Prostitution Report
from California

I recently went to LA, and decided to visit an Asian Massage Parlor (AMP). Since I recently purchased one of those nifty camera phones – a Sony Ericsson P800, I thought I’d try to sneak a few covert photos of my experience for the benefit of my WSA brethren. Now, the first thing you have to understand is that the AMPs in the U.S. greatly discourage photography. These girls really don’t want to get any exposure, because they’re afraid that the photos will get back to the home country, where their families think they’re in the U.S. gainfully employed as a dental technician or running some sort of enterprise. These are generally “nice girls” making a truckload of money during their year abroad. [Spoiler – there are no photos of girls faces here. I failed to capture the wild AMP girl. But here’s the report nevertheless!]

In the hopes of capturing this rare animal in the wild, in its natural habitat… I decided to forego my rule of only consensual photography, and to attempt a few extemporaneous and covert photos INSIDE the AMP. So I went driving around, and first saw Mimiko’s on Santa Monica Blvd, in West Los Angeles. Pictured below: I walked in, and there was one older looking lady (mid to late 30s) in the girls waiting room. An ironclad grandmama-san came out, shut the door to the girls room and barked, “you want massage?” I replied, “I’d like to take a look at the girls.” She goes, “No look here. You come. You like my girls.” I said, “Well, if that’s the only one available, I’ll pass.” She replied, “No look here. You come. You like my girls.” So I left.Then I tried Spa Paradise, which was on Lincoln. Positives – they have body scrub at no extra charge if you buy 45 minutes ($60/80/100 for 30/45/60 minutes). However, they again did not have any eye candy and offered a drab hapless girl with overly comfortable shoes. I moved on.

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Finally, I ended up around the block from Mimiko, at Ginja, which has been in business over twenty years. It’s located at 2512 Wilshire, between 25th and 26th. It’s open 9 am to 10:30 am, and their phone number is +1.310.828.9017. I knew from the last time I was in LA that they had terrific Korean girls. Here’s the front door, on Wilshire…But here’s a tip. Don’t park on Wilshire. NOBODY uses the front door. Instead, drive around to the back…You’ll see the screen door locked, but you can often peek inside to see the girls hanging out. Anyway, I went in, and caught an eyeful of two very pretty girls. The pretty girls try to hide themselves, to make it easier for their older and uglier co-workers to nail a customer. Well, too late for me since I saw the filet mignon and wasn’t about to settle for day old hamburger, and I told the mamasan, “Ooh, that one in the green dress is pretty.” Sorry Charlie, she’s booked for an hour. So they put me in the waiting room to cool my heels. During this time, I see four girls… two are knockouts (20s, great bods, pretty faces), one is early 30s and quite pretty, and the fourth is late 30s… and probably has a great personality or blowjob technique.

The mamasan pops in to collect my fee, quotes me the prices, which are on the wall of the customer waiting room - $50 for 30 minutes, $80 for 45 minutes, $100 for an hour. I opt for the 45 minute session. Here’s a shot of the waiting room, as I waited for ten minutes to pass:I know, not much to see, but remember, how many photos have you seen inside an AMP? I felt like I was in African, capturing a charging rhino on a photographic safari, or maybe the fucking Jacque Cousteau of Asian hootchie, get what I mean?

Anyway, I eventually catch a glimpse of and ask for this knockout in a tight pink dress, and her name turns out to be Cherry. Man, she is cute! How cute? Well, she’s a 9 across the board. Very nice face, medium length hair dyed blonde, B cup natural tits, and a shape/body/legs/ass to die for. Maybe 5’3” or 5’4” and 110 lbs. She leads me to a darkened room, and I try to take a coupla shots, but it’s way too dark… well, maybe you can make out the “bed” or massage table, and the cheap Japanese painting on the wall near the lamp.

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So I get naked, leave a $100 tip on the table, cool my jets, and hang for a while, and eventually she returns. Man, she is lovely to behold in the full length mirror. Gives me a massage, which to my surprise, ain’t too bad. She has a good touch, actually works out some kinks. No oil or powder, just her yummy skin which feels GOOD on me. She’s quiet, but does ask a few questions to ascertain whether I might be a cop. She tells me she’s from Seoul, has been in the U.S. for about a year, and is happy here. Otherwise, we’re quiet. The massage lasts 15 minutes, and is ended with a very sensual fingertip massage of my butt that says, “yes buddy, you’re gonna get lucky!” I’ve got my hands all over her ass and up her dress by now, which lets her know that I’m interested in fucking her as soon as possible. Within a minute, I’m stroking her kitty, and she moans.

She excuses herself to get a condom and lube up, now that she’s sure I’m not a cop. She comes back in with a devilish smile, pops off her dress to reveal her yummy natural titties and a truly luscious ass, both of which I just have to kiss and play with. She then licks and kisses my front side, ending with a covered blow, and the condom is applied “in ostium” (in mouth), and she gives really good covered fellatio. (I’ve had other girls here, and with time, they will cheerfully do BBBJ, even to completion in mouth, but not for a first timer.) Eventually, I pull out, and we do multiple position intercourse. I started with a variety of doggystyle because she has a lovely ass. I kissed her tits and sucked her toes when her legs were up. She doesn’t kiss, but I’m licking her all over, because I just want to eat her up. I offer to lick on her honey cunt, but she demurs, offering the snack next time. So we fuck for a while. Her nipples eventually harden, but I know she won’t be cumming for me. Probably saves that for the beau. The best thing about her is that she’s honest in her lovemaking sounds – no fake moaning, her moans seem quite genuine and only when something does tickle her fancy. I’m approaching my peak… so I decide to cum in standard missionary position, because I want to look at her lovely face when I pop. So I do. Ah… a nice long cum, and ‘score! high five!’… I nailed the prom queen.

She whispers a few nothings in my ear about how wonderful I am, cleans me up with a warm towel, a tad overtime, but she’s not fanatical on time. No rush. She was good. Anyway, as she walked out, I pretended to get a cellphone call, and tried to snap a couple on the way out. They don’t develop, because of the light, covertness, time available… a plethora of reasons. Anyway, the first shot is of her leading me out, and the second of another girl near the exit.

Just as well, I really didn’t want to post illgotten surreptitious photos of their faces. But it was terrific sport trying! Anyway, I hope these low res snaps give you a feel for the environment. The girls here really are quite nice, considering how lean the pickings are in Santa Monica and West L.A.It was fun, I’ll repeat when I get the urge.

Actually, after the session, which really didn’t offer much massage, I went to a legit massage place in Malibu, called Thai Massage, which offers traditional Thai stretching massage. $65 for an hour, by a very nice and skilled Thai woman. (I sincerely doubt you’d get a handjob here, but I could be surprised). Anyway, it’s at 22637 Pacific Coast Highway, not from from Pepperdine, and a couple of snaps of if are below. Nice place, great music, scents, environment.

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