Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

I just returned from two weeks in Phnom Penh and I had a great time; it is getting back to normal slowly but surely. The fun atmosphere that had been missing my last couple of trips was back this time and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

The most important part, as always, is the babes . Martini and Sharky were hopping, plenty of girls in both places and a lot of new faces that I hadn't seen my previous trips. There was a party atmosphere in Martini's and the guy-to-girl ratio was at least ten to one, just the way I like it! Both places were packed with both punters and babes and all had a good time.

That dusty street on the outskirts of town known as Svay Pak was also showing renewed signs of life. Although two thirds of the girls have either returned to Vietnam or are working at Martini's or one of the local nighttime venues, there are still several brothels in operation and there was a full house at the Home Away From Home Café most afternoons.

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I did make a side trip to Le Cyrcee but the girls there are just too aggressive to me. When you enter three girls jump on you and start massaging your crotch and trying to take your willie out much like they do at the King Kong bar on Soi Yodsak here in Pattaya. A lot of guys like that sort of action but it is a little too in-your-face for me, I prefer to sit back and pick out my girls myself.

Hun Sen Park, the area in front of the Independence Monument didn't have anywhere near as many girls as I had seen in previous trips and what few were there didn't arrive until almost midnight. Also Choup Tep, the area near the Lucky Star Hotel, didn't have the selection that I had seen there on past trips but there was still a fairly good selection there. Choup Tep and Hun Sen Park are all Khmer girls, no Vietnamese.

I stayed at the Paris Hotel and it was full almost the whole time that I was there, it seems that most punters prefer to make it their base of operations. I did try two take-outs from the Paris fishbowl and both turned out to be good experiences. A one-hour massage is $4 and it is $20 for full service. As for exercising, since I'm a gym rat I did get a two-week membership at the Clark Hatch Fitness Center in the Intercontinental Hotel for $40 for two weeks, $15 off of the off-peak published price. The facilities at the Clark Hatch are very good and I recommend it if you are going to be in Phnom Penh long enough to need exercise facilities.

I flew President Airlines, 6,000 baht RT and I was very satisfied with their service. In the past they were notorius for cancelling flights at the last minute but they seem to have their act together now and they are a viable alternative to the 7,800 baht Bangkok Air flights. The President Air planes are 737's.

That is about it, I had a great time and I was glad to see the paranoid atmosphere of the past two trips replaced by the normal fun-loving spirit that Phnom Penh is famous for. Thanks to all of my Internet friends for making a good trip a great one and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you guys again in a couple of months.

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