Prostitution Report
from Peru

Action is alive and well in Cajamarca. At least a half dozen discos and at least one large strip club. There is some mining in the mountains around town and those guys need some place to go on the weekends.

I asked the taxi driver about Masjes (massage) places and he said there were none just the hot spring spas, tourist massages. I showed him an advertisement from one of the tour books of a strip club in Cajamarca. He understood I wasn't really looking for a massage. He quickly radio'd his pals and collected a few addresses and phone numbers. We tried a few and weren't getting anywhere, good friday in a roman catholic country is not a good day to look for some action. Soon we found one that was in and available. She didn't want to go to a hostal but instead suggested we go to a sauna.The sauna was a little public but we were never disturbed and privicay was respected. We did fool around in the showers at first only to be interupted but then went into the sauna room, one of two saunas. We hung a red cloth on the door to indicate it was occupied. The sauna was fun but really hot, plus all the girating made it really steamy. Great BBBJ and FS for S/200 for 2 horas.

The girl was really hot and liked full aggressive french kissing and fingering. She liked it rough, great spanish action, very hot. Girl 20 anos, large tits, small ass, long dark air, light skin, mostly shaven and good service. Not sure where she was from, but not a local, pro in town working at a disco, Firarollas (I think she said), or strip club. I was about ready to pass out from the sauna and the fucking so we went back to the shower to cool off had some cold water, sat around and watched a few other people come and go apparently the same action was going on in the other sauna.

Sauna place was small and didn't look like much from the outside. Reasonably nice inside with a really good resteraunt attached as well. Sauna was S/30, apparantly no time limit. The food looked good and was priced about S/5 to S/8 per plato, local dishes. Will definately have to go back, at least to eat. The sauna does not provide any girls, you must bring your own. From Cajamarca head out to Banos de Incas, past the town square and it is on the left past the university, about 15 minutos.Large university here in Cajamarca as well. I will definately be looking at that action. Always willing to lend a helping hand and provide financal aid to promote a nice young ladies education.

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