Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

DR is only a couple of hours from Miami, and is a great vacation destination. This past June, I spent a week there. Arrived at Santo Domingo and headed straight for Boca Chica, which is less than an hour's drive away. Nice small resort town, with hotels and restaurants lining a decent beach. Most visitors were Europeans, with only a few Americans and Canadians mixed in.

Checked into the Costalunga, and liked it a lot. AC, cable TV, hot water, and hobby friendly. After unpacking, walked around town to check things out. Ended up in Ronnie's beach house bar, and had a few Presidentes with some ex-pats and a couple of Canadian visitors. Ronnie was very helpful with the local information, and had snapshots of his visitors from around the world posted on a wall. Here's a guy who really likes his job. Suddenly, one guy hollered and waved a couple of cuties walking the beach to the table. They apparently were old acquaintances, and joined us with giggles. One girl in her wet bikini caught my eye, and I bought her a beer. Others around the table gave me their thumbs up approval. Next thing I knew, we were heading back to the hotel. It turned into an afternoon delight.

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That evening, I met the Canadians for dinner in an Italian restaurant. The food was better than expected. We then went to a disco recommended by the ex-pats. And they were right on. By midnight, the place was packed and chicas were everywhere for the asking. After dancing with a few of them, one beauty took a scooter ride with me back to the hotel. When I escorted her out the following morning, two hotel guests at the lobby "complained" that we kept them awake all night. Couldn't be too bad of a time! Turned out they were cops from Philly, and they told some great stories about their "relationships" with the working girls in the City of Brotherly Love. Ah, the fringe benefits of civil servants.

This turned into somewhat of a routine for the week: a beach girl in the afternoon, and a disco girl overnight. One day, a beach girl and I rented a paddleboat, and paddled our way out to an island. When we were out of sight of the beach, she turned her attention from the beer bottle to something else. We ended up in the water, and frightened a few fish.To break the monotony, I spent a night in Santo Domingo with the two cops. We went to a house called Casa de Modelos. The twenty or so girls were 6 to 9, and an overnighter was $100. We each picked our favorite, and went to a hourly motel. This setup was quite amazing. You drove into a private garage that was connected to your room. The room had a Jacuzzi, mirrored walls and ceiling, a vibrating bed, and pornos on the vcr. We ordered finger food and drinks from the room service, and pigged out in the Jacuzzi. Four hours later, we had thoroughly tested the vibrating bed to our satisfaction.

I wanted to say a week was not quite enough, but my body said otherwise. There is always a next time. DR is only a couple of hours from Miami...

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