Prostitution Report
from Spain

This is the result of a few days in Marbella. There are lots of adverts in the Adult Relaxation section of the classifieds in Sur in English, which is a free paper which can be found in hotels and shops. It covers the whole of the Costa del Sol, but most of the girls are between Torremolinos and Marbella, and most of them say roughly where they are. There are a lot of girls with private apartments in central Marbella, almost all English and claiming to be blue eyed blonds. I phoned a few to get an idea of prices. A typical one started off at €180 for half and hour, but eventually came down to €80 for an early afternoon special. Other starting prices ranged from €120 to €140. None of them sounded enthusiastic, so at those prices I decided not to try. There’s also a sauna club near the centre, which said €91 for half an hour, and claimed to have six girls.

I also found a couple of private houses with collections of girls of all nationalities. Both were out by the bus station, which is on the other side of the Autovia to the town centre. Since I firmly believe latinas are best, and one of them quoted €72 the half hour, €120 the hour, I decided to try it. It was a little difficult to find, it might have been better to take a taxi, but I eventually found an ordinary suburban villa. The net curtains twiched when I rang the bell at the security gate, and I was let in by a pleasant Columbian madam. It was siesta time so it took a while for the girls to surface. I was given a drink while I was waiting, and they came in one by one to introduce themselves. Two Columbians, one Russian, one Pole, and a ‘Jamaican’. Jamaicans in Spain are always Nigerians, and useless in bed. This is not a racist remark, it is culturalist. There are lots of black Columbians, Brasilians and Cubans. Nigerian women do not seem to have realised that sex might be enjoyable for them, and that men might want something more than a quick fuck. Added to which there are very high rates of AIDS in Nigeria. Ask any girl about this and they claim to be regularly tested as a condition of working, but who knows. All the girls were attractive, only the Russian wasn’t friendly.

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The Nigerian was extremely beautiful. Tall, slim, perfect breasts and bottom. So I decided to make an exception, although I knew I should really have had one of the Columbians. One was very attractive, in a fuller figure sort of way. The Nigerian’s body was even better without cloths. She had a small neat pink cunt and a promenant clit to play with. But she was as inept as I’d expected. She wanted to get the condom on as quickly as possible, and thought that yanking hard on my dick would produce an instant erection. I explained that there are more subtle ways of going about things and we eventually got the condom on. Which was followed by a bit of half-hearted sucking. She then sat on me and moved up and down energetically. She then stopped to check the condom, which she did regularly, which I suppose was a good sign. We then did it doggy, rubbing her clit, and she seemed to be enjoying it a bit. Another break for a rest and a condom check, and I finished on top of her from behind. Her muscular bottom pressing against my stomach, and her long slim legs held between mine. I get a hard on just thinking about it. So not a bad €72 worth, but I wonder what the Columbian would have been like. Maybe worth an hour. The Nigerian was up with her cloths on before I could get my breath back. She didn’t even have the sense to try to pursuade me to stay another half hour. When I accused her of being Nigerian she admitted to being half Senegalise, and to have grown up in Senegal. She could not explain why she did not speak French. In fact she spoke English badly, and hardly any Spanish. She told me she got €25 for the half hour, and wanted me to buy her a drink for €12. A lot of the adverts in Sur in English are for Puerto Banus, about 10km west of Marbella. It is meant to be a playground of the rich, with lots of boats, Mercedes and Arabs.

There are also a lot of Engish package tourists drinking too much and looking for a quick lay. On the way there’s a club called Millady, just behing Tony Roma’s restaurant. Its worth a look just for the decor, something between Second Empire and disco kitch. However, its not worth paying €15 euro for a beer. Especially when the barman disappears for half an hour to find change, and then gives it all in 50 cent pieces. When I hesitated to take it for a moment he tried to grab it for a tip. It’s that sort of place. The best that can be said for it is that there’s a large choice of attractive girls, although nothing spectacular. Mainly latin american and east european, as usual in Spain. €300 the hour (recommended), €180 half hour. They assured me that the rooms are very comfortable, with jacuzzis, but I still declined. It was about 11pm, and the was only one other customer there. Who must have been rich, since he ordered a second beer. The girls told me that they were waiting for gangs of drunken English and German golfers, so I got out as quickly as I could. There are lots of puticlubs along the Costa del Sol, and in Spain generally.

Those attuned to the subtileties of Spanish culture can recognise them by the flashing neon signs of naked women outside. A list can be found at, although without phone numbers. Most of them have beer for €5 and half an hour of sex for €50, if you talk them down from €60. The best, in terms of choice, is Escandalo, on a dismal trading estate on the outskirts of Malaga. There are lots of Africans on the street outside, who are presumably cheaper, but I’ve never asked. The smaller clubs are very variable. The best girls don’t stay long, but you can be lucky and get a good one, or two, at the basic price. Since I wrote this to post I've read Iskei's report on Malaga. Obviously worth following his advice if you're in the city.

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