Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

This is a report of my first mongering trip and also the first time to San Jose, Costa Rica. Firstly I must say that without all the excellent information provided on this board, my trip would not have been the adventure it was, so a big thank you to everyone who has posted here, and on other boards.I planned this trip with two intentions, first to get girls and second to alibi myself as an ordinary tourist. Therefore each day I was up early to play tourist and then in the evening some mongering activity.

11/22 Firstly, my flight out, I was up at 2am on Thanksgiving morning to get to Boston’s Logan airport for my 6am flight to Miami and thence to San Jose. Security and the long waits sucked. They were even searching the carry on baggage of some passengers (Note that they are profiling the passengers, if you are travelling for free or on some other special deal like an airline employee, you are most likely to get picked.). I arrived in SJ around 2pm, and after waiting forever for my baggage I was picked up by Orlando. As told before, there he was with a six-pack of Cervesa Imperial.Everyone here who has done business with Orlando has recommended him and I have to add my endorsement, without his help my trip would not have been as good. He whisked me to my hotel – El Presidente and over my stay; he acted as a great tour guide and hooked me up with a couple of great local semi-pros.

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Another note about San Jose, it is safe, I have felt more uncomfortable in cities in the US and elsewhere. I was careful; I dressed well looking more like a local businessman than a tourist, no shorts or t-shirt, even if my blue eyes, and light brown hair gave me away as a foreigner. Also, I never carried much, just a photocopy of my passport, one credit card and a small but sufficient amount of cash for each excursion. The streets are safe, I never had a problem even walking 15 blocks away from Gringo Gulch. There are armed police and guards all around Gringo Gulch protecting everything but outside that are things are still safe enough.So after a couple of hours rest, it was my first test of the local entertainment, I took a taxi to Bar Idem, if I had known far it was from El Presidente I would have just walked, especially as the taxi driver took me way off course before getting there. Still on the way back, my ride was direct. The selection was not that good early on the evening and on a second trip I found it even worse, that time I talked to the owner Roberto and he said that things really start after 7pm.After looking around for a while, I picked up Natalia (with Roberto’s help), she was very sweet, almost anorexic with small tits, but a nice looker with long brown hair. I got a very good BBBJ, and after that good sex. As the session was an hour long I got a second BBBJ. Well worth the 13,000 Colones. But here is a tip, bring your own condoms, they are not provided, and if I had know better I would have brought extra along for more fucking.

That night, my first trip to ground zero, the Blue Marlin, centre of the San Jose action. Oh the crowds, the girls – what a selection! Whatever you are looking for is there. Well this night I made 3 mistakes that I should not have, 2 that reading this board I should have known better about. Firstly by the time I selected a girl I had drunk too much, she must have thought that I was a sucker. Next, when I saw a girl I liked I waited too long and she was gone. Finally, I should have stayed away from the aggressive girls, when walking around I was grabbed a number of times and stayed away but I let myself be picked up by a Columbian girl who turned out to be a pain in the ass when we got to the hotel. The moment we got in the room she demanded her money, I showed her that I had the money and was not going to rip her off, but she wanted it there and then. After reading the board, I knew better so I kicked her out. By that time I was so pissed off that I knew that going back to BM would be a mistake. Thus end’th the lesson.

But an interesting point to note is that over my trip I seemed to pick up at the BM mostly hard assed Columbians from Medellin, Cali, Cartagena and Bogota.11/23 The next afternoon, I walked from Presidente to Krysis a small massage parlour. I got a little turned around and started heading southwest instead of northwest but eventually found it. At that time of day, the selection was pathetic, only two girls both very dark, probably Dominicans. I chose the nicer of the two and we headed into one of the rooms. She had a great set of tattoos, the sun around her navel and a picture of Pegasus a little lower. The room had a double bed, a shower and a Jacuzzi. We started with a great frontal massage, including an amazing body to body massage. There was no BJ but after the rub I was very hard, and we got down to some good action. After a cold Jacuzzi and shower, I was asked if I wanted bambino’s, interesting after only my second paid session.

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So far better luck away from the Blue Marlin,Later that afternoon I headed to Bar Idem, as it was too early the selection was even worse than my first trip so I tried Eros across the street. None of the girls there were that interesting but I chose one at random, in the room I tried to find out how much it cost, but after a while I just gave up (twentieth note to myself this trip: LEARN Spanish). So frustrating not knowing how much I was supposed to pay.After that, I waited at the Presidente until it was time to head to the Park Hotel. Knowing what to expect, I took a taxi out there at an early time, paid my 6000 colones and bellied up to the bar. Things were a little tamer that what I expected from this board, but my drinking buddy Bill attempted to win the prize for a second time – off with the glasses and the t-shirt, grab a girl and go up on her. I bought some Viagra there, it looked to be OK, but the first time with half a 100mg pill was worthless. Nothing happened. The second time with the other half of the pill, did work but the price was not worth it.

That night I headed back to the Blue Marlin, after a while I picked up a gorgeous blond Columbian. But after finding out she wanted $200, I shook my head in shock, dumped her and looked around some more. Still no luck getting the looker I saw the last night as she was busy. Rats!11/24 Today a tourist trip with Orlando and a couple of guys he was also guiding. But late that afternoon I met Cynthia, 23 a semi-pro I hooked up with through Orlando. She was 2 hours late; calling me an hour late asking if I still wanted her to come over. Still, I knew about Tica time so I kept on waiting. Cynthia was a small 95lb skinny black girl, She was a little sick, claiming to have the flu. But despite that I had the BEST BBBJ I have ever had; I had to beg her to stop before I came. She was incredibly enthusiastic and we had some great sex afterwards.Later that night I headed to BM, picked up a 5, Ana, she was skinny and not that great, would not give a BJ uncovered but ok otherwise. After an ok session I gave her some action. That caused trouble later, the next day when I returned from a trip. I found a message from her and later that evening she called again.11/25 As this was a Sunday, I thought that things would be slow in town so I took the day off to be a tourist, up at 6am for a 6:30 pick up for a “organised” tour. The most interesting thing about this tour is that the morning activities were virtually the same as I had done with Orlando the previous day. So that being said, hooking up with Orlando is a great deal better.

This was also the day when I got the two calls from Ana (I never even told her how to get in touch with me, but she obviously had my room number), I was so relieved that I did not meet up with her again as I wanted a different girl that night. I told her that I would be at the BM late in the evening but then headed out there immediately.Funnily enough, I met Dave from my tour staying there, on the tour he had mentioned the Del Ray but I pretended not to understand. But at the BM, we talked about things that had been going on, especially about two Austrian students on the tour in their mid 20’s who looked as if they could have been 16. So cute, everyone wanted to bring these girls back to their room.(Incidentally, there is a new room rule at the Del Ray, only one girl per guy’s room, it seems someone took up two girls to his room and got robbed.)With Dave’s help we met two Columbian girls, one was Erica from Medellin, she was the most beautiful (9.5) girl I met on my trip. An incredible looker, 5’11”, long blond hair, nice fake 36” tits and a perfect figure. She was also into anal although I did not try it (but for what I paid I should have got that too.) When Dave would not take a girls, I could have taken them both, but I settled on just Erica. I got a good BJ (covered) and some good sex; at least she could have been a porn star the way she talked. After that, a great total body massage. Not worth the price but she was beautiful.

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11/26 Monday, my last full day. In keeping with maintaining my alibi, I went on another tour with Orlando and the guys I met on my previous tour, we went off to the pacific coast for some regular tourist activities. You must try the Cerviche with freshly caught fish marinated for 24 hours. I tried it again in SJ that evening and it was not as good.But after the tour it was time to meet up with another Orlando semi-pro Paola. How can I describe this evening? I had the best time of my life. After Paola left I spent the next hour crashed out in my chair asking myself if I had ever had an experience like this, even now I don’t know. I had booked the Jacuzzi, and we brought up a bottle of wine. Paola, did not like the hot water; something I had noticed, CR girls like the water tepid. But after we went back to my room everything was wonderful. She gave the most passionate kisses, with lots of tongue action. A great BBBJ though not quite as good as Cynthia, it was great and everything else was better. But why did she ask me why I was not married? That was at least the third time that a pro / semi-pro had asked.Later that night was my last stop by the Blue Marlin, I picked up Mary-Ann, yet another girl from Columbia. But this time I got my first photos: I bargained properly, on the way to the hotel she complained about how I was paying her too little ($70) for sex and photo’s but I was her first that night. The session was pretty good even if she wanted me to finish up quick, so after a covered BJ, I took my time making it really good.

11/27 Argh the last day, I was off at 10:30, but if I had known that Arte Sauna was open I would have headed there first, for some goodbye entertainment.I would like to add a recommendation to everyone, a little Spanish goes a long way, and some of the frustrating encounters that I experienced would have been fun if I had spoken the language.But the Tica bug has now bitten me; I am learning Spanish so that next time things will be even better. And I will be back some day in the early spring. I will be checking with Orlando, his contacts are better than any girl from the Blue Marlin. Finally I missed a few of the high spots even if I hit most of them; next time I try Arte Sauna, Bogart’s (although it may be a front for Olympus) and a few other places I had not tried.

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