Prostitution Report
from Ukraine

Ok, I was planning to head to Moscow for a second time for New Years but I have come to the conclusion that there is NO reason to hassle with visas, red police hassles for some delicious Slavik poonsky. Just for starters, The chicks here are amazing.

My story begins last night, as I arrived in my 2 bedroom apartment in the center of town (Independent Square) for only 50 bucks a night! I found one of those slick "Welcome to Kiev" guides in my apartment. You know the ones...they tell you about all the overpriced restaurants and stores you can visit while in the city..Well being just arrived and , tired and slightly horny, there was a few ads for escorts and incall massages etc..The all looked like they might have been from the same agency ..but anyway. I figured, being ready to bop, I'd call and just asked what it would cost to have one of these ladies shipped to my apartment in the middle of the night..

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A friendly lady on the other end in good broken english asked what kind of girl I was looking for..I asked for how much and thinking she would respond in the hundreds, she says 50 bucks for one hour!..I said back to here 50 dollars? and she said yes and asked me what kind of girl I wanted..I happen to like them a bit older..say late 20's blond ect..Still thinking this might have been a sort of scam or something where she would arrive and ask for more money or whatever... I played along...(boy i was real horny)....So the lady said she send someone over in about 30 minutes...So Within 30 miutes I had her at my door..Her name was Alesya...She was blond, nice all around 8, with beautiful natural C cups.The best thing about her, she was at my door with no hassles of going out in the (-20c)cold to find her.

So she showered and I set up my mini video cam and waited for her to come out of shower.....Other than being a little by the book at first, she soon warmed up....even though she didnt do a BBBJ she was amazing...she gave nice sloppy head, licked all around the balls and even a bit lower...then we 69nd, she didnt mind me doing a bit of probing while banging her. We went long and hard..Oh yes, as i ate her, she responded nicely with moan and groans..Her theighs clamping on to my head...she wouldnt let go...she didnt want me to stop lapping up her snatch..And she was so fucking wet as I came up for air. I then proceeded to rip into her...Granted she was from an agency and the time was only an hour but dayum! After a good banging and me being so tired, I really didnt want her hanging around anyway..She finished, we chatted a bit in bed... she got dressed and split..didnt ask for taxi nothing! and for only 50 bucks? Oh yes..sorry I almost forgot the ending....I finally came all over her tits...Got her personal cell number for next time, but probably wouldnt want to ride the same horsey again when there are thousand more in the stable..Anyway. I will have video for you guys when I get back home.....

Fellas, I know you have heard this of every Eastern european city, but this city IS poised to be the next Prague..Dont wait till prices go up...Get it while the goins good...My guide tells me that the city planners have taken great strides over the last few years to make this city very tourist friendly and It shows..At night, the center of the city is alight this time of year and is stunning. Evidently, the Ukraine wants desperately to join the EU.....Interestingly, I didnt feel this same warm way in Moscow....Kiev is absolutely a stunning city and so much more concentrated and I belive so much better laid out and tourist friendly than Moscow..and most importantly....CHEAPER!

Other than having the most amazing bar on earth, Chesterfields, I dont think Moscows got much more on Kiev anymore...Between appointments with meeting (and hopefuly banging)ladies from marriage agencies here in Kiev and this escort agency, There no reason for me to go anywhere else this holiday season.. There is just waaaay too much pussy to harvest here.....I know this sounds like a corney advertisement, but if you want the beautiful big city slavs without the big city prices of food, lodging, pussy that Moscow can zap you with, it dont get better than here, baby!

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