Prostitution Report
from Venezuela

Just got back from a week in Margarita over Christmas/New Years 2001/2002. Previous reports about Playa el Agua being great for people watching during the day but very quiet are night are absolutely correct on both counts. For people watching, Playa Parguito is also great (just south of el agua).I found the taxi from El Agua to Porlamar very tolerable (30 - 40 minutes, depending on destination and time of day). The Porlamar scene continues to change. Fat Boyz is closed, and no sign of Gentlemen's Club either.

Previous comment that Spanish language proficiency is critical is true. In general, I sensed that there were many semi-pros at the big discos, but it was really hard to get things going without working knowledge of spanish. At the hard core places, it was a little easier, but obviously a bit more professional and less fun as well.Overall, my experience was limited as I hooked up with a very fine looking Danish tourist who more than met my needs. Obervations below are from my single nights and what I saw when I was out with the Dane.

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Woody's. Went there twice. First time was a Sunday night and it was dead, with maybe one potential semi-pro. Second night was a Friday and it was jam packed. Lots of girls, but very difficult to tell good girls vs. semi-pros. About 5 hard core pro's who looked quite old and well utilized.Daddy. Huge club; tons of girls, but again tough to tell the amateurs from pros. Was there with a date so I couldn't try.

Tri-Boo. Newer club with a warehouse atmosphere. Very cool. Lots of girls, but my sense was this was more for good girls than the others. Highly recommended, though, for an overall night out.Sr. Frogs. The most unbelievable, incomprehensible display of completely unavailable girls (young!) I have ever seen. Went there on a Thursday night at 1 pm and stayed til 5. Very crowded, very hot, but incredible. Almost lost the "one in the hand" Dane by looking at the others so much.American Bar. All reports about this being quite hard core are true. I went for a quick lay and it did the trick. $40US for the girl and I think $20 for the on-premises room. Quite seedy, although the room was comfy and clean.

Tried for the Omni hotel, but my cab driver said it wasn't there (might have been a ploy for him to take me elsewhere...spanish on my part might have helped). Ended up seeing a girl in another taxi when we were stopped at a traffic light. She jumped into my cab and we went to short time hotel ($10) and paid her $30 for a good time.

Overall, a great place to visit for people watching, and o.k. for the hobby if you speak some spanish.

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