Prostitution Report
from Spain

Like JustJoe I will start with some reflections on the hobby. But where as JustJoe has made some fine reflections on our motivations on the more unconscious, evolutionary level, I’d like to reflect on the motivations involved which occur on a more conscious level as an addition. As this part of the report has become quite lengthy, I will forgive you when you skip it and proceed to part 2, about my recent sexual adventures in Spain, rightaway!

Main question nr. 1. Why is it that most of us like prostitutes in the developing world more than the ones in our own, developed countries?

Is it because the prostitutes in the third world are relatively cheap? I guess this is part of the reason. In poor countries we get more bang for our buck, so we don’t feel ripped off like we feel sometimes in our own countries. It doesn’t bother us too much that actually the US$10-hooker in Cuba is ripping us off more than the US$100-hooker in our own country (for Cuban guys never pay more than 100 pesos = about US$5 for that same girl) and that actually the costs of flight, accommodation, etc. make that US$10-hooker a rather expensive hooker!

Is it because we like exotic girls so much? Again, I guess this is partly the reason. Yet again, I think we only fool ourselves when we say this is the reason nr. 1 to go to exotic, undeveloped countries. Why? Because our modern, developed society is a multi-ethnic society: our society is made up by people from all over the world. If you happen to like Chinese girls, you should have no problem finding some of them in your own city! If you happen to like latina-girls, you should have no problem finding some of them in your own city too! So why bother going to China to find some Chinese girls or going to Brazil to find some latina-girls? Of course, when you like Chinese girls, it must be a thrill to walk in China, getting surrounded by massive numbers of Chinese girls and go to a brothel where you can choose from 50 Chinese girls.

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Is it because we like the adventure of going to a foreign, undeveloped country and have anonymous sex? Do we like the thrill of exploring strange countries and strange brothels? Do we like sex on vacation like everybody else likes sex on vacation, because we are in the mood and far away from our local social control? Do we like the ‘danger’ of going to places where we don’t know what we are going to experience? I guess this is all true and is also partly the reason to take the hobby to foreign, undeveloped countries.

Is it because the prostitutes in developing countries tend to be young, beautiful and in their most attractive years, as in contrary prostitutes in our developed countries tend to be old, ugly and already in their post-reproductive years? Again, partly true I guess. The prostitutes in developing countries may generally be younger, but actually both young and old prostitutes can be found in all countries though. Is it because the grass is always greener on the other side (of the globe)? Also partly true I guess. Is it because we like the attitude of the prostitutes in (some) developing countries so much better than the ones in our own city? I guess many of us, including myself, give a full yes to this one. I think it’s the crucial one, yet a tricky one as well. Let’s study this one more profoundly.

A lot has been said about the “negative attitude” of western women in general on this board. Western women don’t fulfill our needs anymore and only want our money, so is uttered. I beg to differ. Let me give you my point of view on it. Women (and children as well) in our society are usually very self-assertive nowadays. They tell you right in your face when they don’t like you, they know what they want, they are gonna get it and they don’t care what you think about it. They don’t act as our slaves anymore. Also they are protected very well in our society. Many institutions take care of abused women and children and persecute the male predator. So I think it’s true: in western society men have lost their natural dominance over women. Yet, in my opinion this can be no genuine reason to go find women in developing countries for the real macho men among us (no, not me!). For if you really are a true ‘alpha male’, a born winner, you’ll find all the western women are still as submissive as they can be. For young women are always quite insecure about themselves and when a women is really attracted to a man in a sexual way, she will always be submissive and when she is really in love, she will do anything to please her man. Then you can fuck her in the ass, make her pregnant and even make her work as a prostitute. This goes for the western women as much as for the non-western women I think. Just look at the Jerry Springer show to see how deep western women tend to humiliate themselves when they found themselves really attracted to their (abusive) man.

When there is no love or strong sexual attraction involved however, then I agree: there is a difference between western and non-western women. I already took note of the self-assertive ways of the western women. Non-western women are still more polite, respectful and perhaps submissive towards men and of course we like that. Besides, this cultural difference has nothing to do with poverty or uneducatedness: Japanese women tend to be the most polite and submissive women in the world, so I am told. Of course, in poor countries some women will treat you better, only because you are the rich westerner from who they try to benefit from. Furthermore there are specific cultural differences regarding attitudes towards sex, love and relationships to be found in the world. The Brazilian garotas are the ultimate passionate sex-machines, the Filipina girls are the sweetest and most loving creatures on earth and the Thai traditionally have accepted prostitution as a social institution, so the stereotypes tell us. Unfortunately these cultural differences are diminishing fast nowadays, due to the ‘globalization’ process. In all of the world the western morals, behaviors, laws along with the economy and politics are becoming dominant.

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But let us now focus on the difference in attitude of the prostitutes, our main sex targets. As said before many of us like the attitude of the prostitutes in some developing countries much better than the ones in the western, developed world. Is this only because of the cultural differences mentioned above? I think it is more. Prostitutes in many non-western countries tend to be ‘unprofessional’ as compared and judged by western standards: they french kiss, they give BBBJ and sometimes even BBFS, they often don’t try tricks on you, often they are quite clumsy as lover, they tend to make love instead of provide sex, etc. In other words: they tend to be natural as lovers, as if they were your girlfriend instead of a provider. For me, this is the main thing that attracts me to prostitution in non-western countries and when I see the ‘obsession’ on GFE on this board I don’t think I am the only one.

But now a strange phenomenon occurs. If I go to a brothel in my country I can find women from all over the world working there, for example women from Thailand, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, France and Norway. Wow, what a broad cultural spectrum, you think, every women in this brothel will give me a total different experience. But in fact, they all act in a flat, polite way, they all start to wash the genitals, they all don’t french kiss, don’t even want to touch me as long as I am not wearing a condom, they don’t allow anal and they all get angry as I do try to french kiss. They are all the fucking same! Even the ones who arrived in my country only yesterday are already exactly the same as the others. Only a very small original difference in cultural background may still be present. So, it doesn’t matter where a girl comes from, it only matters where you are! There may be some differences to be found in some brothels in one country, but generally brothels within one country tend to be very similar of each other. If you want something different, something better, you have to travel. And that’s why we travel!

Main question nr. 2. Why is the quality of the services provided in developing / non-western countries generally so much better than in developed / western countries (even when the provider originates from a developing and non-western country)?

When we are talking about prostitutes / bar girls who aim their services to westerners only, one reason for their relatively high quality services can easily be seen. These type of prostitutes often view their prostitution as a means to get a relationship with a westerner and therefore as a means to get out of their ‘miserable life’ in their country and into the paradise with golden houses and lanes as western countries usually is perceived. And of course, to get that relation they must act as ideal girl friends, so they sure will be good for you. But there are more reasons, particularly when we look at prostitution not aimed at westerners.

Is it because in general only the most self-assertive and western-oriented and somewhat older women come to work in brothels in western countries? I think this is partly true. But there must be less self-assertive and western-oriented and somewhat younger women too who come to work in our brothels, along with the more inexperienced and self-insecure western girls, lured or forced by pimps and modern slave-traders. Nevertheless, all prostitutes act the same way from day one, including for example the bizarre western habit to never french kiss, despite differences in origin, personality and motivation.

Is it because the big amounts of money, that all prostitutes make in the developed world, make the prostitutes lazy, arrogant and bad, mechanical providers? Again, partly true I guess. Why should you french kiss as you can already make easily US$1000 a day without french kissing? In the same way, prostitutes in developing countries may give better service because of less clients, lower rates and tougher competition. Yet it doesn’t explain the unique similarity of the act of all prostitutes in the western world.

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Is it because all prostitutes in the western world get instructed / pre-programmed by their pimps / collegues in the same way before they actually start to work? My impression is that this must be true. I guess all starting prostitutes in developed countries hear the same things over and over again: don’t ever french kiss (preserve that for your boy friend), don’t do anything without condom (you will get all kinds of horrifying diseases when you do), don’t make love but only provide mechanical sexual stimulation (again: love is for your boy friend only), always make the client come as fast as possible (the faster you can make the men come, the more men you can give a treat, the more money you and your boy friend make), don’t give a shit about the client (he is a loser anyway*), don’t allow to be photographed (it is better to keep your work a secret), etc. Prostitutes in many developing, non-western countries however often seem not to be instructed at all. They just make love to you as they also do with their boy friend, because they have never been told they should do it in another way. Therefore cultural differences get obvious too: Brazilian garotas fuck the brains out of you, the Filipinas love you to death, etc.

* Note: I think another important difference is that in our post-sexual revolution western world whoremongers are very strongly viewed as losers. In non-western countries pre- and ex-marital sex hasn’t become as common as in our society yet, so visiting brothels is not so much of a sign of not being able to get a date, of being a loser. Therefore prostitutes in non-western countries may respect their clients more than in our society.Of course comments on these reflections are always welcome.

All this have been said, I will now tell you about my experiences in Club Riviera, located near Barcelona in Spain. Spain is a western country and therefore Club Riviera is a western sex club. The fact that all the prostitutes of Riviera come from developing countries doesn’t make much of a difference. So I wouldn’t compare the girls of Club Riviera with the girls in developing countries, but rather with other prostitutes in western countries.

General information Club Riviera is a sex club aside the highway (‘autovia’) from Barcelona to Castelldefels. Actually it is located just a few meters outside Castelldefels. As said before on this board a taxi ride from the center of Barcelona to the club is about 3000 pts (25 minutes). If you are on a budget like me I suggest you take the train from Barcelona Sants to Castelldefels: only 350 pts for a 2-way-ticket (20 minutes). At the train station of Castelldefels you can get a taxi ride to the Club for about 420 pts. When you have finished you can call for a taxi at the Club for 25 pts. I was not asked for an entrance fee. Your bag including photo camera must be left behind at the entrance for no charge (so I could not make pics of any of the girls). The club is open from 5 pm to 5 am. At 6 pm there are about 20/30 girls, at 7 pm perhaps 50. All the women I spoke to came from Latin America or Eastern Europe. In fact I have spoken to girls from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico as well as from Romania, Poland, Czech, Bulgaria, and Russia. They are all 18 to 30 years old and quite good looking (in the dim light): there are no very fat or ugly women here. But I didn’t find any extremely good looking ones either: for example I couldn’t find one young, good looking girl with big, natural boobs. Unfortunately a lot of the girls have bad done silicon-boobs which feel too hard and very unnatural. All the girls act very nicely and enthusiastically though: they all are eager to go to a room with you, but no-one bothers you when you don’t want to.

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It’s obvious that they are all very well instructed to be always friendly and enthusiastic all the way through, from the first encounter till saying goodbye at the door (which is a good thing I believe). Many agree on BBBJ and anal sex, but unfortunately especially the younger and better looking ones usually refuse these acts. Another disappointment for me was that no girl I met was willing to french kiss. As expected, no girl I met was willing to fuck without condom. The price is 10.000 pts for 1½ hour (and 300 pts for the room/towel). The money has to be paid to the girl in the room upfront. 10.000 pts is about US$50.

Day 1 I chose Lia, a 22 year old from Czech. Unfortunately she had small tits, but I was persuaded by her perfect ass and by her promise to allow BBBJ and anal. She spoke English as well. I was feeling suspicious about the BBBJ and anal thing, because I was new to this place, but it turned out to be no false promise. We stroked and cuddled, then she proceeded with the BBBJ. On my suggestion she moved into the 69-position. While she continued her decent blow job I licked her pussy and ass (don’t worry Ozz – she was very clean ). When I pushed one finger into her asshole she didn’t like it though. Then the condom was put on and we started fucking. Then she got herself into doggy-style-position with her perfect ass pushed up and with the help of a lubricant my dick shove into her ass. I fucked her ass hole for a while and then asked her to get on her back. She assumed I was going to fuck her cunt again, so she switched condom. It was okay to me and I finished while fucking her cunt. I liked her and I think she gave good service.

Day 2 As an experiment I took one Viagra-pill one hour before arriving at Club Riviera (my first one). My penis immediately got erected when I cuddled with some girls in the Club. One dark skinned girl from Jamaica seemed to notice this and gave my erected dick a nice massage through my pants by pushing her ass upto my dick. Finally I chose blond and big-boobed Clara, a 22 year old from Central Brazil. She turned out to have silicon-breasts (as well as two kids). Also she wanted to have extra money for the anal sex. Maybe because the Viagra was keeping all of my blood in my dick instead of in my brain, I gave her 5000 pts extra without arguing. She acted quite dominant and her BBBJ consisted of a couple of short but intense and effective times of sucking. We fucked in several positions and finally I fucked her ass from behind. Afterwards she smoked some pot (she said they were allowed to smoke this in the Club) and we talked. In total we stayed for about ¾ hour inside the room. Although her silicon-boobs and her dominant behavior was somewhat a disappointment I enjoyed the sex.

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Day 3 This time I chose Vicky, a pretty woman of 24 years old from San Salvador. She had silicon-boobs too and some ugly buttocks however as I found out when we got in the room. Furthermore she turned out to be a bitch: although she gave me the complete program of BBBJ, then fucking with condom and finally fucking her ass, everything had to be done very ‘rápido’! I don’t know why but she definitely wanted me to finish within 5 minutes! When my dick slipped out of her ass hole for the second time (because of her wild behavior) she got very irritated and said she would finish me with her mouth. This sounded not too bad, but I was wrong: instead of giving me a nice BBBJ for the second time she mainly gave me a hand job with an extremely fast moving hand which I don’t like. In fact, I disliked it so much that my penis started to loose its stiffness. So I started to give myself a hand job, but at times I managed to get her mouth over my dick. Finally I came with the first shot into her open mouth. In total it lasted no more than 10 minutes. A bad experience.

Day 4 I spent the afternoon visiting some of the beautiful buildings of Gaudí in the center of Barcelona. I decided to check out Flor del Caribe, a brothel near the train station of Catalunya, right in the center of the city. I was introduced to 6 girls who all were quite short. Four of them were a bit overweight, two were not (but not very beautiful either). Only two of them gave BBBJ and I chose one of them: dark skinned 28 year old Loli from Cuba She wasn’t very pretty, but she had nice, big natural boobs. She didn’t french kiss nor allowed anal sex. She gave a good BBBJ however. She reminded me of the girls I met in Cuba in this specific way that she, like all good girls in Cuba, wasn’t in a hurry and continued the BBBJ as long as I didn’t tell her to stop. We proceeded with covered fucking. There was a porn movie playing and when the girls in the movie were getting their asses penetrated by big cocks, it aroused me to the extent that I decided to finish with a BBBJ. The condom went off and she began to suck my dick for the second time. Watching her sucking my dick and the girls in the movie getting assfucked made me come easily, shooting my first load into her mouth. The costs were 4.000 pts for ½ hour of sex and 2.000 pts extra for the BBBJ (to be paid upfront). Then I went to Club Riviera for the last time. I chose Valeria, a pretty white latina-girl of 19 years old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had a good looking body, still very tight and soft with nice, natural B-cup-tits. She liked to cuddle, so we cuddled a lot. She was very cute and nice, did a good BBBJ, but didn't allow anal. I managed to push one finger in her ass though while making love. We fucked in several positions. Nice after-play too, consisting of some more cuddling. A good experience.

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