Prostitution Report
from Australia

SYDNEY Progressively over the next few months I will post reports on brothels in the Sydney metropolitan area. In Sydney brothels are neither regulated nor illegal provided they don’t contravene local government town planning laws and certain state laws.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia of 2.5+ million population and spreads up to 45km from the city centre. There is a predominance of brothels in the inner city area and parlours in the larger suburban localities. I won’t give names & details of particular girls as they change quite regularly, however generally similar types of girls can be found in particular brothels so more generalised descriptions will be given.

All prices are Australian Dollars – A$150 = US$82.50. For the edification of international visitors let me explain that working ladies tend to be categorised into Asian and European. Asian are typically of Chinese, Philippine, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese- Malay extraction – rarely from Indian sub-continent, at least some Asians are illegally in the country and seemingly being forced to work. Australia is populated by a vast array of nationalities (just like USA without the Afro-American or Latin American populations) from 1st to 5th generation immigrants and every mix of nationalities imaginable; due to a racist ‘White Australia’ policy during most of the immigration era, most non-Asians are of ‘white’ skin and are commonly called European even though they could have come from any continent.

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There is not a strong tradition of women being prostitutes for their working lives, most go into it from economic necessity and get out as soon as they can - maybe only weeks or months - when their circumstances deteriorate they will often come back for another go but you rarely get "washed up old hags" in the industry. Ages range from 18 upwards, severe penalties are imposed for brothel operators allowing underage girls on their premises. 18-20 age range not very common; most girls in the 20-27 age bracket; with plenty in the 28-33 bracket with quite a few being single mothers; drug addicts are not uncommon. Be wary of telephone descriptions, particularly age and bust size; age typically understated by 5 years, bust overstated by 5" or 2 cup sizes.

Western Sydney – These visits were undertaken on mid-week evenings - WINDSOR – a semi-rural locality on the western outskirts of Sydney, accessible by a low frequency train service, moderate walk from rail station to town centre.A Touch of Paradise- upstairs 219a George St – in main business centre. The entrance is very shabby, dirty & unpainted, reception- meeting room a little better, but in need of a makeover. Rooms reasonably presented. $150/hr-fs (fs = full service) plus $30 extra for kissing. 2 ladies on duty both quite pleasant, one quite attractive & desirable. Need to close your eyes while entering, otherwise worth a visit.PENRITH- satellite city extreme west of Sydney, frequent rail service from Sydney, rail station just on northern side of main shopping streets.

Beautiful Bodies- rear of 97-93 Henry St. Penrith close to rail station. (have to walk around to back of building), modern commercial building therefore entrance quite tidy; reception & meeting room modern, clean & reasonably well presented. $180/hr-fs. 2 Australian ladies working- 18/19 yo with teeth braces, small breasts & mid 30’s reasonable body.Classy Lady Gentleman’s Retreat- behind 393 High St , have to work around to back of the block, in Edwards Lane, close to rail station- This parlour has Friday & Saturday nights strippers shows. No ladies available when visited (only 1 working) premises are of at least a reasonable standard. $175/hr-fs + $20 spa optional. Honey & Spice Studio- 8/20 Castlereagh St (actually entrance off Lethbridge St) modern commercial premises, reasonably presented. 4 pretty Asian girls 18 to late 20s, well dressed and presented; $150/hr-fs - seems to be a pleasantly run parlour and the ladies were all pleasant & desirable.

Smitten- upstairs 373 High St, poorly presented Asian operation. 2 young girls not well presented although one was quite attractive, neither spoke during introduction, probably can’t speak English. Poor reception and presentation. $150/hr-fs.--the above 4 parlours are within walking distance of each other & the rail station, there is also a Friday & Saturday nights strip club in High Street.—

Riverland Dreams- U5/88 Batt Street. Located well away from the retail-business centre in a semi-industrial area. A light industrial unit has been extensively fitted out with reasonable décor. $150/hr-fs + $10 optional spa; about 6 – 8 ladies 50/50 Asian/ European. Standard of ladies was not good, dress was poor and introductions were very perfunctory.

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