Prostitution Report
from Hawaii

This is a contribution for your Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A. section. FUJI'S SAUNA Tel. No. 808-597-8075 1350 S. King Street (enter through Yound Street Entrance). This is relaxation center that I have used many times. The majority of the girls working there are asians --Koreans, Viet Namese, Thailanders, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, sometimes they may have Caucasians, Blacks or Mixed girls. Most all the asian girls are originally from asia.

The house charges you 50 bucks. The head hostess (mamasan) leads and sits you in a room a sends a girl at a time to your room for you selection if you didn't tell her who you wanted to see. After you select one , she would close the door behind her and ask you to undress. She wraps a towel around your waste and leads yout down the hall way to one of the shampoo rooms. You are asked to lay face down on a vinyl covered table. Your body will be washed (shampooed) from your shoulders to your toes get rinsed off and asked to turn over so she can finish washing the front of your body. The gal avoids touching your cock but will accidentlly brush against it s she washes your body. Then she may ask you if she can wash your cock. If you agree, she will soap it down and pump your cock a little t the same time she is examining your cock. Most of the girls will stop before you shoot off. If she dosen't stop and you don't want to waste your load, tell her to stop. You'll be rinsed off and asked to get off the table for a final rinse. The gal will dry you down with a towel then place it around your waste and lead you back to your room.

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You'll be asked to lay face down and she maay continue to towel you dry if she didn't do a good job in the shampoo room. She then covers you with a dry towel and tell you she'll be back. She leaves you for about 5 minutes (they freshen themselves for you).When she returns, she removes the towel from your back and gives you massage from your shoulders to your toes. Then you are asked to turn over. She mssages your arms to your fingers then your chest, skips your cock and down to your legs. Then she pops the question --What else do you like? or What other services do you care for?Tell her what you wants and she names price anywhere from $125 to $250. I negotiate a better price usually paying only $100 to $125. She collects your money then takes it with her. She returns within minute or so with a small bag or pouch with her supplies.

After she re-enters the room with her bag/pouch she undresses and starts to massage your chest then your cock. After you 're hard, she will place her mouth over your cock (a condoem is in her mouth) and she places the condom over your cock with her mouth. She may continue to suck on your cock until you come or get her mouth off when you get relly hard and then tries to mount your cock. If she is not lubricated enough, she will reach over for her pouch and get her KY jelly. Rubbing some on the condom and a secound helping of KY jelly in her pussy. The then mounts you and pumps her body up and down on you cock. When she feels you shoot your load she stops pumping up and down and uses her pussy and queeze your cock. She dismounts you as she feels your cock gets flacid. She then removes the condom and cleans you up with kleenex. She tells you to rest and will be back with a hot towel. She takes the used kleenex and condom with her and then returns with a hot towel. She cleans you up with the hot towel and may continue to lightly massage your legs for a while. Then she gets up and starts to pick up the used towels. That is your hint that the session is all over. You dress yourself, sometimes the hostess may help you but the majority of the time I have to dress myself. Then she leads you out of the room, down the hall and tells you she hope to see you again when she she's you out the establishment.

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