Prostitution Report
from Argentina

Just returned from BA. I went alone and had a great time. Let me say that I think the really good places are out of Recoleta...Having said this, you can get good deals in Recoleta if you speak Spanish and dont tell them you are American..I speak well enough to pass for Italian. There is at least a 100 peso tax for being american...The clubs in recoleta have good selection and quality: solid gold, madahos, playwoman etc. but they all start by asking for 100 dollars. You can usually get them down to 150 pesos but it is annoying to bargain ...i love the ass, so i usually go with 200 pesos "cola incluido". You can find equally good quality and but not quantity in the clubs off the beaten path...these include the club on the corner of cordoba and billinghurst (i am forgetting the name, it has been a month since i returned). You can get the names of these clubs from the WSG. What I mean by off the path are clubs not downtown like hooks, cattos or the clubs in recoleta or Blacks (which i hated). Sorry i cant remember the names...In these clubs I usually paid 100 pesos max. Sometimes down to 80 peso. And this is for a beautiful girl. The only problem with these clubs is you have to take a taxi a while. BTW, taxis are so cheap it is riducluous to walk anywhere, a waste of time. I usually got the ass as well for 150 at all of the clubs outside of recoleta.As far as where to stay, i strongly recommend design suites or etoile. both are close to recoleta. although i dont like recoleta for mongering, i love it for the outdoor cafes and bars, a great place to eat and relax.

i almost forgot, some of the best girls are the semi-pros at the nonwhore house clubs. I loved walking around recoleta at night late. I met a 23 year old blonde with an amazing body who gave ultimate GFE one night coming out of a regular club. Of course she wanted money , but i could tell she was very part time...i got her cola for 200 all included...what a great experience. another minus for the recoleta clubs is the salida (exit fee) some of them charge up to 50 pesos. What a rip off...The clubs off the beaten path hardly have salidas. Try clarks in recoleta as well, there are top quality girls in there who are tired of paying the bars and are free lancing in there. For 200 , you can get everything for a 8 quality girl...

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