Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Despite the afternoon festiva with Dayne and Leandra I still have some juice left. I figure out where Louma Terma is while it’s still daylight, get rested and cleaned up and head on over after dinner. This place is a treat! Nice facilities, friendly front desk, room full of cuties. I take a seat in the bar to try to figure out the action, since it’s my first terma visit. After my eyes adjust to the dark I begin to pick out likely targets from the 20 or so on deck. A little eye contact with a tall blonde, a real head turner, and soon she is by my side. This must be the gal that the old 60’s song “39-21-46” was written about…big chest, impossibly slim waist, improbably generous ass.

In no time she is rubbing my leg and snuggling, quickly getting Rambone Jr.’s attention. Finally he can’t take it anymore and I agree to a short session while I can still walk out of there. In the cabina and she lavishes a nice wet BBBJ on me, followed by covered straight sex, and some very robust doggy. Disappointingly, anal is not available, so we finish with a pearl necklace on the ample tits. Still some time left, so she gives me an excellent and relaxing massage, perfect post-play. Included her sitting on my butt giving me the bent knee foot massage (picture it!) that was heavenly. Not as passionate as Gisele, but very, very good session with a doll. Never did get her name, shows you where my mind was!

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Day Three: In the afternoon invited over Christina, who I had met the night before at BS’s after returning from Louma. Crappy cell phone and bad Portuguese notwithstanding I make myself understood enough to make it happen—it helps a lot that I had already written down my address and given it to her when we met, so really all I had to do is “activate” her. At 25 Christina is to be the oldest I will try. Slim, great ass, and the proverbial pancake with a raspberry-on-top tits. More European looking than most of the girls, nice tan lines, longish blonde hair. She’s happy to be invited over, I’m happy to have her. This gal loves sex, not in a wild and loud way, but she is VERY orgasmic.

Once on the bed she invites me to lube her pussy while she plays with her clit. She soon gets off, just from the foreplay! She can’t keep her hands off the clit, and is constantly working it. Lots of BBBJ, long deep strokes, then some cowgirl action, which she really likes, telling me (very believably) how she loves it. Also gives great eye contact, since she rarely closes them. Flip over for some doggy, want to get a view of that great ass. I had asked the night before if anal was OK, to which she had replied “Um pouco.” Well, time to try it out. After liberal application of KY we worked on it, but even with her guiding Jr. to the target, couldn’t get much penetration, and it was obviously hurting her, so I called it off.

(I didn’t count her in the anal totals therefore. But, question for my panel of experts (all of you)—does it count if you only get the head of it in??) For the finish I had her suck me, which she does exceedingly well. Got to the pop and provided at least two good squirts before she quite figured out what was happening. Her eyes got big, she pulled off and exclaimed “Basta en boca!” (That’s enough in the mouth!) then slapped me on the ass on her way to the bathroom, much to my laughter and amusement. What did she think was going to happen??

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She gave me a good massage when we resumed, and I introduced her to the vibrator, which she LOVED. Practically had to wrestle it away from her, she was intent on taking it home! We played around and had a second session before she left, also good. Interestingly, she has one lactating tit, never did dry up from when she had her son five years ago. Actually squirts a bit..

Day Three (continued): Now having no fear of my bad Portuguese and cell phones I call Ciaplus agency ( and place an order for Pamela, since I see that (1)she is blonde and (2) she does the “completa”). She arrives on time—a 5’5” bleach blonde, slender with implausibly large breasts, quite cute in the face. Barely have I said hello and she has her tongue down my throat, playing tonsil hockey—-nice start! She poses for a few stills, then we proceed to get naked on the couch. Great oral BBBJ, lots of ball licking, deep throating, tongue action while I enjoy my rum and coke—(picture it). Her tits are firm but soft, I know that sounds contradictory, but accurate, and so large as to not be natural, but I can’t see any sign of an operation. Landing-strip pubic hairstyle, like most.

We do a variety of positions once on the bed, then I go for the ass. She helps me get in, tight, but it fits! After she gets accommodated and into it, I pound away in the doggy position, her big tits clapping together like a bell. Balls deep, long stroking! Pressure builds, pull out, spin her around and strip off the condom. She takes it in the mouth and doesn’t spill a drop. Man, it doesn’t get much better than this!

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