Prostitution Report
from Singapore

Sin in SIN
US$1 = S$1.72

A day before I left I found out that the hotel I booked, the Chinatown Hotel, is in the vicinity of some brothels. I had chosen that location because I arrive at about 2 am, and I may want to get something to eat even at that hour. Well, maybe not. I slept.The second night, after a big dinner with relatives and friends, I cruised the neighborhood. I found those houses, with their street numbers in large multi-color, lit signs. I walked into one and there was only an old woman there. I spoke to her in Cantonese and she asked me what kind of girl I wanted. I asked what are the choices. She said S$30, S$70 and S$100. I said S$70. Apparently these houses share girls. She dialed a number and in coarse Cantonese asked for a S$70 girl. By this time it was 10:30 pm and there were no longer any girls available, so I left.

I went into another place and there I found a S$30 woman. She is probably 40. She was carrying her shopping bags and was on her way home. We went into a room. There was a French-style bidet and she washed me and then we quickly did the deed. It was not a lot of fun. Looks 3, Attitude 5, Performance 4. We had conversed in Cantonese and she told me to come back at 1 pm and for S$100 get a 19-year old for 45 minutes. There were signs everywhere saying condoms are required for oral sex.

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The next night my relative and friends took me to Geylang. We stopped on Lorang 18. It is like the Raperbahn in Hamburg. On one side of the street is one of the Hotel 81's. On the other side are these one-story buildings with a huge multi-color, lit street-number sign. There is a board covering the door so you cannot look directly into the house from the street. But once you go inside, you see a small 'fishbowl' with 4 to 8 ladies, mostly Thai, dressed in evening gowns. There were probably 12 of these houses on this one block.Behind the Hotel 81 are some street girls leaning against the wall. Some are Vietnamese. Some are young and worth trying. I understand it is S$40. Really quite a sight.

On the last night before my return, I stayed at the Gateway Hotel on Joo Chiat Road because it is half way into town from Changi Airport. Little did
I know it is across the street from the famous J. C. Club in the Astro Hotel. After a big dinner with my relative and friends, they took me into
the club. J. C. is a smoky bar/karaoke with many Vietnamese girls. All are available for S$120 short time. Most of the girls are petite. We got a room and fooled around with some girls. My friends are regulars and the girls know them. I got sick of the smoke and left

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