Prostitution Report
from United Arab Emirates

I lived in Abu Dhabi for most of the last ten years only leaving this spring when my contract was not renewed. In my opinion Abu Dhabi has a far better selection of working girls than Dubai. The nationalities change and during the last 18 months there have been a lot of Chinese girls on the scene who are exceptional value and not all the hard nosed pros. You often run into. Most are ordinary girls lured by the money they can make. In one night in Abu Dhabi they can earn the equivalent of six weeks wages back in China!

OK, so where to look. There are a lot of 5 star and 4 star hotels and you will find some girls in most of the bars especially on "Ladies Nights" where they get free drinks, so check with the hotels as to when they are. The Crowne Plaza on Hamdan Street is a good bet in the basement bar "Heroes". Tuesdays and Thursdays best after 10pm. A few nice African girls, a couple of Russian girls usually and some Chinese. "49ers" on the top floor of the Dana Hotel in the Tourist Club area is also a good bet on a Saturday night. I used to find lots of Chinese girls there, although I hear they may have been moved on to the "Ally Pally" at the Al Ain Palace on The Corniche and the nightclub in the Centre Hotel Novotel on Hamdan Street. "Bugsies" in the Federal Hotel opposite the Abu Dhabi Grand on Khalifa Street is also a good bet particularly for the African girls. The nightclub in the Abu Dhabi Grande should be checked out around midnight.

My favourite girl for a long time (until she got too popular elsewhere) was a 26 year old Mongolian girl called Julia. Although she was born in Ulan Bator she had lived in Moscow for many years and spoke fluent Russian and quite good English. Tall and slim with long legs, hardly any boobs, shoulder length auburn hair and capable of looking either really stunning or incredibly plain. Shaved her pussy most days. Heavy drinker and capable of getting really high, but still performing. Not a morning person so get what you can before sleep overcomes you. Does good oral with condom - she is very, very careful about that. Likes the flavoured kind - mint in particular. Will screw in any position but no anal. Enjoys a pre-screw joint bath with a large drink which is quite fun. Will ask for DH 1000 for an all nighter, but will accept less, either Dh500 or Dh600 unless she has had a good week. A very bright girl who lacks education. I taught her to play Poker and she picked it up very quickly which cost me a few Dirhams over time, although we usually played strip poker which livened up the evening a bit. Can be found in "Heroes" always sitting at the bar, or "49ers" again at the bar. Sometimes the Sheraton, and "Bugsies"

She has a Russian friend called Sverta. Black hair, cut in a fringe and long pony tail. Not the most beautiful girl in the world, but quite acceptable and with a magnificent figure. Smokes like a trooper, She would never go with me because I was "Julia's", but I had good reports about her.

Most of the Chinese girls are absolutely stunning (in my opinion) and much more willing than many of the other girls. They are mostly not experienced hookers in that the sex is good, often will do bbbj, but they miss the little things that make the difference, like the way the experienced girls deal with the condom before and after sex, or bring a cloth and wipe you down etc. They will all however want you to shower first and most are happy to join you. But nevertheless, I always had a better and more satisfying time with the Chinese girls (with the exception of Julia, although being Mongolian she was nearly Chinese!) than any other girl I went with.

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