Prostitution Report
from New York

Well I got caught in the sky's sudden decision to rain but I still made it albeit a little wet.

First thing was the $20 for admission. I ask how much is it to go to VIP and the guy says $20 each time so I pay him $40 for the VIP pass which turns out to be a green version of the wristbands hospitals put on you. No ID request but I got the standard pat down. So good so far. Went in and Coat Check was $2, I also had a bookbag which they charged me $4 to check. grrr. Bathroom break to dry off and off I go.

It was a basement club and still a little early and the girls were plentiful by regular strip club standards but I most were 5-7's. I spotted a red-head Russian chick with hooters I wanted in my face immediately. (Face - good, Upper Body - Hell Yea!, Lower body - I would say very nice) Lap dance was $20 and I enjoyed it very much. 25% of the floor was for the bar, 15% was walking space and 60% was couches for both sitting/lap dance. Coke was $5 I think and bottled water was $3. I'm allergic to alcohol (seizures allergy not just a rash) If you wanted booze then it was there. A fully stocked bar with a bald headed- muscled tatooed Batender who was fast, courteous and made whatever people asked him to.

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I lap danced with Jada who is black 6'3' very hot with slim waist, smooth just right ass (I like slender women), LARGE firm natural breasts which should be fake but I think they're real. (Face - above average, Body - Jesus!) Dance was nice. I think she was trying to grind my dick off or something.Spoke with other patrons and the mongers were very cool. Some wannabe mongers there were just sad people (dorks) not very conversation friendly. Owner seems like a cool guy as well.Now here it is, the VIP area upstairs. Just a brick wall room separated into a lit areaand a dark area. This place shouldbe called "Suck and Fuck plaza". Every guy there was getting sucked or fucked. It was nice banging a chick and seeing another chick suck dick next to you. It depends if you're the kind of guy who's ok with that.

VIP#1 Another monger suggested a "pro" to me so I went ahead. Caucasian, Brunette 5'6" (Face - nice, LARGE Fake Breasts, slender waist, Thicker ass than I normally go for but I am a breast man. "You give Lip service?" "Do I? I'm the best baby. blah blah blah" "How's $30?" "$80" "$40" "$70" "$70!?!" "I will make you cum so hard and you going to be fucking my pussy" "..hmm.. ok $50" "$60" She proceeds to drag me upstairs. She motions to pay the guy at the stairway but I showw him my wristband and he nods. Upstairs she proceeds to jack me to hardness (unfortunately I shot my wad with a chick at work just 2 hours earlier and it's hard getting Mr. Woody to follow orders). When I'm up she puts a condom on me and starts sucking. Good skill with varying technique, defintely a Pro. Then she gets into standing doggy and wants me to put it in and fuck her. She looks just like a pornstar. I proceed to screw her for awhile but realize I just really wanted a BJ so asked her to and she did. RIGHT FROM her cunt into her mouth. "She should be in porno" I thought.

VIP#2 Jada happens by and I say ok to VIP with her since I'm leaving soon. "How much for head?" "$50" (Yellow Lightbulb appears over my head) "Hmm... No one's ever been able to make me cum like that before." "Well you've never met me before. blah blah" "My ex even gave me head for 45minutes and nada. I loved it though." "I can change all that" "Ok, how about this. If you make me cum, I'l give you $100 but if you can't then $40." We go upstairs with me flashing my wristband to the guy again.

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WOOOOOO!!!! She sucks me for 45 minutes. She sucks me like she's dying and the antidote is in my dick. She slmost gave up once and said "You're really not going to cum are you?" "I almost came a couple of times (wink.. wink..)" and she continues sucking with even more effort. No special techniques here. Just head bobbing and caressing but she had such vigor the entire time!

---From what I saw of the other peeps there, some girls had lackluster BJ's, most girls seem to want penetration via standing doggy or them bouncing. People got around 10-15 minutes. in VIP before the girls prodded them out---I decided to be a nice guy and offer to fuck her for $60. She said "I have KY and we can go all the way for all of it (i.e. $100)" "Ok, ok $80" "I can't have the $100?" she asks concerned. "Well it's normally $60 for all the way" She seems ok and I do her doggie for a few minutes before having her sit down and spread'em. Magnificent breasts and nice meat. She thanked me afterwards.

All in all $80 for 1hr of sucking and fucking.Atmosphere -Booze with lap dancing or Sex. Yea! Chance to peak with fellow mongers who understand the game. -Cheap place. VIP is might be hurried with the girls if you bargain them down.Ladies -Couple of head turners there -Only a couple of head turners, most are 5-6 with a few 7-8 but maybe my standards are a little high.$$$ -If you wanna blow a nut with friends then this is THE place to be. Have some Knobb creek and then orgy upstairs is what I'd like to do there. -$20 door, $5 Coat check, $20 VIP, $60 Girl, $15-20 Booze/Drink adds up to $125 to blow a nut. Expect to pay $150-200 if you want to to more than just walk in, drink, look around, 15min blow your nut, then leave.

Conclusion It truly is the BEST strip/fuck bar I've seen yet in NYC. Girls are better quality than other places with a wider selection. They ALL suck and fuck. It's the only thing that happens at Club ASS-C.

P.S. Hey JimmyDR I missed ya. I finally met a monger (business suit, dates a stripper) who told me the guy in the red shirt and glasses was you. But you were gone. He said "Oh yeah, Jimmy's blah blah. (smiled) That loser has no life, He's ALWAYS here or at F-Stop. blah blah few more jokes".

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