Prostitution Report
from Russia

this is the 2nd time i've been in russia, and my first report to wsa. i had 3 nights, and wanted to check out the full range of possibilities. thanks to the many concise reports from fellow wsa'ers this was quite easy and straightforward to do.

the 1st night (sunday) i checked out CF. arriving there at around 1am, CF was packed with talent. i picked a 25yr old brunette from ukraine named ludmilla for $150 which is definitely at the top end of the price range. i was asking for bbbj and she suggested covered action: as i didn't want to argue, i did not insist on bbbj. after two rounds of fairly good sex we fell asleep. in the morning, she was very unwillig to perform another round, looking at me quite angry when i woke her up. she left around 11amm. anyway, here are 2 pics:

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the next night i asked a cab driver to bring me to a totchka (around 3kms from CF). this is really an unique experience, i must say, and not an easy task to select the right beauty when there is a snow storm... at 1am, there were around 30-40 girls present. the 1st one i choose was from ukraine. as i had an ukrainian experience the night before, i changed my choice for a moldovan girl. however, she refused to enter the cab. so finally i settled with 20yr old brunette from belarus named valeria for $150 (which was definitely overpriced!). when we left the tochka, i saw the mamotchka (or what was the name for the totchka manager?) shouting at the moldovan girl that refused to go with me. i had the impression that the latter was getting some real trouble here... back in my hotel, the belarus girl provided a top notch bbbj. she did not speak english, so there was little conversation with my few words in russian. after a round of really good sex, where i made sure that she got her part of the pleasure, too, she finally started to smile a little. after another morning session she left around 10am. i gave her 100 rubles for a taxi, what she appreciated. i forgot to take a picture though. actually, on her legs i discovered several small scars. i had the feeling that somebody must have burnt her with a cigarette... this is defintely not the kind of pleasure i like. has anyone of you made similar discoveries?

finally, the 3rd night i headed for NF. i had dinner there, which was quite good and prices pretty much standard for moscow in my opinion. actually being my 2nd visit to NF overall (I was there 1 year ago), the quality and quantity was just stunning. around 3am i settled with a 25yr old svetlana for 200$, a small russian girl with beautiful breats. she provided only covered bj followed by fairly standard sex (only one shot), and left after 2 hours. obviously no picuture...

my conclusions: * as with most wsa'ers i agree that the level of quality decreases from NF to CF to totchka, and so should prices. i was probably not negotiating enough, both on prices and services required.

* IMHO, to pick the right girl requires a lot of expericence, especially at NF, and CF to a lesser extent. To pick a girl at a totchka, I followed the guidelines of a fellow wsa'er (was it CT?)and went well with it: look for a shy and nervously behaving girl. if you treat her well (what she probably does not expect), she will reward you with a GFE.

* overall, i would rate CF the place with the best value-for-money ratio. this is an entirely personal view based on a small sample and therefore likely not to be statistically significant. i need to do more research here, so i am looking forward to my next trip.

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