Prostitution Report
from Germany

For those of you who enjoyed reading my first report on my visit to partytreff Solingen I will continue my story about my second night where I visited Mettmann partytreff club where I had even better time (it's a lot to do with who is there both girls & guys its also a matter of chemistry ) I found the place quite easily but you really need a car to get there its in the ost (east) industrial area of Mettmenn you take the A3 from Klon or dusseldorf get of at the Mettmann exit to the B7 to mettmann drive to the first lights make a right this will bring you onto the mettmann bypass road which will lead you for about 5 KM just follow the signs for Industiegeiet Mettmann ost you make a left to enter the area and once inside you turn right to Industiestr no 14 which is a big modern house you ring at the doorbell and wait till the barman comes down I arrived at 19:00 payed my 250 DM went to the locker room undressed then went upstairs gave in my key got introduced to everyone there were 5 girls and about 10 15 men (it is difficult to say excatly as some come and go thought the night ) a young girl a bit on the fat side with long black hair in just nyllon stockings offered to show me around the club after I had my drink of Coke .

This is a very big modern and beutifuly furnished house all marble floors and tastfully decorated (much better than solingen which is run down in comparison ) There is a very big lounge with bar 2 tv s with porn video a exit to an enclosed garden which I was told they use a lot in the summer and the sauna is also outside via the garden . There is a big room with a very big bed in the middle of the room a big bathroom with jacuzzi and shower attatched nextdoor is a S\M room with a lot of equipment (I didn't see this room being used while I was visiting then there is another bathroom all marble and after this is a big double room with one giant bed on the wall in two tiers and in the center of the other room is another big bed when I got there two young girls one pretty one in her early 20s with shaven pussy and rings in her labia (I think 2 ) and another girl abit older were busy with 2 atractive well endowed men orall and fucking in one big orgy I decided to get stright in on some of the action so I got on to the bed to gether with the girl who was showing me around the house I find it hard to remember exactly what happened after that but I know I got a great blow job one sucked my shaft while another licked and played with my balls I must have fucked 2 of the girls in all positions and finally came inside my hostess while doing it from behind . I had a shower and when back to see the action continue as a voyer at this time we were joined by an erderly 43 yr plump jolly woman Kim who comes here once a week to get properly fucked by as many guys as she can get shes no movie star beauty but she sure makes up for it be being a great lay I had only come 5 miutes ago and she had grabbed my dick and was working hard at getting me to perfom once again this went on for another half hour I cant remember exactly what happenend but I came for a second time between the 2 girls on the bed . After this I went back to the bar to recover and make some conversation with the bar tender owner and some of the guests all very civlized and cultured people .

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After a half hour I noticed that everyone had dissapeared and went to investigate there wer about six men in the first bedroom and 2-3 girls on the bed this time I noticed the barman's parners \wife? a 32 yr + - atractive good figure athletic type and she was into everthing the guy I was talking to at the bar had started to make forplay with her so as she was on her back I helped her by lifting up and speding her nylon coverd legs wide apart as he inserted his erection into her anus and starter to fuck her as my dick was now infront of her face she obliged me by giving me a blow job at the same time I then sugested that we all indulge in a sandwich he will do it anally and I will go into her pussy we had a great audince of about six men wathching us from cose up and there was stiil the other couple next to us also at it I metioned that my favorite act was to have 2 men stick their cocks up a womans pussy together this they all had never heard off or tried the girl mentioned something like it must be "Irritant" or something like that but belive me its takes a lot of dexterity and practice but it's the best experince of all and if you an managed all three of you to come all at the same time it is mind blowing .I know Ive done it ! But tonight I was unable to get it to work I suppose due to exhustion and activitiy anyway we contined me and the 32yr in amunber of positiond 69 massging her on top forwards and backwords from behind both kneeling and standing from the side of the bed with me standing and her bum on the edge of the bed legs in the air and me fucking her shaven ringed pussy for all to see our 2 organs going in and out till I came for the 3rd time .

WOW This went on for the rest of the evening me coming again after getting a hand\blow job from the pretty 20 yr girl once again I had a half hour rest in the bar and everyone was beginig to leave already I somehow found myself back in the big double room wathchig sme ot the action and the 43yr woman was also there busy with an older guy after they had finished I offered her a massage which I am obliviously good at from what the girls tel me she reaaly enjoyed about 20 minutes of massage and after I decided to go down on her and eat her clit\pussy (this is my specailty I can usually bring a girl to orgasm by this metheod as I am very patient and tender ) the only pity was that she wasn't shaved on her pussy something which I don't like but even so I got to work and after another 20 minutes she let out a scream all throught the house together with a very viloent convulctions She came! Anyway it was nearly midnight and practically eveyrone had gone home .

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She was so greatfull to me that she wanted to return the favor I didn't think it was possible but she was dying to try (I am 51 Yrs old but look about 43+) anyway she treid everything from hand job blow job tit fucking pussy massage but all to no avail while I was still hard I was to exhausted to come for a 5th time my gun was out of juice .de machine is kaput While I was on my back and having my dick massaged and worked on much to my surprise the 32 yr old the barmans boss wife partner( I think her name is Vikki) comes into the room spreads her legs and shoves her wet pussy into my mouth for a tounge job which later ended with my fingering both her pussy and anus first with one finger and later at her demand with three fingers up her wet hole all this was entirly at her instigation .while this is going on the other woman is still working on my dick . But for all this I did not manage to come again so I politly made my excuses and we had a few words and jokes and we all went back to the bar for a finnal drink and the boss said not to hurry as they still have to clear up just take my time and I can go and get dressed and let my self out the front door . I was the last lto leave WOW what a night I cant belive it true but it did The only thing is that it all happened so fast I am not 100% sure the exact order it happened but it was all for real if you don't belive me you can try it for yourself Their web site is Or the phone nuber is 02104 170125 02104 170128 0173 9411273 I intend to go back to germany in september for a week and I have a list of address to check out depending on the intrest that this report generates I hope to post a revieiw of my next visit as soon as I get back.

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