Prostitution Report
from Philippines

Just got back from 3 weeks in Angeles City, and had a super fun time. There were less tourists in town this year due to the problems that have occurred in the Philippines during 2000, but that meant a bigger selection of delectable girls.The rate of exchange was around 50pesos-1USD and 74pesos to 1 UKPound although kust before I left it shot up to 55pesosto1Dollar and 80 pesos to 1Pound.Lady Drinks were 80 pesos to 125 pesos and barfines 950/1000. However in the Santos Street Bars(Blow Row) the bar fine was 500 pesos.

I got a Taxi from the airport for 1500 pesos and got into Angeles a couple of hours later. The taxi desk wanted to charge 40 Dollars but I just smiled and said 1500 pesos only and they said OK. It was about Midnight when I got into the bars after dropping off my stuff at the hotel and having a quick shower and change of clothes and I was off pussy hunting.I went into Confettis bar as the door girl was cute, but she left me after I got inside and ordered a beer. there were about 30 girls in here and they were all slightly drunk. ( I found out later that a big spender had been buying them B52's)I noticed a girl with massive tits dancing and I called her over to join me. She was definitely drunk and she told me that she was waiting for her boyfriend, who had got her drunk. Ok so I called down another cutie, with a lovely body and nice firm tits. She said she was 19 and came from Samar ( down south somewhere). I asked if sahe was a cherry, and she laughed and pointed to her ear. So I paid the barfine and off we went. She wanted to eat and so I took her to Kokomos. She ordered some Chicken and I orderered the Hamburger and a draught San Miguel. The service is a little slow, as the place is packed with girls eating. Only a few guys in here. I make a note to check out these girls on another night,

Food comes and the Hamburger is great. Apparantly its imported Aussie Beef.Then its off to the hotel, which is a short walk (Orchid Inn) and up to the room.We take a nice shower together and she cleans me all over, even kissing my cock which is standing and ready for some action. Then its to the bed, and I start by kissing her all over, and eating her pussy. She obviously has not had that done before and she is 'climbing the wall', and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. I thought she was going to crush my head between her thighs when she came!!! A while later she grabbed me and dragged me back to the shower and washed herself and me again. Gave me the toothbrush to clean my mouth (I dont want to kiss pussy she said)

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Then it was back to the bed and i started to kiss her breasts, and she pushed me away and said 'Wait' she pushed me down on the bed and started to kiss me. First my mouth, darting her tongue along my lips and then down to my nipples. She gently nipped them with her teeth. Down she moved, and by now I was standing at attention, waiting and waiting. She teased me,licking all around and down my thighs, whilst gently scratching the top of my knob with her nails. I warned her that I was close to coming, as it had been a long time since my last fuck (working in Saudi....your either a wanker or a liar) She then kissed the top of my dick and slowly swallowed me. She proceeded to suck and suck and quickly I came in her mouth. She almost choked, but swallowed it all. Then she was back in the bathroom and I heard her being sick. I went in and asked her if she was OK. She smiled and said 'See how you are'. You not supposed to come in my mouth. I laughed and told her that I had warned her. She laughed and said that she had wanted to, as I had had been nice to her with my mouth. Then it was back to bed, and Jetlag, alcohol and the sex took its toll and I went to sleep in 'M's' arms.

I woke up and it was daylight and 'M' was playing with my erect cock. Good Morning I'm horny she says. Ok, just a minute. I have to take a pee. She comes into the bathroom and holds it for me, and then we are under the shower, and she is sucking me again. Wait, I say I want to fuck you. She shakes her head and keeps on sucking. Its so good that I just let her get on with it. She is licking my knob, sucking and I warn her again that I'm coming. She is holding my balls and when she feels them tighten she stops sucking and jerks me off. I come all over her face, and she is laughing. Bitch, but it was good.Back in bed, I ask her why she didnt let me fuck her. Turns out that she is a cherrygirl, and she is scared. I ask her why she said that she was only a cherry in her ear. She said that she was in love with an Australian, whom she had promised to wait for. Last week he came into town, and took another girl from another bar. Seems this girl from King of Diamonds is a superstar. He claims that he didnt go with her, but 'M's' sister was in King of Diamonds with her customer and saw him take her out. So she was heartbroken, and decided to get even with him. She said that her ex-boyfriend was in Confettis last night when I took her out. Jesus, I think, thats all I need on my first night on holiday, a pissed off Aussie on my back.

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Then she says that she has decided to lose her cherry, and she wants me to take it. I am not into that as its usually messy. Last time I did it was in Bangkok, as a favour to a barowner. So I start to refuse, but she starts to kiss me on my dick again, and Mr Happy stands up and looks ready for business. Oh well, I kiss her mouth her breasts, her stomach and finally her pussy. She is really wet. This girl is horny. Several licks, and then I lay her on her side with ker legs up towards her face, and gently insert my knob in her. She is tight, I ease in and she gasps. I plunge the last couple of inches and she moans. I just stop then, throbbing inside her. God she is the tightest that I have ever been in. She is gasping and I start to move slowly in and out, and then I feel her gripping me with her muscles. This girl is a natural. I up the pace a little and she starts to moan and quickly has her first orgasm. I dont intend to be left behind here, so I continue and come quickly.

Wow, that was good. If they were all like her, I would do that more often.I take her round to Kokomos for breakfst, and askher how come that she gave blowjobs and didnt 'fuck' the customers. She says that she went with the Aussie and wouldnt let him fuck her. He said that he would marry her. She said OK (its all Filipinas dream to marry a foreigner) but sensibly followed her sisters advice to see if he would support her. He sent her 50 Aussie Dollars a month. Which is not enough to support her, but she didnt give up her cherry. She was saving that for him. He had taught her to give a blow job, and she admitted that she liked doing it.I was enjoying this girls company, so I told her that I would barfine her again that night. She smiled and said that she likd me> I told her to go and get her things and bikini and meet me back at the hotel for a swim.She came back, with sister, who was also a stunner and we had good fun at the pool. Her ex was also staying at the Orchid, and he came down to the pool and tried to talk to her. She told him to F**K OFF in a loud voice, and he did.I spent the whole trip with this girl, and had one of the best trips to Angeles that I have ever had. I must admit that I was tempted, to send her back to the province and send her support, but I knew that she liked sex too much to be celibate.

Oh well I have the memories, and have booked my next trip already. I recommend Angeles to everyone.

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