Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

Here's some impressions from a night in some of the hostess bars of Wanchai in Hong Kong Island. They were noted down the very same night in between visits to the places. I will post them as a series one by one.

Venus 2 (G/F, 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, phone 2527-5088 or 2529-9696) in the middle of the entertainment area is different from the hostess bars I have visited formerly in my capacity of voyeur. The girls talked politely and did not get angry even though I do not buy them lady drinks. - I came by around 19 o'clock was invited inside by a tout by the entrance door: "Happy hour, no cover charge." - Inside the night had not even started. There was no "model dancing" on the stage, just young women engaged in relaxed talking behind the bar. - I bought a beer for 33 HK dollars with the usual extra charge called "service charge" of 15% making the price 38 HK dollars.

Khat from Thailand, beautiful and professional, cuddled herself close to me and made herself delicious. With a whole lot of talent, I must say. But I stated clearly that I could not afford a lady drink or a hostess sitting charge. Still she stayed by my side, supple like a cat and eager for talking.

I asked her if she made good money in Hong Kong. She made a wave-like gesture with her hand - "it's a bit up and down." Hong Kong is not what it used to be, she said. The money are less after the handover. I suggested her to go to Europe: "With your beauty you can make a lot of money in the West." "But I don't know where in Europe to go." "Go to London - because you know the language. You should get to know the internet. Lots of escort agencies advertise there, and they are constantly asking for now girls. You could easily get a job with one of them." - It seemed to arouse her interest, but not more than she moved elsewhere when more customers entered the bar.

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The price list (demanded by Hong Kong Law) on the wall was less readable in Venus 2 than the other hostess bars I have seen:

Drinks: Extra 198 HK dollars (this is probably a hostess drink). Deluxe 297 HK dollars. Room charge 660 HK dollars. Something unreadable: 4000 HK dollars.

I asked another bargirl if the last price was for taking a girl out. She confirmed this but explained that it gets cheaper as the night progresses. The cheapest is 2500 HK dollars in the wee hours - "morning charge", she said with a grin. "For how long?" "Maybe short time." "And how long is that?" "Maybe three hours." Yes the atmosphere here was professional but also friendly.

- Then I went on to Club Hot Lips (G/F, 77-79 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, Phone 2528-0904). The prices here were about the same as in Venus 2, so there is no need to repeat them.

This was the hottest place I ever visited. A Thai woman caressed my genitals and made lecherous faces while I enjoyed a San Miquel beer and eyed her dancing colleagues. And she kept up her interest in me in spite of my repeated assurances that I could not and would not pay for anything but the beer I was slowly drinking sip by sip.

One hour with her cuddling and embraces and friendly hands on my thighs, balls, nipples. Shoulder massage and sexy moves with her hips. Female attention and encouragement to look even more at the dancing girls.

I ended up feeling a bit sorry for her as time passed by and she kept on struggling to make me take her to a "hotel". She had no luck in this project. I paid for my beer and walked out after one hour. I gave her 5 HK dollars as a tipping, the exchange coins that were left in the tray.

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- Then I passed on to Dragon Club in Fenwick Street. This hostess bar did not have a business card, the personnel said. So I am unable to post the exact address. I was the only guest, there were only two girls present, both a little desperate, and the atmosphere was somewhat sad. A girl named To settled down by my side but she disappeared when I declined to buy her a drink. - Still they kept hoping. When both of them were on the dance podium a little later they competed for my attention, smiled and let their eyes sparkle in the direction of me, the lone sloppily dressed beer drinker by the bar.

Up and out and onwards to New Popeye II (Shop T, G/F, Haywah Building, 72-86, Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel 2866-3692). Beautiful girls in there, but they seem doll-like in their cynical professionalism. Mamasan was exceptionally friendly and tolerant when I declined to buy ladydrinks for any of her girls. She reacted with a smile and a friendly slap to my shoulder. - But the girls did not seem to be particularly eager for customers. They were obviously waiting for the men to take the initiative.

CONCLUSION: The rumors that Hong Kong hostess bars are dangerous and grossly deceptive tourist traps (and that they are even potentially violent places) are highly exaggerated. But beware of the wild prices. Everything in here has "rip off" written all over it. So study carefully the large price list that invariably can be found on one of the walls - probably the police keeps an eye on these places and has strict rules concerning the openness of the prices. Also make sure that you stay on the right side of the line with what you 'comsume' while you are on the premises of the bar you enter. Take a little pain to make it obvious from the start what you can and will pay for. That will give you the necessary upper-hand in case of dispute. Before you enter you may ask the tout at the entrance: "Any hidden charges?" and wait for his hesitant "eh, no." That will give you even more psychological advantage. - You can easily get a pleasant and interesting night on the town in Hong Kong's Wanchai area without spending the many hundreds and even thousands of HK Dollars which is the official price for female company here. If you want a lady it pays not to be too eager. None of the prices displayed are gospel, all of them can be negotiated and will be just that if the customer is hesitant. The girls and their employers are a little down at their heels for more business, like the rest of Hong Kong. I was repeatedly offered reduced prices in the course of my voyeur wandering - for everything, lady drinks, sitting charge, escort.

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