Prostitution Report
from Argentina

After having been to Brazil multiple times in the last few years, I went to Buenos Aires during thanksgiving for a change of pace.The following is some general observations from my recent trip to Buenos Aires. As there is really a dearth of information on this board regarding BA, I am gonna stick to the facts that might help the next guy who maybe going to Buenos Aires and leave the sensationalism to my buddy Yellowleggo.

It was my first trip and a short one, only six days in duration, however, I know for sure it won’t be my last. Having been to Brazil multiple times and recently returned, here is my take on Buenos Aires. Right now, the going price in BA is pretty similar to Rio since the Peso devaluation. Traditionally, the cost of mongering in BA has always been much higher than its neighbor Brazil. Since the Peso devaluation, however, the cost had been brought down to same level as Rio. This makes the debate of whether Rio vs. BA that much more difficult. To me, the main difference between Rio and Buenos Aires is not unlike that exists between NYC and Miami. Both Rio and BA have beautiful women and both cities are very cosmopolitan. Rio has beautifyl beaches and thus are more beach oriented whereas BA is much more urbancentric and offers a good cornucopia of “urbane” things to do. Rio, true to Brazil’s diversity, offers much more variety in terms of looks as far as the women go; from the dark Nubian princess to your Amazon goddess to the Gauchas from Rio Grande do Sul. Women of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, are much more European looking, having primairily descended from Spanich and Italian settlers.

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In terms of safety, I feel safe in both Rio and Buenos Aires and but I believe BA is probably safer (at least comparing Recolecta area in BA to Copacabana in Rio). Of course the best thing about Rio is the existence of Termas, places such as L’uomo, Monte Carlo, Quatro por Quatro, Solarium, are well known to mongers on this board and are marvelous institutions. BA does not have such institutions but it does have a very robust internet scene. In addition, there is not a "Help" equivalent in BA where girls congregate in a disco-like setting and strut their wares as in Rio; rather the primary venues for taking chicas at night are the clubs(boliches)where you need to pay the exit drinks(salida)and negotiate a price with the girls. These clubs are not unlike the boites that exist in Rio in the Lido section. As far as the cost of the girls go, depending on the venue where you get the girl from, the price can vary from 100 peso to 350 pesos. This is generally for a couple of hours. Unlike the girls you pick up from Help, BA girls tend not to do all nighters so for you TLN(todo la noche) fans, you may be disappointed. However, this is not to say that GFE type of situations can’t be found in BA, as I’ve had girls offered to accompany me to shopping and dinner and my buddy had a girl who gave him freebie on subsequent dates, just note that BA girls don’t tend to want to lounge around all day long with you. Well enough generalized rambling from me and onto some brief descriptions of the places that I went to for those who might be interested in making the trip to BA.

Recolecta Clubs Recolecta is the area around Buenos Aires that surrounds the Recolecta cemetery and is definitely the trendy neighborhood in BA. Not only does it have a very good pro scene, it is just a wonderful spot to be in with all the restaurants and outdor cafes. Definitely stay in this area if you can.

Black: The BA equivalent of Barbarella in Rio. Definitely has the best looking girls of the clubs in Recolecta consistently, but alas, as in Barbarella, you pay for this quality. 2 exit drinks(50 pesos x2) and girls usually run in the 300-500 peso range. I think the top flight girls from other clubs can be just as good at a lower overall cost.

Madahos: I like this place because of the fact that there is more space in the club and most people(girls and mongers) are standing up. This makes it more akin to a bar setting where you can roam around a bit and scope the girls before deciding on your prey. Quality is a rung or two below Black, but the price structure is better.(2 exit drinks at 20 pesos each, girls will go for 150-200 peso usually).

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Solid Gold: A hop, skip away from Madahos on Azcuenaza Ave. in BA. Smaller club than Madahos w/ subsequent less women. This club has a raunchier energy to it and feels pretty intimate but some of the waitress like to get you to buy the girl drinks as soon as you started talking to the girl. But at 20 pesos a pop I didn’t care that much. I pulled a serious winner outta here so I liked it .

Playwomen: next club on Azcuenaza, it is similar in size to Solid Gold and in my opinion has slightly better looking girls than Solid Gold, about on par with Madahos with slightly less quantity. Few times that I was there, there were certainly very serviceable talents and on one occasion I picked up a good looking blonde from here for 200 peso. Definitely should be on your club circuit. Price structure similar to Madahos.

Sodoma: Aournd the corner from Madahos, I liked the layout of this place. The one night I was there, I spotted a few potentials. The company I was there with wanted to move on to downtown clubs, however, so I did not have much time to check it out. As it is close by, this club should also be on the radar screen.

Affaire: On the other side of the Recolecta cemetery, IMO, this place maybe a notch below Solid Gold or Playwomen. The one night I was there, the talent wasn’t very impressive and I did not stay long. However, other mongers I ran into told me that there were some definitely a few quality ones in this club and that I had gotten there too late (@3 AM). So I’ll try it again on my next trip.

Newport: This is regular bar with working girls in it. As you can imagine, it’s more of a hit and miss situation as the good, the bad and the ugly can show up in the bar and try to turn tricks on their own free will. I stopped in briedfly twice but did not partake in any action here.

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