Prostitution Report
from Ukraine

In July I visited Kiev and I will share with you some impressions from the trip. In terms of practical information I have not much to add to the excellent reports already filed by the likes of Studian, Blackdog and others, but I believe it could be useful to hear the view of a first time visitor. I was there for business, but managed to squeeze in three days of hobby activities.Kiev itself is a surprisingly pleasant city. Clean and well kept in the centre, with many green areas, large open boulevards and wide sidewalks. Architecture is off course very soviet style, but with a number of medieval churches and monasteries thrown in for good measure. The main street, Khreschatyk, is a good place to hang out in the evening. Lining one side is a long stretch filled with benches, where the locals like to relax after work with a beer or a soda.

First of all I have to say that the Ukrainian women are spectacular. I have seldom seen so many beautiful and sexy young girls in one place before. They seem to put a lot of effort into make-up and fashion, although their taste is sometimes a bit strange. For example they seem to have a preference for very short skirts and hot pants, bleached hair and heavy eye shadow. This makes everyone look like a prostitute, although I am pretty sure that most where ordinary young girls. It was my first serious hobby activity involving Caucasian women, which proved to be something of a handicap. I have travelled extensively in Asia and am by now used to picking up Asian freelancers, but the fact that I now had to approach tall blond women made me freeze. I guess it reminded me too much of all the failed attempts back home, and so I ended up with the hardcore professionals, which made the whole experience less pleasant than it could have been.

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The three girls I had were all from River Palace, which is a Club located on a Boat on the Dnipr River. I will give a few more details about the place below, but at this point only say, that the girls were all very professional. The sex ranged from good to very good, but they only stayed short time and did not try to hide that they considered the whole thing a business transaction. I find that to be a bit of a turn off, since I value the companionship with the girl almost as much as the sex. However, if you are a bit more extrovert than I am, not too hideous and speak a little Russian I believe it should not be hard to pick up some young amateurs, who will provide you with better service for longer time and less money. The benches along Khreschatyk might be a good place to try your luck. I saw many girls sitting there sharing a beer after work. As I mentioned I could not muster the courage to try. Something, which I really regret by now.

Well, here are a few details from the trip. I flew in on Ukrainian International, which had given me a good deal. The airline is nothing special, but I think it is safe enough. Al least they are flying Boeing and Airbus, not Tupolevs and Antonovs. The airport is far out of town, and the ride in will take you about 40 minutes. A meter taxi (an old Volga) to the airport costs 60-70 hrv. I don’t know how much it costs the other way, since I was picked up by the agency from which I rented an apartment. Hotels are extremely expensive in Kiev (100$ and up) so I had booked a private apartment on the internet. I used the services of a site called Kiev-rent: They offer a wide range of apartments and the best thing is that you can view pictures of the individual apartment before you book it. It is run by a young couple, which seemed to be both nice and honest. I opted for a luxury apartment in the centre for 65$ a night.

The apartment was very nice. Newly renovated with one room, kitchen, and bathroom. It was located few minutes walk from Khreschatyk. The apartment had a large TV with a satellite dish, but channels where mostly Eastern European. The only English channels where BBC World and a stupid American bible channel. If you - like me - like to relax with a good movie I suggest you get an apartment with a VCR. New movies (pirated) can be had for 15-25 hrv. at the market. Turning to the action there are is a large number of discos, cafes and pubs in town. Listings can be found in the magazine “Whats on”, that can be picked up for free in hotels and restaurants. However, in order to locate them you need a good map. I recommend Kiev City Plan, which has a goodstreet index, and can be purchased form street vendors or book stores for 6 hrv.

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Since I was only in town for a few days I only tried a few places. And I have to say that hobby wise they were somewhat disappointing. I went to O’Briens and Golden Gate pubs. Both are nice places to drink, but not much in terms of unescorted girls. I also tried a place called Caribbean Club. It is supposedly a combined restaurant and club, but when I arrived (Monday night) it was totally empty.One place that seemed a little better was Cowboy Bar, which is located in a small passage off Khreschatyk, where there are also a lot of fancy cafes. It’s a small cellar place with live music most nights. There were always a lot of people, including a reasonable number of unescorted girls. However, most of the single girls looked very plain, and as far as the few lookers where concerned I could not quite make out if they were working or just ordinary girls doing the town.Another OK place (I think) is the Dynamo Lux disco. It was a little hard to locate. The address is Hrushevskoho 3, but in fact you have to go 100 meters up Petrivska Alleia, which runs on the left side of the Dynamo Kiev stadium, to find it. It is a big place with a Casino, pool tables and a large modern disco. I was there Tuesday night and it was a little quiet, but I can imagine that the place is hopping at week-ends. There were a few girls around, but nothing special.

I also tired the nightclub resttown, which has been mentioned by many on this board. A meter taxi to the place from my apartment was around 25 hrv. and the trip took around 20 minutes. It seems to be located in the middle of nowhere. Entrance was 20 hrv. and beers where very cheap. I think around 6 hrv, but maybe I remember wrong. Second floor is a casino and third floor is the strip club. There were around 15 girls in the room and perhaps 10-12 punters.The girls where ok looking, but not spectacular. However, the selection was wide. They had several Asians, a black girl, a very fat girl and the usual array of eastern European blondes. The strip shows where not very inspiring. Supposedly, you can take a girl to a room upstairs for 50$/hr., which I guess is cheap. I did not try however, since the brothel experience is not my thing. All in all, I will recommend the place for a visit, but its probably more fun, if you are a few people.

Due to my lack of success in picking up girls from other places, I always finished the night at River Palace. This was the only place in town were there seemed to be no shortage of good-looking and readily available girls. However, as mentioned the drawback was that the girls that frequent the place are very hardcore. Not a lot of innocent Ukrainian roses around.

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Entrance varies from 40 to 60 hrv. depending on the night. The Boat has three decks. You enter at the middle deck where there is a disco to the left. This is where most of the action is. On the lower deck there is a restaurant/bar, where you can eat and listen to live music. There are a few girls hanging out there but the quality seems to be lower than in the disco. However, some of the girls from the disco will from time to time also go downstairs. On the upper deck is a casino.

The first girl I tried was a very pale 21-year-old blonde with a great and very well trained body and a nice face. She asked for USD 150 to begin with, but after some negotiation we settled on 80, since it was late in the night. The sex in itself was great, but during the whole experience I had the distinct impression that she wanted to be somewhere else. I suspect the fact that she was only getting USD 80 might be the root cause of her dissatisfaction.The next night I ran into a young brunette with a very sweet little-girl face and a nice well-curved body. She was probably in her early twenties, but looked younger. She accepted my offer of USD 80 without problems, so maybe I could have gotten away with less. Again, the sex was great and she was not an ice princess like the first one. However, after the sex she wanted to leave, which annoyed me a little, since I like the girls to sleep over.The last girl was also a blonde. Not as good looking as the first two and a little older (around twenty five). However, she spoke German (of which I also speak a little), and it was nice to have a meaningful conversation. I ended up agreeing to pay her USD 100, which is strange since she was less attractive, but what the hell. The service was also better. It was almost like girl friend sex. But like the others she refused to sleep over, which gave the whole thing a professional air.

Apart from the three girls I took home I spoke to several other girls at River Palace. Most of them were very good looking and quoted prices from USD 100 to USD 150, but I assume they could all be negotiated down. However, there were a few real stunners. I had a brief conversation with one of them, but when her initial demand was USD 250 I politely declined. She had two friends – equally beautiful – who did not even want to talk to me.In conclusion, I had great sex with some great looking women, but it was a bit expensive and it was not really the girl friend experience, which I prefer. I am sure you can have a better time if you speak some Russian, and if you are not afraid to approach the non-pro girls in bars and discos. Unfortunately, I am a little shy, which I guess is why I have to go to prostitutes in the first place. And, as mentioned above, the whole thing was more intimidating because the girls were Caucasian.

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