Prostitution Report
from Vietnam

Whatever you do make sure you book a flight as early as you can. Flights can get full to visit this tropical resort town. If you drive from Saigon, it is slow and long. The highway is good, but single lane. If you have to drive, there is a big green open-air restaurant just on the north side of Phan Thiet on the west side of the road. We had lunched and walked around this big restaurant. The manager starting pointing upstairs, but he could not communicate with us. We went upstairs and he shows us several rooms with the typical karoake set-up. Fake leather couch, large TV with electronic equipment hooked up. Then he opens up a door. Voila, there are at least 15 young girls sitting around in a hot, humid waiting room. They all perked up when they see us. Who are they waiting for? A bus-load from the Moose lodge. It’s lunch time and we are the only ones in the restaurant. Remember, though, this is Asia.

When in Nha Trang be sure to take in Mama Hahn’s boat trip. The all-day trip includes snorkeling, swimming and a decent lunch for $7+tip including hotel pick-up. It is fun and very popular with the backpack set as word has spread around the globe. Be sure you get the right trip. Vietnamese have no problem using their competition’s name for their business. I think we booked it at the Banana Split Cafe. I am not sure if it was Banana Split #1 or #2. They are right next to each other. See what I mean.Seafood is excellent and cheap as it is in Saigon. Be sure to go to the restaurants where you can go in back and look at the tanks of live seafood. Now that’s fresh! Seemed like we never spent more than $12-15 including beers for an absolute shellfish feast.Well, what about the action asshole? All I can say is keep your eyes open. Nha Trang is not Phuket or Pattaya. It probably will never be, but opportunities pop out when you least expect it.

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Our first night we asked a taxi driver to take us out. He takes us to a place that has closed, but they will find some girls for us. Fuck that! We are not waiting all night for a round-up. We tell the taxi driver about a place where we saw young girls going in on one of the main streets during the afternoon. Bingo! He knows the place and it is what we expected. Are we good or what? We are escorted into a room with, you guessed it, fake leather sofas. The mamasan brings two girls for us. I am not happy with my girl so I get up and walk in back. Be careful, stay away from the curtain Dorothy!!! Everyone is surprised when I walk toward the back to see the other girls. Verbal communication with anyone here is non-existent. NO ENGLISH spoken by anyone. This is not Saigon. Just my luck the hottest one in back sees her opportunity jumps up, grabs me by the arm and eases the tension. It was a match made in.........well you know what I mean (a match made in a scuzzy Vietnamese whorehouse). She was a very curvy Asian lady with a pretty face. They were not stunners as in Apocalypse or Metropolis Disco in HCM, but many were pretty and in good shape. She sits on my lap and holds me. There is no rush back in our little living room. Funny thing, the mamasan brings the usual pack of Wrigley gum and a six-pack of beer. My buddy’s girl jumps off his lap, grabs the bottle opener and within literally a split-second opens all the beers before we could stop her. It was more funny than anything else as beer is not expensive in Vietnam. I only wished this beer was cold.

Okay enough of getting to know each other. Courtship over. My buddy and I are escorted to rooms upstairs by our lady friends. Unfortunately, the rooms are shitholes with terrible bathroom facilities. I think in retrospect we thought it was an experience. Everyone needs to get out of there 4 star palaces and get down like the local dudes do in these countries. Okay just once if you can avoid it after that. My ladyfriend proceeds to kiss and cuddle with no rush. I take off her bra and panties. I start to touch everywhere as she has a nice body. Strange thing she gets up and starts eating some type of sunflower seed. I am kissing her body trying to get her back into action. Next thing I know she is giving me a BJ with the shells still in her mouth. I am thinking it rude to give a blowjob with your mouth full. Anyway, it was very effective for a BJ. I am still not sure if this was by design or just rude. Later, she spit the shells on the floor. Not that it made a difference in this room. I bounce pretty long and hard with this lovely Viet gal, but she was not as petite and breakable as some. My buddy said his smaller friend was whining about size, intensity and length of time. Oh well. We got out of there for $30 each including the beers. We should have negotiated before-hand in sign language. We didn’t try to take any girls out, but as there were no other customers that night, it shouldn’t have been a problem. This place was just west of the large Buddha on the same major street (south side of street). I am sure these places move around quite a bit though.

Dude where is the unexpected sex? Well, anywhere to be exact. My buddy meets a beautiful mature Vietnamese lady in town one day. She is about 32. She only wants to hang out for dinner/drinks, fuck his brains at her mini-hotel and start a long-distance relationship. Her English is fairly good. As in Saigon, women who are Western-philes or American-philes will telegraph it quickly. Too bad her friends were neither cute or spoke English.Later that night we are all at the Sailing Club (nice beachfront restaurant/bar) having drinks and yucking it up. Two Viet girls start eyeing us and I can tell there is interest. I walk over and introduce myself and they are very happy. They are both attractive with good bodies. Both have bad teeth which seems to be a running problem in Vietnam. They invite me to go karoake with them. It seems like this is a past time for many Viet girls (or perhaps it’s a signal that their pros: ). We go to some dive run by a family. We sing Viet and American songs upstairs while a giant cockroach danced to our melodious tones. They truly had great voices. I did not. Of course, they understand the party is all on me. I think drinks, snacks and an hour and half of karoake was $7. Big deal. I was more worried this was too easy and I was being set-up for a robbery.

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The hard part where to go. They both tell me they want me to go back to one of their family’s apartments. They suggest all three of us do it together on the floor while the family sleeps. I am not that adventurous or immodest so I suggest the mini-hotel of my buddy’s ladyfriend. We get there and the clerk says only one can come up to the rooms. Oh well, it was clear that I was attracted to the taller one the most and she spoke the most English. She had a great body since she was tall and lanky. She had a nice fuller B cup, but joked about how small her nipples were. Too bad, some Asian women can have beautiful nipples. She stayed the whole night and we hit it again in the morning. I took her back to my hotel for breakfast. She was leaving for Saigon that morning and she told me to look her up as she would show me Saigon. Then it came, she started to get teary-eyed about losing her job in Nha Trang and not having money. I gave her $25. I thought money would come up eventually.

The next night we went to the disco/bar next to the Nha Trang Lodge Hotel. A few really good-looking girls on mopeds outside the Sailing Club mentioned it to us as a good place later. They were all in the disco when we got there. One of the hottest girls in town tells my buddy $100 and he laughs. She is insulted and won’t talk to us the rest of the time. We are very tired so we leave. It appeared you could deal here as girls outnumbered male customers. Too bad they were the nicest looking girls in Nha Trang. You won’t find the hotties on the beach in bikinis. Most Viet girls avoid the sun like the plague and view tans as unattractive and lacking class.There are plenty of backpacker types at the Rainbow Bar and some girls are traveling without men. Certainly seemed possible with some work, but IMHO the girls who travel to third-world countries without men usually aren’t that attractive. A pretty Danish girl we met was a third-wheel and probably just needed a little push to leave the couple for the evening. Most likely this good-looking Danish guy had them both every night.

FYI, beachfront hotels are very reasonable. $50 for a 3-star that had amenities such as a oceanview, breakfast, pool, sauna, fitness center and tennis. The mini-hotel Thanh Thanh is right across from the beach and costs $10-20. Nha Trang is not the most beautiful beach in Asia, but it is attractive and charming. It has almost everything you would want in a beach town minus a lot of the over-development.

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