Prostitution Report
from California

I work in Redwood City at a small startup tech company. Over the last couple of months, me and some of my pals at the office have become connoiseurs of the local massage parlor scene, and I have decided to share some of what we know with the WSA community. What follows is a report on 3 local massage parlors.With all of these places you will find that they treat regular customers better than first timers. In fact,you might not get laid the first time you visit and see a girl. They seem to be very cautious about getting nailed by the cops.

Broadway Spa
This place is located on Broadway in redwood city in a tiny strip mall. Next door there is a liquor store. It seems to be open from around 11am to 10pm.The place has around 5 rooms and during the busy hours at least 4 girls working. Choose one of the younger girls.. prettier and more likely to do what you want. I hear some of the older ones are married and really only do massage. You pay $60 for an hour massage session. Before your massage you can take a shower.After your shower the girl will come into your room and start giving you a massage. Be polite. Also dont ask the girl too many questions about herself (this goes for all the places.. it makes the girls feel either guilty or jumpy). As she gives you your massage you might want to compliment her on her looks or feel her ass as she walks by. This will give her the signal that you want more.She will ask you what else you want if you are lucky and then the negotiations begin. Expect to pay around $150-160 in this place to fuck her. You might her down cheaper.I have seen a girl named Tina there as well as another girl.. cant remember the name. I couldnt get the other girl to do it and she got pissed when i asked her twice. Tina was much easier. When she was giving me my massage she jumped up onto the table and straddled my back.. i could feel immediately that she didnt have any panties on and her pussy was right up against my back. From there it was just price negotiations before I was fucking her for the next 20 minutes.

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**** Orchid Spa
This is probably the nicest of the places in terms of facilities. It's located on 5th street in Redwood City near El Camino Drive. Around my office the place has been a subject of some debate, since many of us have had trouble getting far with the girls there.On my first visit there, I walked in and was greeted by one of the girls at a reception desk. She wasnt that pretty so I asked if there were other girls available. She grudgingly called out another girl. Also not my taste, so I asked if there were any more. She also looked annoyed but called back for another girl. The third girl, Tiffany, was a really hot looking Filipina girl. Guys- this girl is a 9 or a 10.Unfortunately, I didnt get to fuck Tiffany the first time I was there. I hinted a bit, felt her ass, which she smiled at, but no dice. I didnt push it or ask explicitly since I got the signal that she wasnt gonna do it. I decided that my first visit was going to have to be an investment.

On my second visit a week later, I asked for Tiffany again and she was there. She was about the same level of friendliness this time as she led me to the room. I went to take a shower, and I noticed she went into another room, presumably to see a another customer. After lingering in the shower a bit, I walked back to towards my room but stopped at the room I knew she was in and listened at the door. I could hear her getting fucked. No mistaking it. But then I got busted since one of the other girls was in the hallway and saw me listening at the door. She told me to go to my room.

After waiting another 20 minutes, Tiffany finally came into my room. She scolded me for lingering in the hallway and wanted to know what i was doing. I claimed I didnt remember which one was my room. She said OK and went to work on my massage.After a few minutes, i felt her ass, and I put my hands under the skirt of her outfit (all the girls at Orchid wear a cute satin uniform). She got pissed and asked what I thought I was doing. I said I was just trying to have some fun. When she acted indignant, I finally told her to quit the act and that I know the guy next door fucked her. At first she was really pissed but after a couple of minutes we were negotiating price. I paid her $160 to do it. I have to say, I probably ruined her attitude because she pouted like a total bitch while I gave it to her.

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Main Salon
This place is at 903 Main Street in Redwood City. Phone 650 365 2555. It looks new, and they were still doing some remodeling. The place looks like a normal salon for hair cuts, etc. Again, an all asian staff.The girl I saw here was Jessica. She is a Singapore Chinese girl, probably about 21. Attractive but not fantastic looking. But she will really fuck.. you can do whatever you want with her, no problem. And she is cheap.. I got her for $100.Also the management at this place seemed friendlier than the other two. Probably because they are new and trying to build up a client base. Who knows.

Well thats it for this report. Please add more info if any of you have experience with these places or others in the area. it would be great to trade names of the girls that do it and what price you paid them.

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