) Well, the other girl wanted $1,000. hahahaha So we decided to go it alone. I booked the private bedroom which for $30 is good for "all night" according to her. We got inside, I poured the Champagnenand we had a toast then she asked for $130 up front., I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, being an experienced moger and all, but what the heck, I was still horney as hell, I have been back from Brazil for 2 months, so I paid up front.

OK to make a long story short, it did not go well, time was up, wanted more money to kiss, wanted more money to eat her pussy, wanted more money to fuck her in the ass, wanted more money to take her photo, did not want to drink any more champagnne.. blah, blah, blah. blah, blah.. But .I finally got my second nut off and we parted amiably. She said she would give me a ride home. for 7 blocks. I said "Thanks" feeling she was not so bad after all. The club was suppposed to close at midnight, so I talked with CASH who is your typical incall girl and with the lovely and talented TOPAZ who really thinks Iam going to pay her $500 to fuck her in the ass this Tuesday. hahahaha I was KIDDING. Sheesh. Anyway, I waited for 45 minutes for COURIN to get ready to go. Passion came by and we parted very sweetly as she went home.. What a honey she is. Just like a Brazilian. Carioca, small-waisted, slender hips, smallish perky breasts.....Ohhhhhh. anyway finally comes COURIN and another of her girlfriends.

She drives the 7 blocks to my apartment, and COURIN demands $30. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Then she lowers it to $10. But now I am pissed off and just walk into my place. She marked me for far more than any other dog in the house and she was still trying to play me. So to make a long story short, I LOVED IT, even the shit, but now I HAVE MY GUARD UP and will not pay more than $80 for FS and promise I will take my time and talk to more girls the next time ..which will be in a couple of days. (and this time I really mean it).

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