Prostitution Report
from Philippines

Report from angeles city, January 2000:

Y have past in January 2000 2 weeks in Angeles city. I had a great time.

My first contact to the sex-scene was very close to my hotel, the sunset garden hotel. I recomend this hotel, because it is very cosy, 5 min by trycicle or jeepney from the center. room costs about 1100 pesos ($ 27) per night. On the other side of the street I saw a lighted advertising: "massage",and I entered the door, about 9 pm. I encountered about 5 girls and 2 male guests. The most pretty of the girls offered me a massage for 600 Pesos. I agreed, because i had no idea about normal prices and she was really pretty. We stepped through several corridors an finally ntered a room, there was a big bed, and in the separate bathroom also a shower. The girl spoke good english, and there was no problem in understanding. Bevore i gave her the money, I asked if it is only normal massage, or if there is included also having sex with her. She answerd, if I add 400 Pesos, sex would be included, and i agreed an gave the 100 pesos to her. We both had a shower first, allone, she refused to shower together with me. I was surprised, that she did a real professional sports-massage, all my muscles were included, but not my hard cock yet. After about nearly 1 hour, the massage was finished. I was rubbed with oil all over my body, an the girl was really out of breth after doing this job. During the massage i tried several times to end her job and to start sex, but she refused, she wanted to do her job I have payed for. I was curious, if she would do good sex with me, r if for tihs little money she would only give me a hand job. And I was surprised, that she was very nice with me, kissing a little, being tender together, and then we had good fucking, several positions, for about 15 minutes. (with condom).

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So my first short adventure was a success, but later I lerned, that I have payed to much, you can have a girl the hole night for that monney. To go downtown I normally used the jeepney, passing every 5 minutes from the hotel downtown. Jeepney costs 5 or 10 pesos (25 cts). The sunset garden hotel also has an airconditioned limousine, every hour from hotel to Blackjack Bar (center of all the bars) and back. Bar hopping is the start to a real good entertained afternoon and evening. Some of the Bars open allready 2 p.m. some of them later. most bars have happy hour until 7 p.m. (cheeper prices for drinks). You start in the afternoon, walking on Fields Avenue, taking a short look in every open bar to see, if there are allready girls and if you like the place. When you have found a bar that fits your whishes, step in, order a drink for yourself and watch. Normal prices are: beer: 45 pesos (1$ 20cts), gin tonic 60 pesos etc. I recommend gin tonic, there ist very little gin in it, otherwise you get drunk! If there is nothing special, you watch 10 to 20 minutes, you finish your beer, and you step out looking for the next bar, there are plenty of them, and you would be competly drunk, if you try to drink a beer in every bar.

If you like one of the girls on the stage (normally there are from 4 to 12 girls dancing on the stage), you give her a signal, an she would step down to you and sit with you. Buy her a drink (only her, not all her aslo arriving friends) and talk with her. Most of them speak enought english for a good conversation, in some bars the music is to loud to understand well. The ladys drink is 90 - 125 pesos, depending on the bar, not depending on what she drinks. For that money (2 - 3 $) you have the attention of the girl for 15 to 30 minutes. If she likes you, she will not only talk, also kiss and touch you and to be touched. If you have time enough, dont take the first girl. take your time to look, and mak up your mind about 9 - 11 p.m., because later the real good looking girls are allready engaged. Then you call for mama-san, the 'boss' of the girls, ask for the price. Price will be from 600 to 1000 pesos ($15 - 25). For this money, you have the girl for the hole night, she will leave you only the other morning.

The girl will be like your girlfriend, you can have sex as muchas you can, if you can. She will come with you to the hotel (no problem with the entrance, tey are used to it). May be you first invite her for dinner, then go for playing billard, and finally have fun with her until next morning. You can give her a tip, 200 to 400 Pesos, depending on your satsfaction. And in the morning, invite her for breakfest in the hotel, she will like it. Don't forget to by enough condoms! Some of the girls don't have. Angeles is the best adress all over the world, and I will go back soon!

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