Prostitution Report
from Russia

I just came back from a few days in Moscow. It was my first trip and I firstly want to thank everybody who contributed to this board some Russia-Info since without that the trip would have been not half as amusing !

One thing to the Visa Issue: everything went smoothly – the boarder control was very relaxed (both passport and customs) and registration was handled by the agency (Intel Service) which worked with my German travel agency. They kept the passport two days. And I didn’t need any letter from my landlord (as I had read somewhere in the Internet). This is apparently required only if one travels with a business visa.If you want to buy a SIM card beware that you do that before you register, because they normally require you passport in order to buy a SIM-card. I had to run around for several hours to find a shop that was satisfied with my passport copy and the piece of paper I got from the registration agency …

Another logistics-issue before the interesting bit starts: I found two larger internet cafés in Moscow: One was in a side street of Tverskaya (the first one on the left if one walks form the Kremlin-end in direction Pushkinskaya) – it’s a pedestrian zone The second one is just opposite Novoslobodskaja Metro Station (the exit which looks like a classic temple). The entrance is easily overlooked and then one has to go into the second floor. But the place is much bigger than it appears from the outside – more than 100 places. Of course there are some PCs in coffee shops as well – but since the LCD-Panels are often mounted on the walls facing the seating area, they don’t offer much privacy …

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To get acquainted with Moscow (and naively hoping for a freebie) I tried some of the nightclubs (for the addresses and general description please refer to “Slavas” I went on a Friday night at around 10 p.m. It was rather empty and I had something to eat (not bad) while the place was filling up. To make it short: the place was like any Western European Club: no hookers and the girl-to-guy ratio was bad. A disappointment (and it’s somehow out in the sticks too …)On Saturday I went to “Papa Johns” which was really a nice experience: good food, a nice life band and a lot of non-working girls which would smile back and were prepared to chat a bit. With a bit of Russian and a bit of luck it shouldn’t be too difficult to score (I didn’t though L) Furthermore I went to “Karma Bar” – nice place, again I couldn’t spot any hookers. The “problem” here is that they have Latin American Dancing until 12 p.m., so the chicks that go there are looking for guys who actually know how to dance (good for those who do …) After 12 p.m. the music changes but of course a lot of “contacts” have been made before.

I also had a brief look into “The Real McCoy” – but I left soon since I was overdressed this night – it is really a jeans-place.Some of the girls I met later also recommended the clubs “First” and “A Priori” – feel free to check ….Now one of the “pilgrimage sites”: Chesterfields (across Metro station Kurskaya, a free-standing building with some stairs leading to the entrance. Kurskaya is also a railway station, so be prepared that the atmosphere is slightly rougher than in other Metro stations …)

I arrived again quite early at 10.30 p.m.. The place was packed with “ordinary” young Russians who simply had lots of fun dancing and drinking - what a strange reason to go to a Dancing Club ;-) - and wouldn’t pay much attention to a stranger … So I had some food (not bad) and watched some soccer on the telly. But at around 12 p.m. the situation changed completely: as if somebody had opened floodgates (which probably was exactly what happened) the place immediately filled with scores of single young ladies which had clearly dressed and styled to attract men … Given that places like that simply don’t exist in Western Europe, I was duly impressed. But I’m mainly talking about quantity here – not really quality: there were some cuties, but nothing really outstanding. Especially ladies that both looked good and spoke some English were few and far between – and had an arrogant attitude: some even suggested to me that I “may” buy her a drink … well, I kindly rejected this “invitation”.

Another disadvantage of the place is that it’s rather dark. This and the fact that I wanted a girl that spoke some English let me settle the first time for a rather mediocre lady (HOW mediocre I would only discover in my apartment) – well for 100 bucks it was OK … but not worthwhile a description, let alone photos.

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Some nights later I again started to chat with the English speaking girls (one 27 yo, even dared to quote me 200 …) but than discovered a real cutie. When I tried to talk to her, she was “Russian Only” – but than a “colleague” of her would offer to translate … So I negotiated 100 USD and oral-without (provided we would stop by a pharmacy to get her some liquid to disinfect her mouth …). That was a deal and off we went. At the apartment the usual “warm-up-procedure” – some drinks, some music, some “conversation” by means of the dictionary, then off to the shower. In bed she kissed and gave head very nicely but when I tried to stimulate her clit she first rejected it. But I gently proceeded anyway and soon she gave in. After a while she really got into it and reacted faster and heavier than most girls I’ve experienced so far … This went on to be a very nice experience – I think for both of us … She fell asleep exhausted after some rounds, I went to sleep too (not before I’d locked away my valuables in case she might wake up before me).

Another “must” in Moscow of course is the “Nightflight”. And the place IS un-be-lievable …. – if in CF it is mainly the quantity in NF it is also quality, I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one place. And in some cases they will even come and chat you up – although I found out that the real gems still wait to be approached by a man … However in my choice I wasn’t lucky, it turned out to be a disaster: she came up to me, looked and talked sweet. Although I didn’t believe a word of course, I assumed she was going to act like that for the rest of the evening, which I thought might be pleasant. Furthermore she went from 300 to 200 pretty fast (maybe should have made me suspicious ?), so we soon left for my apartment. In bed she kissed like a fish and OF COURSE wouldn’t give a blow-job without. So I fucked her hard and fast and that suggested she could leave if she gave me back 100 USD. I thought keeping 100 for less than 1 hour was OK, especially since it was early enough to go back to NF for a second victim. She declined telling me how much she wanted to stay with me – but the fact that she was rather laughing about me instead of smiling at me, made me furious. So I told her I otherwise would make her stay (and fuck) until the morning. She then even started to argue that she never had agreed to stay until the morning. After I asked her whether she was really suggesting I pay 200 for one (lousy) fuck, she said that was the going rate for “beautiful girls” in Moscow. I just freaked out and threatened to take her back to NF and complain. Of course this was a bluff, but it did the trick – I got at least 100 back, which I could re-invest at a line-up …

Lessons learned: +) do not get fooled by sweet talk +) agree on time and services beforehand (even if it spoils a bit the GFE, but it can be re-established later) +) try and avoid to pay in advance (I managed at all other occasions on this trip, by simply putting the money visibly on the table without allowing it to be taken away before I had decided that the service was completed)I returned to NF another night, but this time it was just crowded with guys and so there was no way to get below the 300-USD threshold … so I left fast (which was really good luck – see below). Well, maybe next time in Moscow …The third unique feature in Moscow are the line-ups (Toschka). Since the basic principle has been described many times on this board, I’ll skip this. I like the idea of walking up to the line-up instead of hiring a taxi, so I tried the ones across the Marriot Grand at Tverskaya and on the Garden Ring a few hundred meters north of CF on the opposite side of the street.

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At Tverskaya at about 11 p.m. weekdays they had only 5 average looking girls for 100 USD. When I was about to go, the Madam suggested I could have a 150-girl for 120. I don’t know why she did that, but when she explained it to the girls (in Russian) I heard some words like “Rusky Tax” or so, the girls smiled knowingly and agreed. I’m not sure whether she said a Westerner would treat the girls better that a Russian guy or that they might be able to leave early …Has anybody experienced something similar ?

She had nice breasts and a firm little butt. The experience was very pleasant – after the usual “warm-up” in my apartment (we even danced a bit to her favourite Mariah Carey song) we went to bed. She was kissing passionately and giving BBBJ without me even having to say a word – that’s how it’s supposed to be ! We did a few rounds interrupted by watching some video clips in TV and than I let her go before I went to sleep.The line-up near CF had a much bigger selection of 100USD girls (the 70s were just ugly!). I chose the following girl:

Although there was also no attempt to use a condom for the blow job, she didn’t act very enthusiastically, so I got fed up rather fast. Well, maybe I was worn out a little as well since I had already spent some days (and nights) in Moscow A further source of professional girls are of course the various websites. It has been said several times on this board and I can only confirm: without knowing some Russian this is a complete waste of time! I tried several individual girls from the well-known websites and I found only a handful that spoke some English. The price was generally 200USD per two-hour session.

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I talked to Linda (Tel.: 995-7839) who finally agreed to 150 USD per 2 hours (down from 200) but since she was kind of rude on the phone I didn’t meet her.

Furthermore there was Polina (Tel.: 507-3440) who quoted 150 USD per 2 hours but I had no time to meet her.

A real “bargain” was Rita (Tel.: 978-2226), who wanted 100 USD for 2 hours. She has a great body. In the beginning she was trying to act “professional” (no BBBJ, …) but after I told her I wasn’t happy with her service and told her to get out after less than 1h for 50 USD her “professional pride” was apparently touched and she really tried to please for the rest of the time … it turned out to be very nice after all!Finally a short word on the non-pro contacts I made over the dating sides. As I mentioned in my previous post I got quite a lot of responses from girls that were willing to meet. The challenge was to meet them in the short time I had and get them into bed. I decided to make the first date during the day (go for some coffee or sightseeing), which had the nice effect of learning something about the country as well (yes, there ARE other things to do with girls besides fucking them …). However with most of the girls I met I either decided they weren’t such an attractive “target” after all or I got the impression that they wouldn’t jump into bed with me after one or two dates and hence I didn’t even try.

So I ended up fucking only one of them – on the second date. And even this was endangered by a strange coincidence. Although it is not the usual stuff posted here, I just HAVE to tell the story: There we were on our second date having a coffee somewhere. She told me that the night before she had been out with two other girls to a very strange place which they had wanted to visit for some time. It was a place, she said, which was famous for the huge amount of beautiful hookers and she and her friends had been very curious to see that – so curious that they would even pay 600 rubles just to get in! But, she said, it was really worth it, watching the scene and peeping at all those pros doing her job … Afterwards, she said, they went to another club which was also known for being frequented by working girls. Of course she was referring to NF and CF … I was playing innocent – although I had been to NF as well the night before (probably missed her only by 1 hour …) and I had actually thought about going to CF afterwards (but then opted for the line-up nearby) – well, that was luck because I think my chances of a second date would have decreased dramatically if we had met in one of the places

All in all I’d say for the first time the visit was quite a success – although there is room for improvement …

One thing I’m determined to do before my next visit (not before next spring) is to learn some Russian. I think it dramatically increases the options (both for pros and non-pros) and after all one doesn’t need to know the language like Maxim Gorky in order to negotiate a BBBJ.

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