Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I finally managed to arrange a visit to Thailand without my wife traveling with me. It’s been more than two years since my last “single man” visit to the Land of Smiles. With my wife I’ve been there once a year and always managed to get just a few hours to explore the pleasures of Thailand alone.

Day 1 (Friday)
I landed at the Dong Muang airport on Friday afternoon and took a Thai Airlines limousine to my hotel at Sukhumvit Soi 18. This time I stayed at the Rembrandt Serviced apartments. The benefit of serviced apartments is that you never have to pay any extras for brining in overnight guests. Rembrandt also operates a four star hotel next door and all the facilities are available as well.

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I have always used to go to Darling massage at Sukhumvit Soi 12 more or less immediately after arriving to Bangkok. It’s a nice way to get started and remove the leftover feelings of a long flight. This time it was supposed to be no exception, but at 6 pm in the evening the whole block there was without any electricity. I decided to wait for a while and ordered a beer sitting outside of an Italian restaurant in the corner of Sukhumuvit and the Soi 12. After 30 min. of waiting still no electricity and I decided to go to Annies Massage in stead. They are located near Nana Plaza about 5 min. taxi drive away from Darling. The quality of the girls of Annies can leave a lot to be desired compared to Darling, which in my opinion is one of the best in BKK. Fortunately their prices are a lot lower as well and usually you can get a decent service there. I chose a girl called “One” because she had the nicest body of the girls available. Indeed later in the room I was positively surprised the way she looked. Nice boobs and slim body. She also spoke reasonably good English. The only negative comment I have to give her was the way how she gave the blow job. To me it was too hard and she also used her teeth too much. I thought my fucking foreskin would have to be left at Annies as a result of her hard treatment. Anyway she was nice and otherwise made me feel comfortable. To be honest I was so tired and so happy to be back in BKK, that almost any kind of sex would have been ok. Here are two pictures of her:

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After Annies I decided to have a look at the bars of Nana and noticed, that the place is not any more the same as it used to be just a few years ago. No naked girls and also the amount of customers was a lot less than before. I had a few beers in some of the bars and finally proceeded to a dinner with a friend in Pan Pan Italian restaurant followed by few drinks at the Renoir bar in Soi 33. I went to bed alone completely worn out at midnight ready for a round of golf next morning.

Day 2. (Saturday)

Thailand is a paradise for golfers. I always try to play as much as possible while in the country. As a result of the jet lack I didn’t sleep very well and felt rather tired in the morning. I sort of knew in advance, that my golf would not be up to my normal standard and indeed it wasn’t. We played at Lam Lukka some 40 km north of Bangkok. This is a course with lots of water hazards and my round was just one big struggle. Anyway, golf in Thailand is always good fun. After the golf I had a dinner with some friends at the Huntsman pub of Landmark hotel. They wanted to proceed to Nana, which was not at all what I had in my mind as I had been there the night before. We finally decided to have just one drink at Nana and then continue to Soi Cowboy. Thank good we went, because I met there probably the best bar girl I have ever had in Thailand. I am into big boobs and this girl had absolutely unbelievably beautiful natural tits in a nice slim body. I barfined her right away for a long time and agreed her asking price of 3000 baht. I know it’s on the high side, but this girl looked so exceptional that I didn’t dare to bargain. It was still early in the evening and I decided to take her with me to Soi Cowboy for a couple of drinks with my friends. I don’t want to reveal her name nor face in pictures as I would like to meet her also in the future and don’t want to jeopardize our friendship. Let me just call her Miss P. This girl is amazing. She looks gorgeous in all possible ways; beautiful face, slim body and dream boobs. She’s also very nice, speaks very good English for a bar girl and is not shy at all. In Soi Cowboy she was kissing me, grouping my crotch, giving naughty looks and just making feel wanted all the time. In bed the same story continued. Sex with her was heavenly. In the morning I woke up to a BJ. Here are some pics of her:

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When she left we agreed to meet again on next Friday. She told me her sister looks exactly like her and has even bigger boobs. So I invited them both to a dinner. She left me her gsm number, but to be honest I wondered if I would really be lucky enough to see her again. I also wondered if the story about her sister was true either. At the end indeed, I was lucky to meet the sisters (see below).

Day 3 (Sunday)

After Miss P left I had a quick breakfast in the hotel and then it was time for my second round of golf. The previous night had passed with not much sleep as Miss P kept me awake and my game was again below standard. I did make two birdies and my back nine was just two over par. After a dinner I went to Soi Cowboy for one beer at the Long Gun bar. It is still my favorite bar in Bangkok. On Monday I had to work and at 10 pm I decided to call it a day and went to bed.

Day 4 (Monday)

Working day with a working dinner at Sala Rim Naam restaurant of the Oriental hotel. Nothing to report about as I went straight to bed after a long day.

Day 5 (Tuesday)

Again a working day, but the rest of the week until Saturday was to be free. In the evening after having a great sea food dinner at Somboon sea food restaurant at the Surawongse Road, I decided to check all the bars at Soi Cowboy as there were some new ones I had never visited. To put it in a nutshell I had a hand job for 500 baht at the Toy bar, but for me the best bars in Cowboy are the Long Gun and the Dollhouse. In Dollhouse I saw a big breasted beauty and decided to come back for her next evening. I had to wake up really early on Wednesday morning, so it was better to go back to the hotel. At 11 pm I was at sleep.

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Tee-off at 7 am at Lake Wood golf club in the Bangna Trad region. A beautiful golf course again, which was a real pleasure to play at. My score was 84 strokes, which is ok for my handicap of 12. The weather turned rainy that day. Not the normal type of rain, but more European sort of rain, just cloudy with some misty persistent rain lasting forever. In the evening I returned to Soi Cowboy and decided first to check how a handjob at the naughty boys corner of the Afterskool bar feels like after a couple of years break. It felt good and I left the place 500 baht poorer with a big smile on my face. Bangkok is still great and there’s nothing like it anywhere else. My good how I love this crazy city. Now it was time to go back to the Dollhouse to see if the beauty I had seen there the previous night was available. She was and I barfined her in 10 seconds for a ST. I can’t remember her name, but anyway it was a mistake. She looked great, but had a serious attitude problem. In the hotel room no discussion at all, but she wanted to go straight away to fucking and rushed me in a nasty way. This is an immediate turn off for me and actually nothing happened. I gave her 500 and send her away. She looked really surprised and probably couldn’t believe what had happened. Anyway, off she went and for a change I felt really pissed off.

Day 7 (Thursday)

I woke up at 10.30 after a long good sleep. Today I had nothing planned and I just enjoyed the day. After breakfast I went to a golf driving range just a walking distance from my hotel at the end of Soi 18. I shot 2 baskets of golf balls away and walked back to the hotel to the pool area in spite of the cloudy and partly rainy day. In the afternoon I went to Eden Club for a threesome. I had saved this experience to the later part of my visit intentionally. When you go to Eden, you’d better be in good fucking condition with some extra stamina. It would be a shame to shoot the loads too quickly, which can happen so easily with Eden girls. I just find the action there so incredibly hot. I was there already at 3 pm, which was a perfect timing. There were perhaps 30 girls in bar to choose from. Anyway, I obviously chose a girl with the nicest boobs and let her then choose her partner. The names of the girls have disappeared from my memory, but here’s a picture of them.

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They use nowadays a next door short time hotel for the activities. It felt so bizarre to walk there with the girls and their tool box containing dildos and porn videos. Again I just wondered what a great place Bangkok really is. The service at Eden was as usual simply amazing. I don’t understand how they can keep up the good attitude and service in this place. 10 out of 10 for service and attitude. Later in the evening we went again to Soi Cowboy just for some beers. Lot’s of people around just like in the good old days. I felt too exhausted after my Eden experience to barfine anybody and I wanted to recharge my batteries for Friday evening with Miss P.

Day 8 (Friday)

Today was the time to play golf at the number one golf course of Thailand. The Alpine golf course is apparently owned by the prime minister himself. What a beauty it was and the condition of the course was really outstanding. This is the course, where Johnnie Walker Classic was played at in January. I had a reasonable round and won some money from my friends. This was surprising to me as my mind had been with Miss P since I woke up. I called her in the afternoon and arranged a date with her and her sister at 7 pm at the Londoners- pub, which is located at Sukhumvit 33. I took my good friend with me for a blind date with Miss P’s sister. We were both there at 7 pm sharp, but no sign of the sisters. I called to Miss P and she said they were on the way in a taxi. Another 30 minutes went by and still no sign of them. I called again to find out, that she had misunderstood the address. They finally arrived 45 minutes late and after having spent the last hour in a taxi! I must say we were both quite taken by this. A normal Thai bar girl would have just turned back and gone to work to get somebody else to pay for the night. Miss P and her sister were both dressed up in very sexy but smart outfits. They both looked absolutely stunning and I could just feel the staring eyes of hundreds of horny guys in my back. Many of them were most probably wondering that how on earth these two guys have found those two big breasted beauties. I can assure you, that 10 men out of 10 would turn their heads if these girls would happen to walk by. I must say it felt really good to be there that night. After dinner we went to the Irish pub at the opposite site of Sukhumvit road. They both were playing some discreet but horny foreplay with us and before long we were on our way to my friend’s apartment. Once in the apartment again no shyness and both girls were naked in 1 minute. My friend has two vibrators for occasions like this and the girls were more than eager to try them out with us during the foreplay. This night I will remember for the rest of my life. I don’t even try to describe it. It was simply great. I don’t even know what could have been better. This was heaven on earth. It’s actually good, that I live far away from Thailand. Otherwise I know I would get totally hooked on this girl and it would mess up my life completely. It’s actually hard to understand, that this girl walks alone and no farang has married her yet. Surely it must be just a question of time. Hopefully I can meet her again in December, when I go to Bangkok next time. Unfortunately my camera was in my hotel room, so no pictures. Sorry.

Day 9 (Saturday)

I woke up with Miss P sleeping next to me naked and so beautiful. Her boobs are so big (actually size E) to her small slim body, that it’s a miracle she can stand and walk in a normal way and not fall to her nose all the time. Needless to say what we did before a quick breakfast and goodbyes to the sisters. Anyway, I know I already told you this, but this was the night of a lifetime, the best fuck I can imagine and this girl is to me one of the miracles of the world. We had slept less than two hours that night and now it was time for the last round of golf of this trip. We played at the Suphabroek golf course, which is a very difficult one with hundreds of water hazards. I lost more than 10 golf balls and my game was really bad. But I just smiled and in my mind went through the happenings of the last night again and again. After the game just as a precaution I went to a pharmacy to by some medicine to make sure I would get rid of any STD had I got any. One of my local friends is a medical doctor and he told me what to buy. I don’t remember the name of that shit, but it should kill all the bugs apart from HIV. I had not had unprotected sex with any of the girls during my trip. With Eden girls I even wanted to use condom for the BJ’s. It’s better to be safe as I surely not want to transmit any diseases to my wife once back home.

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