Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Friday night I went to Lumpini stadium to take in the fights. When I was finished I bought some equipment from one of the adjoining shops. I tried getting a taxi but to no avail. I started walking as it is usually easier to catch taxis this way. I started walking and decided I would get something to eat at the A & W ahead.I reached Suan Lum where there are paths for cars to go in and out of. There were cars waiting on the path (the sidewalk criss-crosses it)) to go out onto the main street and I walked thru them. As I was in between two of the cars, one car pulled forward and nudged my knee. I had to jump out of the way so as not to get hit by it. Now the driver had seen me and just plain didn't give a shit. I made the mistake of looking back at him and shaking my head like "what the fuck?"

Immediately upon my looking back he rolled his window down and flipped me off. He launched into a tirade of fuck yous and fuck your mother (in Thai) so I made another mistake in telling him to fuck off and fuck his mother (in Thai). Now understand that I am carrying two large bags of equipment and the cars were stoped while I was in between them so he could have simply waited a split second but said fuck it and hit me.

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He pulls his car forward and parks it and walks back to me, screaming and yelling. I make it a point to back away out of hitting range. I keep backing up saying "I don't want any trouble, I don't want to fight." He is tall and large for a Thai and I really just didn't want to fight over something like this. I would have let it go but he made it a point to get out of his car.Anyhow, for the first time in a long time I'm conflicted. I really didn't want to fight as I didn't want to go to jail. However, I did feell a bit threatened. After backing away and backing away, he said to me in English, "you lady, you big pussy, I gonna kick your ass." For some reason I thought it was funny he was speaking English. Anyhow, when after he said this, I stepped forward and hit him with a stiff jab.Now if I know anything, it's that I hit hard with both hands, very hard. I may be older but the punch is the last thing to go. I splattered his nose and blood was all over his shirt and face. He was stunned and shaking his head, trying to shake it off. I could and should have stepped in and elbowed or punched him in the face but instead I thought, I don't want to fight, I don't want to go to jail. Even a few years ago I probably would have stepped in and knocked him the fuck out but thoughts of customers not getting their orders, people not getting articles because I'm in jail and not seeing my kids ran through my head. Instead of finishing him I started walking away.

He came at me and threw a punch which I ducked. He was trying to get me in a side headlock but I stuck a finger in his eye (deep) and got out of it. I kept backing away telling him, "I don't want to fight, you need to stop." He ran about 10 feet away to a fruit stand where he was looking for the knife that is usually on one. He couldn't find it so he went in his car (while I was walking away trying to get a taxi). I couldn't get away far enough and he came at me with a piece of steel that looked like a gardening spade or something like that. Whatever it was it had a sharp end and it was metal.

I was backed up against a car and had no where to go. He came at me with the knife and I don't know if I batted it away or it came out of his hand but he couldn't use it because it flew a few feet away. I had stumbled into some bushes and was stuck. I was trying to get out when he saw his opportunity. He tried throwing punches at me but I covered up and the bushes provide protection. He tried kicking me but I was in a good guard. Once he let up for a second I managed to get up out of the bushes and caught him with a right hand. It was awkward to hit him though because I was right next a car. By this time the police had shown up and maybe 100 people were standing and watching. He kept saying to me that I got him today and for today it was finished but tomorrow he would get me. I kept asking him "who is the lady now mother fucker? Who is bleeding like a pig?" He hit hard but didn't know how to fight. If he did I might have been in trouble. Also, whatever happened with the knife, I was damn lucky.

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So the police were going to take us in (at least I thought) but I told them that he didn't hurt me at all and it was no big deal. I was pissed that this guy could get out of his car, threaten me, pull a knife on me with 100 people watching and basically walk away free as a bird but I was more concerned with me being allowed to go.

So I was lucky in the sense I didn't get hurt or stabbed. I made four mistakes which I won't do again.

1) I responded to him saying fuck you. I really shouldn't have.
2) Once he got out of his car I should have just lit him up and knocked him the fuck out.
3) Once I hit him with the first jab and stunned him, I should have finished him.
4) I should have let the police take both he and I to jail. His pulling a weapon would have been enough to have him put away if I pushed it. His getting out of the car should have told me to fight and not try and talk to him but oh well I guess, nothing really came out of it so I was lucky.

One thing....TIT - This is Thailand. After this mother fucker got hit he wouldn't come in and ty and hit me. He had to run and get a weapon. The term "proud Siamese warriors" is a crock of shit. If he was truly brave he would have fought and not pulled a knife. I was willing to get knocked out and fight hand to hand but it shows the true fucking yellow streak of many Thais. They'll do anything to save face. What makes me happy is that he has to go back to his family and friends with a fat and swollen lip, bruised nose and a black eye. All of them will say to him "a farang did this to you? He kicked your ass?!"

His eye was already black and blue by the end of the fight. A product of only one jab and a light right hand as well a finger in his eye. Som Num Na mother fucker (YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!).

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