Prostitution Report
from Brazil

An explicit, “just the juicy facts, M’am” diary of May, 2004 trip to Rio and San Paulo, with 16 crappy photos. Background: Ventured to Brazil after (dare I say it!) 40 years between trips—my family was here for a year when I was a kid. Other than Pimsleur I Portuguese and what I have read here on the Archives, I know nothing. But the WSA is a good source indeed(!), so I hereby repay what I gleaned from others’ generous postings.

We begin: Arrived in Rio after the overnighter, tired and mostly no sleep. Got the random search at customs, the lady eyed the gross (good word!) of condoms, but made no comment. Can only guess what she was thinking (LOL). Found the driver arranged by David at Gringomanagement and proceeded to the apartment. Forty dollars a night, nothing special, but clean and neat, and a great location—only a block from the beach, almost right behind Help disco. Tried to sleep, but no luck so called Karla Models and tried out my very basic Portuguese, made worse by the unbelievably bad cell phone connection (a constant problem). For preparation, I had extensive printouts of WSA infor. Ordered up Gisele Latosk, or at least hoped I did. I utilized Karla because all the girls there do anal, my favorite way to have sex with a woman (I’m sure some of you fellow perverts agree), and I had as my goal at least 10 anal experiences before I left. Pretty ambitious, but potentially reachable.

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Anyway, at the appointed time there’s a knock on the door—she’s here, it worked, relief! Giselle is fairly tall, 5’6”, bleached blonde college student, about a 7 in face and 8.5 in body—would be higher if not for the “3 month preggars” tummy. The unshaven legs take some getting used to, but by the end of the trip I’ve adjusted nicely. Advertised as 19, probably older by a little, and know a few words of English. Super friendly, total GFE—in less than five minutes after arriving she is stripping off her and my clothes, although I’m in no rush since I have her for 2 hours. Sits me down on the couch for an enthusiastic BBBJ while I fondle her beautiful tits. We proceed to the bed for more. She pulls out the KY and invites me to lube up her pussy. She sits across from me and plays with it a bit after I juice her up. She must be a little sore, because she will apply the lubricant at least four more times before we are done.

A little more suction for max wood, on with the condom and her distinctive puffy pussy lips swallow Rambone Jr. We start with Asian cowgirl, then go through the book on positions. After about 20 minutes of this I get the KY and lube up her beautiful little butthole, ending up with one finger in the ass, one in the pussy, three knuckles deep. After that Jr. goes deep, a firm but gentle butt fuck until she can’t stand anymore. Strip off the condom, turn her around, and it’s BBBJ time again. She takes the first gush in the mouth, then pumps the rest on her face—a true porn star finish. I’m proud of myself, I launch a squirt airborne that damn near takes her ear off.

After some rest and a little play with the vibrator I brought along we have session two, ending up with a gusher on her large soft tits. Never afraid of a little cum, she massages it into a lather, just for fun, laughing the whole time—what a gal! Total GFE and PSE experience!Oh, did I mention that, after arriving, she saw my video camera and practically demanded that we videotape the above, which I happily agreed to. Yup, got the whole thing on film! Not a bad start! Sorry, no pics to post, but you can see a body shot at

Despite my success (just barely) over the phone I wanted to get some more local knowledge, so I called the Brazil Specialist, and headed over to his pad about four blocks away. Everybody has an opinion about him, and I won’t add a lot to the conversation except for a few things. One is that his apartment is like an open audition for hookers looking for “friends,” more or less a frequent parade of women hopeful that one of BS’s friends will find them suitable. Most of them are in the 5-6 range, but occasionally there a some gems. A few will bare their tits for a preview, or even invite a tit squeeze for an appetizer. Met Michelle (“mish-elly”), a tall, willowy moreno who speaks a little English, and exchanged phone numbers for possible later encounter. Another comment: For the most part, BS and I don’t have the same taste in women, so although he was always directing women my way, for the most part I didn’t care for them. Lastly, it’s just his nature, but BS can seriously waste a shitload of your time. Despite the above I usually talked to him most days I was in country and he was the source of a lot of useful information.

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Anyway, BS was hot for a mini-festiva, so he arranged for two of the Karla models to come over that afternoon for a session. We picked Dayne and Leandra, and within a half hour they were there. I paid for the girls (R260) and BS for the cab fare. The girls are both 19, about 7 in the face, 8+ in body, local looking morenos. We get naked and suction begins—these gals are sucking machines! This is the first time I’ve been in a mini-orgy, and it’s quite the novelty to be fondling the ass of the girl beside me while she’s sucking on BS, same time the other gal is swallowing me! The girls aren’t as enthusiastic as Gisele, but extremely compliant—just let them know where you want to go next and they’re ready. BS and I swap back and forth, on and off the bed, in between his running to the door to receive guests or phone calls.

Once, while I’m banging away, the door opens and his monger houseguest appears and we chat for a moment, but I never miss a stroke. Very surreal! We go for a good half hour (yeah, Viagra!) and I pull out the lube to get Dayne ready for anal. As I’m fingering her a bit to get her loosened up, she says something I don’t understand. BS explains—“These girls come pre-stretched, just stick it in.” LOL! I do, and then pound out a good 10 minutes of anal with Dayne while I stand and she’s doggy on the bed. Fucked the shit out of her (literally)—no complaint! Got ready to pop, stripped off the rubber and spun her around for a lips and tits oral finish.

Took a short rest, showered off and returned to action. After some very good ball and shaft licking and sucking by Leandra, I was almost ready to go again, when Rambone Jr. unexpectedly went to sleep on me. Leandra pointed this out to Dayne, who soon joined in. The conversation (in my imagination) went something like this: Leandra: “I don’t know what happened, it was standing up, and then it just fell over.” Dayne, prodding the fallen soldier with her finger: “Yep, but I think it’s still alive. I’ve seen this happen before, tell you what—I’ll deep-throat it while you lick the balls. We’ll have it back in service in no time.” And they do. End with Leandra stroking me off on her very nice tits.

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