Prostitution Report
from Japan

I stopped in Tokyo on my way to and from China. This was my second trip and I was anxious to expand on my experiences 1 1/2 years ago.

I planned to hit a "Pink Salon" on the first night and then a soapland the next day. So, off I went to the Kabuki-cho area near the Shinjuku metro stop to look for Hinomaru, which reportedly provides not only BBBJ, but also Full Service. After I finally got my bearings I was able to find the place easily. I decided to take my chances and not pick a girl. The cost is 8,000 yen and an extra 2,000 yen if you make a choice of a girl. So, the manager shows me in to a room with about 40-50 love seats, literally! All are facing in the same direction and you notice several of the chairs spread out are occupied. Then he brings out a cute small girl that seemed to be a little embarassed, probably because I was a foreigner. Any way she sat down and immediately went to plant a liplock on me. Now, at first I responded and then I became a little concerned about this because it dawned on me that her primary job was sucking about a mile of sausage every day... SO, I politely redirected her efforts to my crotch, which she anxiously began to focus on... She seemed to enjoy her profession and after a reasonable period, she asked me a question and I nodded my head, yes... So, she whips out a condom and slides it on and jumps up on my lap to finish me off. Very nice experience... if you don't mind being "out in the open". Overall, for $67 (USD, that is!) I left very satisfied with my first experience with a Pink Salon.

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Hinomaru is a little difficult to find, but I'll post very specific directions on another thread.The next day, during the week at about 3:00 p.m. I went to the Yoshiwara district, near the Minowa metro station. This is the soapland district that traditionally is for Japanese only. I visited the district 18 months ago and had a great experience, even though the girl was a little heavier than I like and the fact that it cost 75,000 yen! So, as I entered the area, I was a little surprised by the positive responses that I was receiving from the touts. I must have been solicited by 10-15 at least as I cruised the two block area. I finally went into one, but I didn't see any girls that I liked so I left and went into the one next door. I asked how much... 60,000 yen. They showed me the girls that were on duty and I was hooked... Girls were beautiful and slim. Of course, based on my previous experience, I was also expecting a slightly different girl to show up. However, the girl turned out to be even more beautiful and sexy than her picture.

I won't dwell on the play time, but briefly, for those who haven't experienced a soapland, the 100-120 minute session starts out with her undressing you and her and immediately going to a BBBJ and moving into full sex. Afterwards, you go over and sit on an open stool and she proceeds to scrub you all over with emphasis on your crotch and crack. Then, you move into a tub full of hot water and then she joins you. Then, she'll prepare a mat. She then covers herself with some stuff that is as slick as anything you've ever experienced. She invites you to lie on the mat and squirts the stuff all over you. Then, she begins to massage your back with her slick body. Then, she rolls you over and does the same thing on your front. She then gets a condom and proceeds to provide you with the "slickest" sex you'll ever have! You slide all over the place, but it's GREAT!

Then, you move back to the tub while she cleans the mat. When she finishes and joins you in the tub, you then move back to the bed for more sex. After the session, the manager, Komi Ya, invites you into a small room and brings in a big book with pictures of all the girls. He then works to set up an appointment for your next visit. He'll give you a card for a 5,000 yen discount. Their website is I left there VERY satisfied... and clean!I went back to the area two weeks later on a Saturday early evening and I was only solicited by two soaplands.I have two observations... First, as a foreigner that speaks no Japanese, best results are had when you visit mid-week, mid-afternoon when everything is slow. Secondly, although it is very expensive, if you have never experienced a soapland... it is a great time!The Yoshiwara district is a little difficult to find, so I'll post a separate thread with specific directions.

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The next morning before I went to Osaka, I went back to Hinomaru. This time, I again decided to take my chances... the manager was bringing out a real dog and I immediately said... "CHOICE" and started walking out to the front entrance. I picked the cutest girl available. In one of the most private areas in the club, she immediately got totally naked and proceeded through the system. Unfortunately, she wasn't as proficient as the first girl. Afterwards, I went to another "massage" place and for 10,000 yen picked a cute girl and basically could do anything except full service. Not bad, but not particularily memorable.Be aware that there is a little guy that seems to offer full sex every time I went by for 12,000 yen. I finally went one day and picked a cute girl and offered 10,000 yen and was shown to a little cubby-hole for one of the worst experiences in recent years. The place is near Hinomaru up a little alley and up 2-3 flights of stairs. I strongly suggest you avoid this place!

I then went to Osaka, but by the time I got to the new Westin there I was whipped. However, there were big signs offering in-room massage between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. So, in an effort to provide continuing high quality research for the crew, I called and ordered a massage. Expecting the same type of FS massage the Sheraton offers in Chengdu China. When the knock came, I looked out the peephole for an anticipatory glance... unfortunately, I didn't see anyone. So, I opened the door and there was a cute little old lady, that was probably 70 years old. My first thought was... BBGJ (barebacked gum job) However, I apologized and told her that I'd decided to go to sleep instead.

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