Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

I am the poor sod who started the thread about being unable find pussy in Jakarta, I know that protocol would decree that I should follow up that thread but I feel that it is so important to put the record straight that I have started a new thread, I hope members will indulge me while I explain. In short I must make it clear that my initial impression of Jakarta was 100%, completely and unutterably WRONG! I could not have been more wrong if my name was King Wrong of the Wrong people, I hope that is clear enough. Before I explain why I would just like to make a point about the regular contributors Larooter and Yptoor who have consistently and generously given of their advice to all us other mongers too damn lazy to do the legwork themselves, their responses to my ignorant and ill-mannered rant about their favourite town were good humoured and courteous much like the Indonesian people themselves I think.

In explaining why I changed my opinion of Jakarta I will digress for a moment. You see in all thse many reports I have read I have always been intrigued by the guys who mention GFEs and non-pros and how often the sex has been wild and fun and how much they have enjoyed the girls company. This just did not tally with my experiences of the hobby, and I am sure many people will agree, I had always found mongering to be basically the same; you meet or are picked up by the girl you like, you have a chat and a laugh, you buy her a drink or two, you discuss the price then you go either to your hotel or her place do your stuff, generally the girl will be enthusiastic if rather obviously faking it, you eventually come and then chat for a while and then get dressed see her out or to her taxi and that was that. All very pleasant certainly but hardly the experiences I read about in WSA, well after Jakarta now I understand.

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I wrote my initial report after walking around Blok M in the torrential rain with an ankle injury I had received earlier in the week screaming at me and having just been ripped off by a taxi driver who swore unintelligibly about George Bush and Tony Blair, I hasten to add that the taxi was not a Bluebird - I know, I know I should have listened to the good advice. Anyway I was in a foul mood and wondering why I hadn't just stayed in Bali where the night before the sweetest little honey whom I had previously seen in a bank turned up at the Hard Rock and remembering me from earlier was very keen to get acquainted, which we promptly did back at my hotel in what was quite simply the best couple of fucks and blow jobs in my life with no mention of condoms, amazing.

So I decided there was nothing else for it in Jakarta but to sit in the hotel bar with all the other 'Bule' and just get drunk. When I went down there were a couple of rather rough looking hookers but I plonked myself at the bar beside two rather sweet looking girls one a 7 the other 7 1/2, we eventually got chatting and they invited me to accompany them to CJs, which I recognised from this site. It became clear to me that these girls weren't hookers but they seemed to have a thing for Western men, well I figured there would be no harm in tagging along just to see what CJs was like so I went along.

Wow what a place, the band were excellent, Canadian I think playing a fantastic mix of Eastern and Western music, this was Saturday night and it was packed with about eight hundred people half women and two thirds of them 7s and better, and they all seemed very interested in the few Western guys there. God alone knows why as the guys and I include myself were no oil paintings, and another thing when Western guys go out for an evening why are they determined to look like tourists? This was Saturday night in a nightclub and yet here they were in their beige cargo pants with baggy t-shirts with the 'zany' slogans on them, c'mon guys make a bit of an effort!

Any way my little friends were getting quite possessive of me now but as I figured there wasn't much chance of any action as the one I liked was a good little muslim girl who didn't drink I mentioned that I wanted to go back ito my hotel (I thought I would head back out again when the girls were gone). But in the taxi my little honey decided she wanted me for the night and made herself perfectly clear. So we all went back to my room the friend slept in the bed seemingly oblivious to the fact that her buddy and I were getting down and dirty and boy were we, amazing how a devout muslim girl can moan and groan and bump and grind like the best little Bangkok whore. It was fantastic and once more no nonsense about condoms. Next morning after a very interesting shower it was down to breakfast for us all and full marks to the Ambhara hotel, there was no problem at all, in fact I had to point out to their staff that I owed them for two breakfasts.

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I had to fly to Bangkok that morning so before I left I offered some money to pay for the girls' taxis they accepted but were still quite embarassed to even discuss money as they did not want to give the wrong impression, they really were just a couple of nice girls who where having a good time.

When I arrived back at Jakarta I went down to the bar again and met a rather interesting hooker, a better class if you know what I mean, she taught Indonesian to Western businessmen and did a little on the side. She was about thirty, attractive, intelligent and very good company and we went to the club at the Marriot, a similar scene to CJs. We went back to my hotel and did the business, I have to say she was excellent and in normal circumstances I would jump at the chance to see her again but I am afraid Jakarta spoiled me and I knew I could get much better for less or even free, so I declined to meet her again.

The next day I phoned my little friend who was delighted to hear from me and we went for dinner at a Salsa restaraunt, needless to say I did not mention my previous night's activities. We went back to the hotel for a repeat performance (without the audience) and the next day we bade a sweet farewell as I headed back to Bali, we exchanged phone numbers and I will see her again soon.

In Bali I picked up where I had left off with my other buddy and once again the performance was outstanding. The next day she came along to the pool of my hotel with her friend and her friend's daughter and we had a lovely afternoon by the pool cahatting, drinking and eating ice-cream all very civilised, she too keeps in touch and I will be seeing her again.

I am sorry to be so long-winded it's just that I want to make it clear to any doubters that Indonesia is a terrific place, the girls are stunning (it seems that Indonesian men prefer lighter skinned Chinese looking girls, absolutely fine by me - it means that there are more of those chocolate-coloured, cow-eyed beauties for us dumb bule)and they smile like angels, I defy any red-blooded male not to go wobbly at their knees when an Indonesian girl smiles and boy oh boy do they smile. So having made my position clear there is only one other point I would like to make, I was right about one thing; no matter how much I like the place, Jakarta really IS a piss-stinking, filthy shithole!

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