Prostitution Report
from Mexico

Hey everyone. New poster here. Been lurking for a while and enjoyed all the various posts, so thought I'd return the favor. Her'e a travelogue I wrote a while ago on my first trip to a Mexican Strip Club (Aw, my days of youth ;) It's a little sentimental at times (I had recently broken up with a girlfriend of two and a half years), but I think it gives a pretty good discription of what it's like in a Mexican Strip Club.

Indy's Personal Journey of Self-Discovery, Examination and Growth; With the Help of Daphne, the Mexican Stripper

I was vacationing with the family in Sunny Cabo-San Lucas. Excellent place by the way, lots of fun, and it has very nice weather. I even managed to get a tan. I'm now of course pealing off my skin in square foot chunks, but I was tan for three days, which is a personal record for me. The Sun was just at that right temperature I guess, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about the weather

[cries of, "How was the humidity? Do you know the exact degree in Celsius? Where the clouds Cumulonimbus or Nimbostratus?"]

I said, "I'm SURE you DON'T WANT to hear about the WEATHER!!!!!"

[Crickets chip]

So my family and I were having a great time down their, and the days just seemed to fly away. We went out to the city (which is basically just a party town) and went to a couple clubs. Now, I'm a night person by nature so I wanted to stay out later then my sister and step-sister. So they all piled into the cab and left me alone to explore the wonders of Cabo San Lucas at night. What to do, what to do? Well, in all honesty I first went back into one of the nightclubs, and hung around their for a bit. But you know, I just don't think I'm a bar person. It's too loud, and too hard for me to meet and talk to people. I just don't seem to be able to go up to someone I don't know and make that connection, so unless I'm their with friends I just don't think bars work out for me.

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So their I am, wondering around a tourist Mexican town, thinking about what I should do. Now, I'd be lying if I said the thought of going to a strip bar hadn't occurred to me before that moment. I mean, hey, it's Mexico. I've heard stories. But it didn't really become a real plan until I was walking down the street and a guy handed me a half-cover price coupon for a place called, "Mermaids." Now, just by looking at this card, I could tell that this was a real high class joint, what with it having, "DI NO A LA PROSTIUCION" written on it. "What the hell", I thought, I might as well try it out. I passed a little local Mexican restaurant and then a fairly attractive Mexican girl greeted me on the sidewalk and asked if I'd like to come in. I smiled weakly. I was embarrassed (for what I don't know. She knew she worked at a strip club), and said yes I would. She pointed to the entrance, and I began to walk in.

As I climbed the stairs to get to the entrance it flashed through my mind that I was actually going through with this, that I was actually going into a strip club. Now, I have a reputation for being sexually uninhibited (a totally undeserved reputation that I'm sure this post will do much to destroy ;), but I'm honestly not that big of a Wild Man and had never been in a strip club before this. But I went up those stairs because I was interested and I wanted to try something new while in Mexico.

For those of you who have never been in a Mexican Strip joint, allow me to describe it to you. Picture a well lit accounting department in a New York Skyscraper. It is nothing like that. When I walked in the lights were black and flickering, there was smoke in the air, but not as much as in most bars. The music playing was actually fairly decent (Rock/Alternative) and would remain so throughout the night. The bar was rather cramped off into one corner, you could tell that it was an extra here, and not the main attraction. Pretending that seeing naked women was the furthest thing from my mind, I went to the bar and ordered a beer, it was a rip off, but not worse than what you'll find in most Mexican tourist bars.

Having received my ice cold Corona, I went to the main area. Their various chairs were centered around the stage, tables, or by themselves. I plopped myself down in one of the further away ones, thinking that I could observe how to act in a club like this. I managed to get maybe two sips of my beer before this very sexy Mexican lady wearing a see-through mesh and five inch heels came over and said, "You want private dance?" Well, I knew where I was, so obviously she wasn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart, so I ask how much. It wasn't wallet-busting, but it wasn't cheap either ($20 for five minutes) "But what the hell," I thought. I'm on vacation. I might as well splurge a little. I said yes, and she took my hand and lead me up out of my chair and over to the back wall, which consists of various curtains. Each one is basically it's own private booth with a letter on it, and they all spell out MERMAIDS. We stop in front of this big burly tall dark Indian guy who looks like he could bench press a Buick. I gave him my money, and she lead me into a booth. Inside, well she's a stripper so she striped. Then things began to get very interesting. In the US, or so I've been told, there is a fairly firm "Don't Touch" policy. Just to let you guys know, this does not exist in Mexico in the slightest.

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The five minutes passed very quickly, and I emerged from the booth a little dazed when it was over. THAT was far more than I was expecting. I walked down and sat in my chair and began to put my shirt and belt back on. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I still had my shorts on after all). As I was sipping my beer, I took a look at the stage, and I saw a nice looking woman dancing in clothes which were skimpy but which also covered up all the naughty bits. I soon learned that is how dancing worked at Mermaids. A woman dances in clothes men wish women would wear for the first song, then take them off for the second.

Perhaps I was flustered from my private dance or something, but I felt embarrassed to be their at that moment, hastily dressing and watching a woman dance, but I thought she was doing a good job so I thought I should tip her. I got my dollar bill and went close to the stage. She came over and I put it in her hand. I was so shy and afraid of doing something that would offend her (which seems damned odd in 20/20 hindsight considering what I had just done in the booth), that I just handed it to her and did a head down embarrassed smile thingy. She looked a little perplexed for a split second then shook her head giving a little laughing smile and went back to the pole on stage. I sat at the chair next to the stage and watched her as she danced, and watched how the other guys behaved. They did NOT tip her by putting it in her hand. In a little while, I pulled out another bill and showed her my slightly less embarrassed smile. She came over and I was about to put it somewhere other than her hand when she took it and put it in my mouth. I didn't have a clue what was going on, but just went with the flow. She then put her mouth around the other end and gave me a quick kiss/lick as she pulled it away.

I sat down and when she finished her dance, she quickly put on her outfit and walked off the stage and came next to me. "You shy," she said in a very nice but heavily accentuated English. "Thank you for the tip. I've never had a guy just hand it to me before." I mumbled something banane at this point, which seems to be my custom, and she smiled and asked if I wanted a private dance. I told her that I just had one, but that I would love to in a little while. She smiled and said she'd be looking for me and walked away.

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Nothing of importance happened much after that. I had another beer or two, watched and tipped a bunch of dancers, and spent way to much on private dances then I should have. After a while, I decided that I'd try the other place I saw down the street. So, I got my hand stamp and left Mermaids and tried the other place called the 20/20 club. It was a lot worse in my opinion. The people weren't as nice, it was way to smoky, and the music was really bad. I had one beer and one personal dance. Their was really only one thing that I did their that I think is worth telling, just to increase the general level of knowledge. In a lot of various sitcoms, books, and what not, I've heard guys say some crude version of, "I'd like to stick my face in between those and go, Brrrrrrrrrrr." At which point they shake their head back and forth while blowing out their closed lips causing them to flap up and down. Now, I figure what the hey. Why NOT try it? All I can say in my defense is that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Guys, if you ever decide you want to try this, don't. Trust me. Just just don't.

I left that other place and was just about to go back to the hotel when I thought, "I'm never going to do this again. So why not go for one last round?"

When I enter, I started to walk to my seat and immediately ran into a smiling Mexican girl. "Hi," she said. "HI!" I quickly replied desperately trying to remember who she was. "Remember me?" she said, sensing maybe the too much enthusiasm I put in my, "Hi." "Of course," I lied. Then a split second latter it came to me. "You're the first dancer I saw on stage." We talked for a brief bit, and then she asked me, "You like private dance now?"

Now, by this time I had already spent far more money than I thought I would. I only had enough cash left for one private dance and a taxi back to the hotel. She seemed nice enough, so I thought why not? This'll probably be my last private dance ever so I might as well have it with a nice gal. So I went with her in the booth, and we got started. When it was done she looked at me right before she left, smiled, and said, "Your nice." and then walked away.

I fumbly put on my shirt and left and took a seat. I sipped my bear for a while, and received offers from about five or six different girls for private dance's. As soon as I told them that I didn't have any money left they turned heal (and a very long heal it was, damned if I know who they walk on the things) and walked on to the next customer pretty fast.

After a while, Daphne came up and sat on my lap (this is how they often start a conversation, and one reason I agreed to so many more private dance's than I planned) We chit chatted for a while, and then the strangest thing happened; I told her that I didn't have any money left for a private dance, and she didn't get up and leave. Sure it was getting late, and their weren't that many other customers around, but their were a few and here she was staying talking to me when I didn't have any money. I told her I couldn't remember her name, and she said that she couldn't actually remember mine either, so we both laughed a little and told each other our names. We then just talked to each other for a little bit over a half hour. You know, it wasn't until that moment that I realized how much I missed just holding a woman and talking with her. I've complained here and their about "going without" but in all seriousness I think I actually miss just holding as much as I do that. When me and my ex were together, that was actually how we almost always talked to each other for long stretches of time. It just seemed to allow me to open up to her more when we were together that closely. And here I was doing that again. Nothing more than semi-cradling a nice gal while talking and lightly running my fingertips slowly back and forth over her arm or leg, but damn did it feel nice.

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It wasn't that easy to talk with the bar sounds in the background, but we managed. I asked her about herself and she asked me about myself, nothing real personal, just the basics mainly. Then she mentioned that I wasn't like the other customers, "They like how you say octopus? All grabby grabby but you you nice soft and gentile." I mumbled thanks and did my smile-head-down-blush thingy (Heck, what do you do when someone compliments you on your strip bar etiquette?). This just made her smile and laugh. "You so cute. You like little man boy." After a little more chit chat, I asked her why she got into stripping. She was silent for a second. Did I do something wrong? Was that an awkward question? She answered me rather honestly that it was just a good way to make a living and pay for college. She spent a lot of the year up in California where she also stripped, and she was just down here visiting her sister who had just had a baby and got a temporary job at Mermaids while she was visiting. We talked for some more, but then closing time approached and she had to leave. I was having such a nice time just talking and holding her that I didn't want this to be the end of it, so I said, "Can I see you tomorrow?" "Sure, I'll be right here." She replied.

And she went backstage. With her gone I really didn't feel like watching the end strip show, so I left. I took a taxi home, and in the 15 minute drive to the hotel thought about my experience. Would I be back? If I hadn't met and had such a great time with Daphne . . . no. Probably not. But I did meet her, and she did seem nice

I got home pretty late and walked into the hotel room I was sharing with my Sister, Step-Sister and my Step-Sister's Husband. It was pretty cramped, but I went into the bathroom where something odd happened, I started to feel dirty. The thought of all those private dances with all those different women started to just make my skin crawl, and the thought that I had paid for it just made it feel worse. I must have taken the equivalent of three showers that night with all the scrubbing I did. I worried about diseases. What ones, I don't know considering I hadn't done anything that past second or third base depending on your scale.

In the morning I got grilled by my Sis and Step-Sis. They wanted to know all about my experience in the world of strip bars, what I did, how much money I spent, what I thought of them, and so on. I answered as evasively as I could, but then they asked point blank if I was planning on going back. I waived on this before finally saying that I probably was going to go back. They were not happy at this. Basically they said that the Ethics Committee had decided that going once was fine to explore my curiosity, but going twice meant that I was a Perv. I thought of saying that the Ethics Committee could go fart in a bottle and paint it for all I cared, but replied a little more politely.

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You see, the only reason I was planning on going back was to see Daphne, but I didn't want to say this. Look, I'm not completely naïve. I know how this sounds; guys goes into a strip club and thinks the stripper actually likes him. Hah hah, what a loser, they're paid to do that. But all I could counter that with would be my belief that she did actually kind of like me for reasons other than that I had money, so I didn't say anything.

Throughout the day I did more typical tourist things, and had a great time. But night followed day as it often does, and I was once more in the city. However, my sister stayed longer this time (in an attempt to try and get me not to go to the strip bar IMNSHO) and we went to one of those 'fun' bars. You know the kind where they call up customers to do various wacky games and stuff. Well, I got called up for a bachelor contest. What I had to do was my sexiest dance around a sombrero and then take a shot of tequila. Now, I looked at the other contestants and figured I didn't have a chance, so if you gotta go, go with style I always say. Everybody remember what I did at Exoticon when, "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" came on? That's right, I exposed my god like pasty white chiseled physique to an audience. Remember those crickets that chirped earlier in this post? When I was done they would have seemed louder than a Heavy Metal concert. Apparently they thought I was being serious and was proud of muscle. Nothing worse than a joke falling flat. After coming in dead last by a significant margin I slunk away to my seat and had another beer with my sister. It was growing late for her, and after one last try to persuade me not to start down the road to perv-dom, then a warning to be "safe" (I could hear the quotation marks), she left. I wondered around for Ooo, maybe five minutes before making a bee-line to Mermaids.

I walked in and the first person I saw was Daphne. She greeted me with a smile and a hug. We chatted for a brief bit and then she said, "You make me sad." And gave me a pouty face. "Oh, why's that?" I replied.

"You say you come back, and I wait and wait but you don't show."

"Oh, I'm sorry." And I was too. "But I'm here now " I blanked. As happens too often in social situations I just couldn't think of anything to say. "So maybe I could have a private dance now?" I asked kind of shyly.

"Oh Sure." Was her quick response, and then she lead me back to the curtain.

Alright, I'm gonna get a bit explicit here, but only because I think it is required for the story. Skip the next paragraph if you don't want to read it.

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When we were in the booth, she took off her leopard V swimsuit, a shoulder at a time. She bent down, and removed my shirt, gently scratching my back with her fingernails and sending shivers down my spine. My hands reached out, and gently began to touch her sides and thighs ever so gently. She grasped my hands and moved them so they were on her breasts and then began to unbuckle my belt.. Now, I've always believed that teasing is half the fun, so instead of just going right at them I brushed my fingertips around them, making sure to not touch the nipple. She seemed to like this, and put her hands up my shorts to adjust me so I'd be in the proper position for a lap dance. A lap dance is actually more complicated than you'd think it would be. The booth is pretty cramped, and their isn't a whole hell of a lot of room, and for the best effect you kind of have to scoot to the edge of the seat and arch your back a little. By this time however I had a little experience in it, so I got along better than earlier ones. She sat down and pressed herself against me. She had a lock of hair in her face, and I reached up and brushed it away. Man, for my money she was the most beautiful and sexy girl their. I tried a few tentative kisses on the mouth, but she didn't seem interested so I stopped and began kissing her chest. She then began to grind herself against me, slowly at first. I began working my way up with my lips to her neck, and had just got their when the big burly Indian bouncers opened the curtain for a nanosecond and said, "Time up."

She pulled herself away with what I swear was a little regret. I thought about what I should do for a few brief moments before deciding that since it's my last night in Cabo San Lucas I might as well just go for broke. I took out my wallet and handed her enough money for another five minutes. She quickly gave it to the guy and we resumed. I began to gently kiss her neck and then to gently nibble on it. This she seemed to really like and grinned herself even faster and harder against me. While she was doing that my hands gently explored the rest of her body. Touching her all over, ever so softly and lightly with just my fingertips. I then moved one of my hands and gently pulled her head down so I could nibble on her ear. That got her going in a hurry and she began to make noises. Good noises. But damn it the curtain opened again and time was up. This time I didn't even think about it, but just pulled out the money and got another five minutes. Daphne looked like she was eager to resume to, so she quickly gave the guy the money then sat right back on me. I touched her all over then slid my hands down and pulled her tightly against me. It hurt a little bit to press that hard while wearing clothes, but what the hey? I tried to thrust my hips to match hers, and we started to get a nice rhythm going. My hands had touched her breasts on and off for this session, but not much on the nipples because I wanted to tease them until this moment. I then did something that was a favorite with my ex (the only partner I've ever had), I took the thumb and pointer finger of each hand and brought it up to my mouth and covered them both with saliva.

I then reached up and grabbed both nipples with my slippery fingers and rolled them around. This did it. She really went wild at this point, and started giving out little pleasure grunts and grinding harder and faster. I pulled her tightly against me and thrusted harder while sucking on her breast. After a frantic minute or so of this she seemed to shudder and then her pace slackened and she seemed to go a little limper. We just kind of gently rocked against each other for the last minute before the guy came in and said time was up. She slowly got up, and she had sweat on her face. I grabbed my stuff and we both walked out.

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She put her hand on my arm and said to me, "I I enjoy too." And then went backstage. Did she though? OK, I know what all you guys are saying at this point, "Indy, you poor dope. She didn't enjoy it. That's what they pay them to do. To fool gullible Yankees so they'll spend more money." But you know, I just don't think that is true in this case. I had been with a lot of other girls, and none of them responded like Daphne did. Also at the end of it, she didn't even ask if I wanted yet another private dance, which would seem to be the best way to get more money out of me. I also talked to her latter on, and I believe it when she said it was nice for her. Now, my guess is that guys who come into a joint like that figure they can really pig it up and just be complete jerks, and they can. I wasn't like that. Grabbing and not thinking of the girl just ain't my style, so I honestly think I was a good change of pace from everyone else. I'm not trying to make it sound like I'm some super skilled love god or anything, but I honestly did try to make her feel good, and if none of the other guys tried to do that, then why wouldn't it be better and feel good? Maybe she was just putting on an act, I don't deny that it is a possibility, but I don't think so.

I sat down for a while and drank a beer or two, just kind of being content with being their. I then got an idea in my head, I had seen a bunch of street kids selling flowers; why not go get one for Daphne? I rolled the idea around for a bit before my romantic nature finally one over the cynic side of my brain that kept saying, "She's a stripper you fool. How corny and sappy is it to buy a stripper flowers." Screw it. She was a nice gal and I wanted to get her a flower.

So I left the bar and went wandering around looking around for some kid selling roses. This was actually harder than I thought it would be. By this time it was already around 2:00 and most of the kids had stopped selling. After walking a bunch of blocks I finely found one. I bought her a rose and went back to the bar. I felt very self conscious walking into a strip bar with a rose and was imagining that everyone was wondering what kind of a dink brought a rose to a stripper (when of course in reality it's doubtful anyone even noticed or would have carried if they'd seen it). I looked around and tried to find her, but at the moment she wasn't their. I sat down and worried a little bit that she had left early.

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In a little bit another girl came around asking if I wanted a private dance. The rest of the gals generally took a polite decline and moved on to the next guy fast. Not so her. She sat right down on me, and even gently grabbed a very special part of me. She asked me, "Why no you want private dance? You don't like my body? You don't like my face? I see you here last night and you dance with lot of girls. Why you no want to dance with me?" Why didn't I want to dance with her? Well, the truth is I just wasn't interested anymore. I had tried it once, and that was enough. I came here because of one girl who I thought was nice, and I just didn't feel like being with the rest. I told her so in not quite those words and she moved on. Maybe they have some sort of code against stealing another gals customer, or maybe she just realized I wasn't going to pay for her. I don't know.

In a little bit Daphne came up on stage and did a great dance. When she was done she came over to me and said, "Where you go? I come out looking for you, but you not here." Well, I know a good entrance line as any guy so I replied, "I was out getting this for you." And pulled out the rose. This time it was her face that blushed. "You so sweet," she said. I think she meant it too.

We talked for a little bit, and I got to hold her in my arms for another 15 minutes or so before she said she had to go back to work. And as she went around to the other guys asking them if they wanted private dances. I watched her. I'm no fool. I know I can delude myself into believing what I want to be true rather than what is as much as the next guy, so I wanted to see if I was just imagining that she honestly liked me. As she went around from guy to guy, I watched her face, and it just didn't seem as animated as when she was with me. It was also her eyes. I really do believe that you can tell a lot by looking at the eyes. In most porn videos for example, the girls can scream and say "Yes, baby yes, you're the king." but most of the time their eyes say, "ten minutes to go nine minutes to go I wonder if I have dry cleaning today " Hers were like that when she was around other guys. Dull, lifeless almost. One time I saw her sit on a guys lap (not moving around, just sitting their while he talked to his bud), and she could not have looked more bored unless she starting chewing gum and twirling it around her finger. I talked to her about that latter on, and she said that she just found it so hard to fake it sometimes that she just couldn't do it.

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She came back to me again, and I had another two private dances in a row. She said to me something like, "You my treat. I enjoy wit you." The dances were pretty much like last time, except we were both slower and more gentle and not quite as frantic. When were done she asked me if I was married, "cause you so gentle and nice.." Though out the night I had been wondering if I could actually maybe possibly see her after work. Once again my romantic and cynic kept duking it out in my skull. "She's a stripper you idiot! No way would she like to date the clientele!" versus, "She's a nice girl and she thinks you're cute and sweet. Ask her out." I thought about asking her out after the private dance, but decided not to as that would make me look like that's all I liked her for. So we chit chatted a little bit and then she had to go back stage.

I waited around a bit and it started to get pretty close to closing time. I started worrying that the bar would close before I got to see her one last time, so I asked the bouncer guy if he could go get her for me. He asked me for my name, and I gave it hoping that Daphne would know who I was. She did, and when she came out and I pulled her to the side so I could talk to her.

Using that patented Indy smoothness I said something along the lines of, "Um . . . Daphne I know you must get asked this a lot ... um . . . but I was wondering if you might possibly maybe be interested in going out to maybe get something to eat after work just to you know tal ... nothing else."

"Sure, I'd love to." She answered back very quickly. Now that felt good. When someone answers back without hesitation it's always a good sign in my opinion. We arranged the details, it wasn't that easy with the loud music playing in the background and my absolute ignorance of San Lucas geography, but we settled on this local Mexican place close to the bar.

I left the bar when it closed and walked around to the restaurant and started waiting. Another tourist was waiting right their and I struck up a conversation. Who are you, where you from, what you do, that sort of things. I asked him why he was here and he basically said for Golf and Strippers. He seemed like an old Mexico hand, so I asked him if Strippers really meet you when they say they will. "Oh, those gals never show up. Never. How late is she?" I told him about five minutes. "Give her another ten, and then take off, because if she hasn't come by then, she ain't coming." This was not the kind of news I wanted to hear and he could see it on my face because he tried to console me. "Hey buddy-boy," yes he actually said buddy-boy. "Don't worry about it. Just go down the street about two blocks and you'll find a great whore house. I highly recommend it."

I didn't know how to respond to someone recommending a whore house to me. "Thanks for the tip" just wouldn't seem right, you know? Luckily, I didn't have to. Daphne showed up at almost exactly that second and I gave her a friendly wave and lead her into the restaurant.

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