Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

Went to 1442 Callowhil yesterday. I had visited this place 8 years ago and somehow found this place without even looking. just got off the freeway and saw the tell tell signs of a whorehouse. Some people have different talents, mine is identifying Korean whorehouses..such is life.. No name just the digits 1442 on a door. Having cash from a gambling ordeal the night before, half drunk and in need of some pussy I rang the buzzer and went upstairs. I guess I know a AMP in Philly without a guide. I was given Zucki (no choice and what did I care), a Korean women in her late twenties. She asked for $150..$50 over from the normal rate but told me I could cum twice. Since I normally bust nut too fast I decided for this option. Before I knew it I was in a 69 position sucking her pussy and ramming my thumb in her ass. Very different then the normal AMP experience. She swallowed my first load which I expected her to spit out...Go figure? Then proceeded to give me a nice massage.

After a little while she put a condom on me and we went at it with her on top, her on bottom, her from besides, her from behind and finally after some coaching in her ass where I deposited the last of my cum. I know it's too much to pay for some Korean pussy..but everything in life should'nt be about money. I had a great time and went back to my conference a more agreeable person.Plus for me it's the first time one of these ladies let me fuck their ass. So I didn't dispute the fact that I paid $50 extra. Being from another part of the country where any whore is asking $200 plus I find this a strange value. Most of this board foccuses on Latin America, Asia and Russia where that kind of money buys a weeks worth.. the rest of us have to be happy with what's available.

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