Prostitution Report
from China

I just returned from my visit to China; Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Haikou/Qionghai, Guangzhou, and HKG. It took me a while to get used to having a camera, so the pictures are limited to the end of my trip. Rather than rehashing info from other posts, I’ll stick to the facts that may be of interest…

BEIJING - Arrived late Sunday, armed with maybe too much info, I decided to hit many areas mentioned previously, Sheraton/Hard Rock/Kunlun/Minders/Bar Street/Maggies I/Maggies II, etc. Almost every spot offered some limited opportunities, but everything seemed fairly dead except for the Sheraton/Passions and the Hard Rock. BTW, the original Maggies is closed for several months for remodeling and Maggies II by the Hilton Hotel didn’t seem to have any freelancers, only in-house bar girls. Before I knew it, it was midnight and I since I hadn’t found the “one”, I decided to call it a night. I was shocked at how spread out Beijing turned out to be. Next time, I’ll stay in the Sheraton area.

The next night went to the KTV bar at the China World Hotel, spotted a couple of keepers, but decided to head back to the Sheraton. Passions is truly a great spot for high quality(and expensive) talent. Wound up spending the night with a beautiful Sichuan girl. After many handwritten notes, I was able to work the price down so the total cost wound up 1,000 RMB + a pizza at the hotel. Probably too much, but after the road trip around the city the prior evening, it seemed like a bargain. Turns out the Sichuan dish was great, but the pizza was like cardboard. Sorry, no pics.

Next night, decided to check out the street action North of the Bar Street, Sanlitun Lu, and then headed back to Hard Rock and Passions. Ran into the Sichuan girl, but decided against a repeat and eventually wound up with a beautiful, tall girl from Harbin. The whitest skin I have ever seen. It was almost a night to write home about. Same prices, no pics, which I am kicking myself for.

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CHENGDU -- Headed on to Sichuan, arrived at the Sheraton late and decided that an in-room massage would be a nice compromise. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of the trip. Beautiful local(I think!) girl, no English, weak massage, so I motioned for her to take off her clothes. She was either a terrific actress or she enjoyed it as much as I did. Total cost 260 RMB for the massage + 700 RMB for the short time. (At least I got Sheraton points for the massage!) It was so good I called her back the next evening. One other interest if you’re in the area, check out the Panda Research Center, it’s worth the cab ride and admission, total approx. $5.00, and the cab ride is an "E" ticket.

CHONGQING - took the bus to Chongqing, I couldn’t find the “red light” district mentioned in a post someplace. The first day/early afternoon, I did find several full service barber shops within 1 block of the Marriott. Had a cute young local girl. No one spoke English, and she was either embarrassed to be with a foreigner or my facial/body hair, but she warmed up quickly. Unfortunately, the room did not, it must have been 10 degrees F on the 4th floor of this barbershop. The next day, Saturday, and Sunday morning, the places were closed. I could never figure out their schedule. Total cost, 300 RMB.

HAINAN ISLAND -- Finally arrived in Haikou. I’d had great hopes for this place and fortunately, one of the old hands in the area had emailed me with a local contact, Lili, that would act as a guide/translate/set up drivers/cars, etc. I called her and she came over within the hour and we took off for town. Unfortunately, some bigwig had arrived 2 days before and the cops were out in force in many areas and the discos were closed down. The first night, we set up a trip to Qionghai the next day and cruised some of the local sites. We did manage to find a few cute girls at the Haikou Hotel, on the streets and at 1 or 2 barbershops. Found two slightly above average keepers, one of them, 22 y.o., was 1 of 4 deaf girls that work in and around the Haikou Hotel. We tried to get her to call out her friends but they were ironing and would only come out if I guaranteed to take one of them. This deaf one was cute, but I opted for a cute, 18 y.o. girl from Hunan that had only arrived 1 week earlier. I know she was young, but it was one of those things. I'm still on a learning curve on posting pics, but I'll post them all in another post. Pic 1 & 2, clothed, and another slightly more exposed. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t allow her face to be shown.

The next day, we went to Qionghai, 1-1.5 hrs SE of Haikou. I had heard that this place was crawling with 3-5,000 young girls from all over China. This may be true at night, but the afternoon street action was very limited and we wound up at a hair salon. We were shown into a room with about 15 girls. I picked a cute girl, Sheshe, with a beautiful shy smile. Turned out to be a great choice, we went upstairs to a hotel like room. Freezing cold room again. Lili had told me to expect a “tittie-massage”, but I didn’t expect that it would be like a Japanese soapland experience. Sheshe covered the second bed with plastic, ran some warm water on it, then took me to the bathroom and wet me down and invited me to lay down on the plastic covered bed. She then laid down on top of me and proceeded to thoroughly scrub me with her naked body for about 5-10 minutes, which turned out to be un-fucking believable. And then, she told me to roll over and she continued on my front side. If the room had been warmer it would have been the height of pleasure. As it was it was still pretty damn good! We then proceeded to the dry (and warm) bed for a very pleasant session. As seems to be the norm in China, no BJ, but she allowed me to go down on her. No neck’d pics, but here’s a clothed shot, but it doesn’t do her body and/or smile any justice. Also, here’s a pic of four of the girls from the main room. Total cost 400 RMB. Maybe too much for a local, but this was “tittie-massage” heaven. In Japan, this would have cost 60-75,000 yen.
See pics 3 & 4 in next post.

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That night, we went out “dancing” in Haikou. Here the mamasan sat down with us and had 6-7 girls come out and stand by the table for me to pick one. After being almost “tittie-massaged” to death only a few hours before, I was in total control and was not in any hurry, although one of the young girls was a knockout. Finally, after the girls left, the mamasan was determined to make something happen, so she left and came back with the knockout and 1 other girl. Up close this young 18 y.o. girl, Shasha, was even better than I thought and had only been in Haikou for 2 weeks. I guessed that the body concealed under her smock would bring tears to my eyes… Little could I have known that I had just discovered a rare breed, a TOTALLY NATURAL “CHINESE HAIRLESS”! But, I’m getting ahead of myself. The mamasan wanted 900 RMB for the night, I told her that I’d give her 900 RMB for the night, but I wanted an option for the next day and night for 600 RMB. After much discussion and making sure that everyone was clear on the plan, we left for the hotel.

After her shower, she came out and laid down on the bed. At this point, I wasn’t surprised to see no pubic hair, assuming that she shaved herself, however interestingly there was no stubble. This was turning out to be a great GFE with the exception of no BJ, everything else was on the table. Afterwards, we were communicating via C/E dictionaries, and I was toying with her pubic area and the “conversation” turned to her bush, or lack thereof. She showed me that she did have some hair there and all of a sudden I realized that she was unshaven and in fact did have a few very fine light brown/blond hairs on her bush. I quickly looked up “natural” and she shook her head, yes!

Now I have to tell you my friends, this totally blew me away! I also realized that one of my best decisions ever was to take out an “option to renew” on this sweet young thing for the next day and night. It turns out that she was loving every minute of it as well. The next day, we were having a nice day until we ran into the cabbie from hell that attempted to take us to Sanya on the meter. It was only after I called Lili was I able to communicate that I wanted to go pearl shopping not pearl diving. Obviously there had been a major miscommunication between the bellman and the driver. Eventually we wound up back at the shopping area. However, I’d only taken about 6 steps when I realized that I’d left my billfold in the taxi and of course it was no where to be seen. At this point, I freaked at the loss of my credit cards and the hassle that brings. So, I gave Shasha the money I owed her for the last evening and went back to the hotel to begin the torturous process of keeping my pocket financial affairs from mushrooming into a monetary nightmare. When I returned to the hotel, I noticed a white cab, most are red, that looked similar to the one we had. Unbelievably, this was the cab and my billfold was stuck down partially under the floor mat. I gave the cabbie a small tip after thanking him. This certainly confirmed his earlier thoughts that I was crazy.

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After calming down, I called Lili and told her the story and that Shasha had left her jacket in my room and that I would in fact like her for the evening. Then, I went back shopping for pearls. BTW, this is a Mecca for pearl shopping. High quality natural pearls that would cost $50-100 per 16” strand in HKG/SIN are $11-12 each. After buying pearls for almost everyone I know, I went back to the hotel, and waiting outside my room was my little Chinese Hairless, Shasha. We went to dinner and I was planning a long, slow evening in bed. Unfortunately, certain Chinese microbes had other plans for me that evening. We hadn’t been in the room more than 20 minutes and I knew that any attempt to slay the Chinese Hairless that evening would be fruitless.

In fact, little did I know at the time, but these bugs would knock me down for the rest of my time in Haikou, Guangzhou and HKG. So, with the exception of a short rehabilitation session in Mongkok, here endth the story.

I’ll end with some pics of Shasha, the CH. The ones in bed don’t really do her justice, but you can appreciate her from her clothed shot.
See pics 5-9 in next post.

If anyone is planning a trip to Hainan Island, I strongly recommend Lili as a translator/guide/personal escort. Even if you just use her for 1-2 days, she is an excellent resource to ensure your enjoyment.

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