Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

Erie is home of "City of Erie vs Kandy's Dinner Theater" Supreme Court Ruling, allowing municipalities to write anti-nudity laws. This has killed all strip clubs in Erie. Local Police enforce the ruling. The PA state Police will not enforce any local laws.

"Partners" East Lake Road, AKA Route 5, about 2 miles East of Erie City Line. $10 Cover. Anti-nudity ordinance just passed, but girls are now refusing to wear pasties, and usually flash during the dance. No local cops to enforce ordinance. Private Room Dances $15, usually full nudity, ocasionally full touching, depends on girl. VIP Room $90, depends on girl, from nothing to FS ($60-100 tip.) If a girl does more than 2 VIPs in a nite, the odds are good. M-Sat, 9-2AM. BYOB. Girls 6s to 9s, usually 9 to 12 dancers. Visa/MC as "Joey's Sports Bar." straight shooters, don't rip your card off.

Satin Health Spa, 23 and Peach, Erie. Things vary greatly in Erie, depending how much enforcements going on this week. $60 for "Full Body Massage" No tip required. Girl usually gets naked as well. Usually no touching anything but breasts. Usually the best looking girls. Visa/MC

Totally You, 18th and Peach, Erie. This place really is a Gym, not like the other places that just have some equipment to get around the building codes. Also has Tanning Booths. But does have 2 to 3 girls working as well. Prices usually start around $50 for 30 minutes. Jacuzzi starting at $90 for 30 minutes. Girls usually require tip to get naked. Maybe breast Touching for more tip, or breast release for evan more tip. Can get pricey. Hand Release included in base price though. This place just changed management, have not been there since, so who knows. VISA/MC

Jockey Health Club, 27 and Peach, Erie. Have not been there for awhile, I think prices were $60 for 30 minutes. Usually wanted tipped to get naked or hand release. Rumors of other service, but cannot verify. Jacuzzi available. Katies II, Near 38 and Liberty. Prices and tips similar to Jockey. Touching equals more tip. Quality of girls seems to vary from ugly to oh my gawd! pretty. Jacuzzi available. Cash Only.

North Coast 13th and State, Erie I have no information about this place, been there forever. One girl at another location stated that girls would steal your credit card #s and cash there, but mad ex-employee?

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