Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

I have been in cambodia now for 1month sep19th to oct19th in that time I have done about all anyone could do in cambodia, and had a good time but the best times are now gone, (long sigh) and it is going down hill fast.

It rained most of time I was here so I got a taxi to run me around most the time. I found Dara a very friendly taxi driver I payeed him $2 hour - he does not take any kickbacks the thing I liked best about dara he was honest and would come and pick me up anytime I wanted, also I did not have to pay him $20 to $25 a day just for time I needeed him, get a friend to travle with you and split the cost its great having a taxi in the rain for $1 a hour if you get a friend to join you. at that rate you can just have him wait for you and he will. I bought him food and drinks out of kindness but most the time he passed on my offers saying he was fine. I really liked this guy and think you all will to.

Taxi Dara 012 916 673 speaks english very good! Tell him a guy from lucky star sent you he might get a laugh out of it!As for food, I ate breakfast on the river most anyplace there you can get a good breakfast, I liked to eat at california 2 because of the fellow travlers (stories,jokes,parties) there and good food also I could read the daily papers and they have a very friendly staff of ladys - none I took out - but still had a good time joking around with them.

Sharkys had the best food for dinner my favortie was #99 a steak dinner with fries and salad $6 a really good deal.

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side not here I rang the bell there for $10 you get 5 well drinks or 10 shoots. I drank a moscow mule then ordered a long island ice tea the girl tried to tell me I could only get 5 free moscow mules AFTER i drank the tea, I needed to pay $4 for the tea - I told her BULLSHIT, go get the owner she came back about 5 min later and said she was sorry and would bring me 3 more long islands. The sign said "5 well drinks" not 5 moscow mules. I am a light drinker anyway so only finished 4 befor I left. point being don't let them push you around ask for the owner and be firm.

ok ok now for the girls.

K11 - sucks! it is open, but I won't likly ever go back again. It was once the greatest place on earth. I will dearly miss those days. while I was here they closed 2 house's that I am aware of #1 and #12 the story I had gotten is one of the ladys that owned one of the house's started talking she was in court on trafficing charges. The doors on all the house's are locked. they are pushing the sex trade even deeper underground this makes it more dangerous for us and the girls. WTG NGO, you dumb fucks. anyway there was about only 6 house's left 2 or 3 of them is a waste of time. and the other 2 or 3 only have a few girls worth looking at I could only get a few girls for $3 there and they was very low on my list of returns, a few years back you get a great fuck for 3bucks that is what maded this place great, now you feel like if your out there your a pedo and hiding from police and NGO cameras and having to go up to locked doors, to get in then you feel traped in there if you want to get out I did not like it at all. some will im sure but not me. sorry "K11" I will not likly ever return.

As for girl action in the city there is really one place to go, Martini's!!!!

Yes there is many short time place's and cool bars to check out but the real GEMS of cambodia are at Martini's I have gotten 4 girls from sharkys all pretty much sucked I have only gotten one bad girl from Martini's and that was bad on my part as much hers. I did get some GREAT fucks and seen some girls I stil want to fuck as well.

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othere places worth a stop in to see Choup tep and the park - Khmer 63rd street tommys was open late but only had a few girls and no more bright red uniforms that I loveed so much - viet

cafe 99999 is closed, Le Cyree is fun once or twice then gets old there is a real nasty club like Le Cyree called sophias or something like that, same setup no undies 2 or 3 girls jump you when you walk in, its kinda fun the first time or two then gets old.

shanghi was alot of fun freindly girls there and on the same road there is about 4 or 5 bars you can look for some action at. sided not on shanghi you have to pay a barfine $5 Don't do this! you can get a better girl at Martini's with no bar fine - I just went there to play pool and have a drink or two.

DANGER Avoid heart of darkness,. there was a big fight there and a white guy had a gun stuck to his head. I dont know the whole story but that was enough for me, They have 6 guards on duty there now. HIGH risk low reward better places to hunt for pussy!

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There is another club I hit called Goo Chi's it was kinda fun the girls are more laid back.

Martini's is the best! the time to go is about 8:30pm sit at the bar and watch the girls stroll in it wont be long and you will spot a few you like - just smile and she will come say hi.

a final word well cambodia is not a total bust but its P4P action is being pushed out. I even saw a couple house's in town dry up in one month of being here, 63rd strret is nothing like it used to be.

I am headed back to BKK to the Eden club for me then home.

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