Prostitution Report
from Maryland

The Block ? A world of its own in just two blocks of Baltimore Street!! I recently decided that having lived in Baltimore for several years, and never having been to ?the Block? I would make the excursion. I live only 15 min from Downtown, so an easy trip. I had read everything I could find by BlockDenizen and Block_Man, and fir their comments I thank them. My advice is that when you venture to the Block, keep several important thoughts in mind: First: ?God endowed man with a brain and a penis, but only gave him enough blood to run one at a time? Second: The block is in a constant state of change, a that has slim pickin?s on one day, may have several beauties the next day (sometimes even a couple of hours later).

I have visited about 4-5 times in the last 6 to 8 weeks generally during day shifts, The Flamingo is a good bar to start, however the quality of the girls has varied widely lately. I was there over the weekend, and at 3:00 it was the pits, at 4:00 that could eat crackers in my bed anytime. . They have semi-private back booths. $60 drink plus tip. (?nuff said) I did not see the bartender Betsy, and there may have been a change made there, she was one of the coolest on the BlockThe guy who was there had something in for the girl I was talking to (I knew her from a previous trip) and did not even push me to buy her a drink. Talked for a while, and I gave her her share of what she would have gotten a couple of drinks. During our conversation, she said it was slow, and suggested we meet a little later.

We did and I have formed a new ?friendship? The Plaza ? Girls are pretty aggressive here about what they offer. Quality varies widely, they have a back corner for the more expensive drinks and tips. Good place to hook up with wanna be independents just getting started. PC ? Girls are usually top notch, but drinks are more expensive, and from what I am told, they do not allow much in the way of extra-cirriculars. However it also a good place to hook up with those wanna be?s. The doorman is a cool dude, been there for years, good guy to get to know and earn his trust, he knows what?s happenin?.

I have dropped in to some of the ther establishments, but have not spent enough time there as yet to the the feel of them. Each bar has its own ambience (sleeze factor).

Remember ? Play safe, I would recommend taking a couple of raincoats (you never know when you might get caught in a cloudburst and you don?t ever want to be without protection.) . Let your big head do the thinking, and abofe all, enjoy the challenge, the excitement, and the chase of discovery of new (at least new to you) talent.

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